Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lexus LF-A

Not sure if this picture is new, but it shows more than usual.

You can tell on this one that the side rear window is actually straight.
Following the roof line.
Without that extra line going up from the camouflage.
At least that what I see.
But what the hell do I know...

They are still talking about "a lot of horses and a lot of money".

That's pretty much what it'll be.

It might sell in the US.
But good luck in Europe going against the 911, R8 or Aston Martin....


Anonymous said...

Not a bad car. I thought it was going to be mid-engined. Does anyone know anything about this? Because I don't see any radiator cooling ducts on the back half of the car. (About where the c pilar is) Either that or it won't have a front trunk with those air extractors on the hood. Unless they are fake.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where that picture came from Vince? Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like they are testing it in this pic at the Nurburgring, which they have done so before, but it looks to be in the rain! Toyota seems to be really testing the hell out of this thing, as we've seen spypics for the second year now.

Latest reports I heard were that Lexus would be using an all-carbon fiber body to keep the curb weight below 3000lbs, which some insiders say is the goal that Lexus engineers want to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool to me, but of course we're all waiting for the specifics.

I think this vehicle is marketable in the US and perhaps Lexus' new home market of Japan. LS sales have blown past expectations there, despite a slow start for the brand in 2005.

Anonymous said...

garbage, they will be thoroughlt, and utterly embarassed by the nissan gtr. they hasd better wait till all their recalls are cleared up!

Anonymous said...

Who cares?
It's still a Lexus.
You probably won't even be able to hear the wheezy, high-revving, low-torque engine.

I want to see which suckers would pay $100,000 for a "sporty" Lexus ROFL!

Smart people will choose from a company with racing pedigree and heritage--like Mercedes-Benx, BMW, GM etc.
Even Honda's excellent NSX was a snooze in its day--going up against the Lambo.

But let us not mention Lexus in the same paragraph as those legends.
It'll probably drive like an Avalon. Only geriatrics buy Lexuses anyway--we see a lot of that around here. Lexus is like Buick.

Dude the Unicycle said...

Oh, come on, give Lexus a chance. Most of you probably gave M-B a chance with their SLR.

Anonymous said...

To me this looks more like the Toyota Supra

Anonymous said...

To me this looks more like a new design of the Toyota Supra