Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Toyota FCV

 This is the production version of Toyota's all new Hydrogen car.
Looking a lot like the previous concept.

Which is, rather awkward .... To say the least.

Toyota is hoping to make history. And pretty much bypassing regular Electric cars with this technology.

Range is about 435 Miles. Which is great.
But it's not something you can charge at home...
I was actually surprised to see how many charging stations are in California.
As there will be over 100 by the end of the year.
So this is a car you can actually use.

(Obviously not for a cross country road trip, yet...)


Anonymous said...

And it follows a wonderful Toyota tradition of late, it's ugly as hell!

PGA said...

More ugly than usual. It seems it is like self sabotage!

Anonymous said...

The 7yr old Honda FCX Clarity looks way better than this one.

Anonymous said...

What do Charging stations have to do with HYDROGEN? This is a $50,ooo.oo HYDROGEN car. (Intended for rich movie stars who will use it to drive to the airport when they take the Lear Jet to Las Vegas for Dinner). But you're right about it being BEYOND UGLY!