Sunday, June 30, 2013

Toyota Auris Touring Sports

The new wagon version of the Auris looks great.
Since we get the Corolla instead of the Auris, this is another car we won't be getting in the US.

Toyota could really use a good looking modern car like this over here.

There is a Hybrid version, of course.
And a 2.0 Liter diesel as well.


Anonymous said...

They could make this the new Venza. It looks like it has similar proportions.

Anonymous said...

No to this. The whole "pointy swoopy headlights so it must be sporty" thing is just atrocious. They are doing the same thing with the Sienna, and it's awful. Stylistically, Toyota needs to abandon everything that they're doing and start fresh.

Anonymous said...

They should rebadge this as a Matrix.

Anonymous said...

Front and profile are nice, rear is not as fluid.

Anonymous said...

This would make an amazing addition...however, they don't want to cut into RAV4 sales. I still can't believe how big the Rav4 is these days. I keep forgetting who has more crossovers/SUVs, Toyota or Ford....lets see

Toyota (not counting Lexus):
-FJ Cruiser
-Land Cruiser

Ford (not counting Lincoln):
-Expedition EL

Unless I forgot something....WoW.


Joe said...

Looks good overall.. from the rear, it almost looks like it could be the next look of the Subaru Outback. Afterall, Toyota and Subaru work(ed) together.

Anonymous said...

It looks like from the photos of the new Corolla that the Auris and Corolla now share their dashboard. Hope that means the Corolla will be more mechanically similar as well.

Anonymous said...

front fender lip is all wrong. tail lights are a bit bizarre. but overall not terrible.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they slapped the RAV4 taillights on this.. otherwise they could have tried marketing it as a Matrix in the States.