Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Infiniti JX

Infiniti is basically getting ready to compete with the Audi Q7.
This all new Crossover will be able to seat 7.
Not sure yet what it is based on ( A good bet is the G sedan, like most of their cars).
But it might come with engines ranging from 2.0 Liters to 3.0 Liters.
(From names they have already trademarked earlier).
Which means, it wouldn't be that large.

We'll see a concept version within days, and the production model this fall.


Nissan Spyking said...

You already know that the next Pathfinder due next year will be a car based 7 seater. This is simply Infiniti's version. apparently perfection in motion. So well built, it quashes all previous standards.....wait, enjoy, be happy!

FuioptimaSX said...

I'm happy they decided to utilize the "J" again.

Lets hope the Sub-G uses (and re-invogorates) the "I" name.

Anonymous said...


How can it be based on the G and sit 7? The EX is based on the G. You meant the M?

Anonymous said...

He means the FM platform which most of the larger Nissans use from the 370 to the Maxima, from the g to the M, Ex and FX and many more. You get the point. I come here for the breaking news- not the "journalism". i appreciate the effort though