Wednesday, June 04, 2014

2015 Mini Cooper 5 door

This has been a rumor for so many years. Even back 2 generations ago.

It is finally here. 2 small "regular" rear doors are added to the Mini. Making it about 6 inches longer than the regular model.
Engine choices are the same as the new 2015 "3 door" model.

I don't think it ruins it. Although many will see this is a bad idea.

Mini doesn't think so as they expect this new model to become their best seller....


Anonymous said...

Mini interiors are useless, yes lots of style but they're not safe. The MMI controller is tiny and located too far in the centre console, not to mention in a terrible place surrounded by the hand brake and all.

On top of that, Mini has terrible reliability ratings. I like renting these, as they're fun to drive but will not buy one because of the poor interior design and reliability.

Anonymous said...

The rear doors are horrendously short, probably no better for ingress/egress than the suicide half-doors of the outgoing Clubman. However, I do hope Mini will also build that Clubman concept with the longer rear doors.. sort of reminds me of a 1/2 scale Ford Flex!