Sunday, August 24, 2014

VW Jetta TDI Test Drive coming up.

I just got a Jetta TDI for the week.
So I will be reporting on it soon.

Last time I drove one, it was a 6 speed manual. And it was great.
This time I am stuck with the DSG. Which is.... "not that great". At all.

More soon.


Carl said...

What's also not great about the DSG: $400 fluid changes every 40k from what I've read.

Tard said...

Carl, to be fair, I've only owned one automatic, and it required ATF drain and replace every 45k miles, which costs about 300 without a flush and 425 with one, so the $400 every 40k is about the same.

Still would prefer a normal manual any day, and I'll hand it to VW that they offer a fair number of those in their standard vehicles, thankfully. Am no VW fan, but that point alone draws me to their cars.

pimpassnigga said...

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