Wednesday, August 17, 2005

2006 Audi Q7

Nothing all new here. The Q7 has been "out" for a few weeks. Although it won't be on sale until 2006.
It is just another very nice, but boring looking tall wagon. It just looks like a weird A6 wagon to me.
What is the point, really. They didn't even try to make it remotely interesting.
Why do they even cover these up so much during the years of testing?
What's the big secret???

The interior is the usual Audi: extremely well made and finished. But again, it looks like the A6.
Engines will be also similar to the Touareg, with a V6, a V8 with 350hp and a V12.
Diesels include a base TDI with 233hp, or a V10. Again, like the Touareg...


Anonymous said...

very nice, and it doesnt look like the toureg twins, but it makes you wonder why the cadillac srx interior looks so cheap, at the same price as this.

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