Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Volvo V40 Cross Country

Basically the same car as the great looking new V40 hatchback, on stilts.
Which is what they've been doing for yeas with most of their wagons.
And now it seems everyone does the same thing, including Audi and VW.

Volvo still says we are not getting the V40 in the US.


Hyns said...

Cross country (just not U.S. country).
Too bad it is cool looking.

Anonymous said...

Most European tests didn't like the V40. Bit small cargo and overpriced especially options. So maybe we can skip this one.

Anonymous said...

The V40 is a good looking car. But the offroad bits are silly and inauthentic.

Anonymous said...

its a freaking ford focus..

Anonymous said...

Nicer looking than it's co-developed Ford Focus cousin. Does it cost any more than the Ford version?