Friday, April 19, 2013

All new Ford Escort!

Technically, this is a "concept".

But it is pretty much the production version of the new compact sedan Ford will offer in China next year.

Ford is making a big push in China (which includes Lincoln). And it seems that Chinese consumers like the boring stuff. So much,  that the Focus is too crazy looking for them I guess.

So here comes Ford's new boring compact sedan. Just for them.

At least it is well proportioned and kind of elegant. Nothing like that ghastly new Honda sedan I posted earlier.


Mobis21 said...

This looks good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonder if they're going to slap a different grille and taillights on it and sell it as a Lincoln in the US only? Could this be the precursor to their next C concept? It certainly looks more upscale than the Focus.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Chinese, and think this looks good. It would be way too conventional and bland without the concept car elements though.

Anonymous said...

it looks to me like its based on the old ford focus, but they gave all new sheetmetal. the proportion is very similar