Monday, January 31, 2005

Toyota Echo?

This is the all new Toyota Vitz.
Which is the japanese hatchback version of our Echo.
The Vitz is also sold in Europe as the Yaris.
So Europe will get this.
But it is not sure the Echo will survive the Scion brand in the US.
Maybe in Canada, where the hatchback version is already on sale.
Engines are the same 1.5 Liter. With 1.3 and 1.0 available
in Japan. And so is a 4 WD option!
The 1.5 2WD has a CVT automatic.

Let's hope at least, that Toyotas are finally getting more modern. Maybe the next Corolla will finally
look decent.
Seems like the next Civic might look pretty modern...


Anonymous said...

I hope this comes to Canada. I see Echo hatchbacks all over the place here (and have seen a couple of Smarts as well).

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