Monday, June 17, 2013

2014/15 Smart ForFour ?

 The next 4 door version of the Smart will share its platform with the next Renault Clio.
And this is what the car is supposed to look like.

Not the 1st attempt to a larger Smart model, since they already had a four door model produced from 2004 to 2006. Although, like the sporty coupe they had at the time, it was never sold in the US.
This is the 1st ForFour. It was based on the Mitsubishi Colt platform.
The next one, above, seems really close in design. So close that I wonder if it is real.

Why would they copy the 1st model so much since it was a flop?


Unknown said...

That is actually the ForMore, a Sub GLK SUV (IMO it was supposed to be based of the C-Class) there were a bunch of them driving around camoed up in 2006, before the project died together with the Smart roadster and the ForFour...
Most were scrapped, but one or two prototypes (this is one of them) survive

Cookie McDougal said...

Smart Formore concept circa 2005.

Anonymous said...

seriosly? there is really VERY little similar in these two vehicles - other than the ridiculous silver frame

Anonymous said...

A whole bunch of preproduction cars:*-j038prsW8XjQsmhw2JEjQ*c43iS6d8UZRZ2gGG1wBqNwh0eGt84Lbx5d7*g5i*Ky17GTV8*Tv9e-uO/untitled3.bmp