Sunday, November 17, 2013

2015 Lexus SC

These illustrations show what the next SC Coupe could look like.
Seems like a blend of recent concepts and production designs from the brand.

And not bad.
Not sure how close it is from the real thing. I guess this would compete with cars like the BMW 6 series. And it looks like it's not  convertible anymore.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up. The SC has too long been absent and/or viable. This seems worthy of the name at long last. :)

Anonymous said...

Going back to its beginnings. Not bad at all.

Carl said...

Will Toyota get a Supra off this platform?

Vince Burlapp said...

They have mentioned that the next Supra will use a platform developed with BMW. Which will use it for the next Z4

Anonymous said...

I want this in white. Love it!!

I've never said that about a Toyota or Lexus product before either. What's happening to me?!!! aaahhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Good idea in theory, but buy does it have to be so horrible looking. The rear is like a melted Fisker. The front gives me nightmares. &uck you Lexus.