Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Avenger interior

Don't know what you people think. But this looks to me much better than the Sebring interior.

They should have turn the Avenger into a convertible and forget about the Sebring all together...


Anonymous said...

Well. Looks good. Above avg even, for this class of car.
The exterior is not as nice, but it's tolerable.
Now, if only I can convince the spouse to give an "American" company another chance(that is if the car is good, when it comes out).
I think they should have done a coupe/3 door version, myself.

Anonymous said...

I think the interior looks better, but it's not THAT different from the Sebring. The Avener's steering wheel comes from the Caliber/Patriot/Compass -- it's the same size and shape as the steering wheel in those vehicles vs. the Chrysler that has a more "fancy" looking steering wheel. Also, the center stack has the same layout, but not the same shape. In the Sebring the center stack comes to a point in the middle, but the switchgear seems nearly the same. It's okay and it works better in the Avenger -- just goes to show you if you move a few details how good a product can look.

MKK said...

Who in the world will pay more for Serbring?

Anonymous said...

Considering what chrysler offers, this interior is pretty good by thier standards. the dash flows nicely and the dials have a sporty look to them. and the materials, at first glance, look decent. the sebring however looks extremely cheap even from distant shots of it. The sebring is a design disaster all around inside out, and the convertible is even worse. the avenger has a bold and powerful stance to it, not the most attractive car but unique in its class.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the design looks A LOT better than the Sebring, but you know we'll have to get a better look to see if it is as cheaply made as the Caliber is.

Anonymous said...

MKK said...
Who in the world will pay more for Serbring?

8:52 PM
Chrysler products, in general, are usually more costly than their Dodge brethren. This is a Dodge.
It should be , at the least, similar MSRP,at the very least, to Sebring(under 19K to start, fairly loaded).
Something that would help ease my mind is if Chrysler would bring to the tabel a "GM-Like" Warranty, even. Yes, they had a 7/100K warrranty a few eyars ago, but they charged a deductible, I heard, and, they lose $$$(when you build products that need a lot of warranty work....of course this will happen).
They dropped the 7/100K warranty, because I read" customers do not know of it, or use it"(Who are they kidding?LOL), they decided to "lower" prices, instead(? OK,Where?).
A few sites carried the story a few years back, but can't find it now.
Even if they did a "VW" warranty, extend bumper to bumper to 4 years/50K miles.
Will also have to wait to see if Cheap plastics and Discount Carpets, specials ,have furnished the interior of the vehicle, or not.

Anonymous said...

That steering wheel looks like it would fit perfectly in a K-car...