Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nissan Wingroad and iPod.

The new Wingroad isn't that exiting. It actually almost look like these squared off, boring Nissan designs from "before the Altima".
But the 7 inch color display can be syncronized to an iPod. And it includes a 30 gig hard drive as well. So you can actually download your songs into it. It also comes with an iPod dock for charging.
Not sure if it works with video too.

Let's hope Nissan will bring some of this cool iPod goodness in it US line up...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a dolphin! I wonder if they designed it that way on porpoise?

Anonymous said...

has some nice innovations, the back seats slide backward to utilize any spare wagon space. This gives the back seat passenger lots more leg room. First time i've ever seen this done b4.