Monday, January 16, 2012

2013 VW Up! 5 door

No surprises here as VW has already shown a concept of this last year.
Looking maybe better than the 3 door version currently on sale in Europe.

Not sure we'll be getting this, ever. I do think a $12 000 VW in the US would be a good idea.
And this looks to be a perfect car to get an all electric version.

This is last year's concept.
As you can see, the production version pictured in the black and white pictures will be very close.


Anonymous said...

Electrics without an ICE backup are doomed due to range anxiety.

tore13 said...

That looks like one hot little car

Anonymous said...

Message to VW: it's ok, you can keep this one.

Anonymous said...

very very attractive, simple, clean and strong, but it must not be like the usual base level VW's. That is to say, noisey, rough riding and cheaply finished inside. Make sure you do it right VW, there are examples out there from a well known Japanese company that will show the way. They produce North America's lowest priced car, yet it is relatively smooth, quiet and well built.