Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2015 Chinese Chevrolet Cruze interior

GM showed us the car a few weeks ago.
But these are the 1st pictures of the interior.
Which does look really nice (And even roomier than the Malibu, at least on these PR pix)

It is sad to see that China is getting the all new model while we are only getting the same old car with a new grille for 2015.
Which means it will be at least a year, or more, until we get this one.

Yes, this one. I know some people have said our US version will be different, but is has already been seen testing in the US, and it is the same car we see here.


moore said...

Looks like GM wants China to find the bugs and recall items first, so nearly everything will be production ready by the time we get it. Also, squeezing a little more profit out of the popular current model here.
On another note, I wonder if GM will turn our Cruise into a "rental and fleet sales only car" for a year or two?

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar to the Ford focus sedan but still nice.

Anonymous said...

I've made it out of a couple GM sites physically intact (physically) and I'm certain the North American version will have a SLIGHTLY different front end design. (Here's a link to what I believe is the US Cruze... if that's okay: .)

I'm glad the interior looks okay, because the exterior sure leaves a lot to be desired.

Anonymous said...

That front end SCREAMS Ford Focus.

- FusioptimaSX