Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 3

The Astra is still looking good. Although no one ever seems to notice it.
The "lack" of power doesn't seem to be a problem to me anymore. I just don't drive that fast.
And the car still has that amazing tank feel.
And the back seats are pretty roomy too.
Especially for a coupe.

For some reason, the clock decided on its own to switch to the European 24h mode.
The radio system is pretty unintuitive, so imagine figuring out the clock...

I'll try again tomorrow....

More later...


FusioptimaSX said...

Nice close up of the dead grey area where the Amber turn signal bulb SHOULD be. ;)

Btw, has anyone noticed how every '08 Dodge Caliber has the same ordeal in the US? Why the silent tail light redesign in the US after only ONE model year?

Anonymous said...

First you were complaining when Europeam cars were americanized, now you have a 100% European car and you're complaining again. So Ford was totally right on not bringing the Euro Focus to the US...

Anonymous said...

Any lag in the gas pedal? Any rattles/squeaks?

How are the headlights at night?

Anonymous said...

It might be the Saturn name that might be tarnished
or perhaps Opel itself, that doesn't bring people into the showrooms to buy this particular German car.
Frankly, Saturn's marketing division did jack
since good little car but a sleeper.

Ford isn't rebadge engineering their Euro Fords, there the scenario is much different about the brands awareness.