Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interesting 2012 Beetle wheel designs

The 17 inch "Circle" and 18 inch "Disc" design both bring a bit of a retro touch to the redesigned Beetle.
(especially the smaller Circle ones)

Interesting choices for those who truly want to drive a car that reminds them of the original model.

I saw the Disc models on the convertible I saw last year, and they really look quite original, with the center part being chrome.


Anonymous said...

WoW! Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

Kinda cool!

Anonymous said...

not sure what to think. this car looks TOO retro. an the interior istnt retro at all. previous generation "new beetle" looked more modern.

i guess i need to see one in the street.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please VW, forget trying to look retro with the wheel covers. This new Beetle looks terrific, but those wheelcovers make it look like what the old bug used to be--CHEAP!

The Anonymous said...

Honestly, how is this any different than the current model except for a kink in the A pillar and new tail lights? I really don't think this refresh is going to "Woo" any new buyers.

Anonymous said...

Mini has done a better job keeping their design fresh and interesing. VW needs some help.