Wednesday, January 19, 2005

More on the 2006 Avalon

Here are just a couple of newer pictures of the
all new Toyota Avalon.
It does look much better.
Seems like it might turn out to be a pretty impressive car.
I cannot imagine how they can improve the ride and overall quality of the car.
But it seems they have done it again.
And with prices starting at around $26 000, it is pretty amazing.
This has to be the best car for the money. I mean, not if you are looking for something
futuristic, sporty or original.
But if you are looking for what most people like to call a "good car".
It is super quiet and reliable. Has a great resale value. Extremely roomy. Has a great interior. and a huge trunk.
Makes any drive a relaxing, almost Zen like experience.

There is something nice about having nothing to prove.
To anyone...
Just buy a car that's good for you. Peace and quiet.

Ultimate comfort is almost a guilty pleasure. Most people like to say they love to drive sporty cars. But a lot of us really enjoy
serenity. For ourselves...

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Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with you about the serenity aspect of driving a car like Avalon. The re-mod on this latest verison has the Lexus resemblance. It's also true that Toyotas in this genre maybe boring but they are quiet and comforting..