Friday, April 19, 2013

VW Taigun approved for production?

 This is what the british magazine Auto Express is reporting.
Let's hope this will also make it to the US.
As Mazda is also getting a "smaller than CX-5" crossover ready as well. The Taigun won't be alone in the segment.
And let's also hope they keep it as close as possible to the cool little concept pictured above they showed a few months ago.

This is what VW did when they turned the Concept Up! into production (concept on top).
It mainly stayed the same.

So there is hope for the Taigun.

Click HERE for the whole story. 


Dav said...

An interesting looking vehicles but...

Enough With The Stupid/Forgettable Names there VW!

Anonymous said...

There's a CX-3 coming? Interesting.

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

So all these crossovers must mean that that will become the normative form of car the way the 4-door sedan has been the past 20 years, and the 2-door sedan has been forever before that.

Will coupes, wagons, hatches, sedans, vans, sports cars, and SUVs all go away in favor every brand fielding a full line of crossovers with 20-speed automatics?

Greenevans said...

As usual with VW (Touran, up!, Sharan, Eos, Tiguan, Touareg)they come late, right after everyone, Nissan (Juke), Opel/Buick/Chevrolet (Mokka/Encore/Traxx), Renault (Captur), Peugeot (2008) & Ford (Ecosport).