Monday, November 14, 2005

2007 Toyota Camry

These new pictures ( from Toyotanation) are the next best thing to official shots.
Looks like it was cought as it was getting ready for a photo shoot.

I think it looks great. Nothing futuristic, but it seems they have stretched the design as much as they can without becoming "weird", and disturbing the current owners.
Sure the rear lights look a bit like the Sonata. But also the Avalon.
The whole thing has a very upscale feel to it.

That should make big news when it comes out...


Anonymous said...

Not the biggest Camry fan but it looks good. I like the tail lights. Reminds me of the IS. I don't like how Honda cheaped out on the Accord with the new and improved Ford 500 rip off tail lights. The original design where the taillights extended into the trunk lid looks better. I know 2 individuals with deposits for the camry hybrid.

Vince Burlapp said...

Deposits already!?
I think he Hybrid will be available later, in the fall 2006.
The regular 4 already gets really good mileage for a car that size.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks fantastic, very classy, that is, until we see tons of them on the road next year.
Good thing they didn't make it weird, they know their target customers don't want anything too crazy or weird.

Anonymous said...

Front bumper apes the BMW 325. Overall sleek, inoffensive. But the grille reminds me of a cleft lip...

Sgt Beavis said...

I've never liked Camrys because of their boring designs. This one is a definite improvment. It isn't as bold as the 300 or Fusion but it is a car I would consider.

Anonymous said...

These preliminary exterior shots are nice. Can't wait to see more before making final comment. But so far so good.


Anonymous said...

The front has a Mazda 3 thing going on with it.

Anonymous said...

Yup ... keeping in mind this is Toyota's top seller in the US, the design cannot be too radical.

But I like it, it's got some nice lines going on the sides, the front looks classy, and same with the rear.

I think that rear shot is a bad angle though, because the taillights curve downwards towards the bumper. Plus, the Sonata is a blatant rip of the Accord. In fact, I've already mistaken (several times) a Sonata for an Accord.

The grill, for those who want to know, is a variation on Toyota's "euro" grill, which you can see in the new Yaris. Most of Toyota's Euro models use that grill.

If anyone copied anyone else, it's Mazda copying Toyota, in terms of grills.

My biggest problem is though how close the Camry looks to the LF-Sh, specifically the rear and sides.