Thursday, July 17, 2014

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

This, of course, is just an illustration.
As we really knows what Alfa's next mid size sedan will look like.

It was, for a while, rumored to be based on the new Chrysler 200 platform. But now it looks like Alfa will be getting its own RWD platform instead.
Which is a good thing.

The new mid size sedan might be their most important model yet. Since it will compete with the Audi A4, C-Class, 3 Series and Volvo S60. And the all new Jaguar XE.
Quite a crowd. Unlike the new 4C, this could sell in real numbers.

And I really wouldn't mind if it ended up looking like the illustration above, or close to it...


Anonymous said...

Great looking car....they should bring to NA. It'd compete nicely w/ the 3, A4, Q and a bunch of others.

Les said...

It looks like a 3 Series from the side, with an even smaller greenhouse.
Is there a point where car manufacturers will figure "we can't make the side glass any smaller," or will they shrink it down to a mail slot?

Anonymous said...

If this does turn out to be a midsized RWD Alfa sedan, the only way to meet economies of scale would be to share the platform with Dodge.. and could easily form the basis of a new Avenger, and even the next Challenger if it could handle that kind of power.. which could also allow it to be stretched for the next Charger and 300. I see lots of potential here, even if the illustration is optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I don't know......This illustration reminds me a lot of the new MG sedan with a Alfa grill pasted on the front. I hope the real thing looks more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking chop. If Alfa can do better they'll have made something pretty nice.