Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2020/21 Genesis GV70

Even though we have not seen the all-new GV80 yet, this picture shows Hyundai has been hard at work on the smaller GV70 as well.
Which means a lot of new Genesis models coming out really soon.
GV80, GV70 and of course the new G80. On top of the revised 2020 G90.

And a larger GV90 is on its way as well.

I guess while the GV80 will be about the size of a Lexus RX, this GV70 would compete more with the Lexus NX or Acura RDX.

I also hear Genesis might be planning to offer the same engines as the G70.
Which would mean a choice of 4 and 6 cylinders 
.This is all good news...


Doug said...

G, GV, and a bunch of numbers. I'm already confused.

Unknown said...

The Genesis GV80 will compete against the B.M.W X5 and Mercedes GLE... the Lexus RX in my opinion is not in the Genesis GV80 class or range... Maybe in the GV70...yes!!!

Higgik said...

Just think
70 = 3 = C = A4
80 = 5 = E = A6
90 = 7 = S = A8
GV = X = GL = Q

Just to confuse things

It leaves the number 60 for
60 = 1 = A = A3 when they decide to move down to that size.

G is saloons

Anonymous said...

I don’t see where this is confusing. Seems simple and straight forward. Just waiting for that GV80 which is going to be amazing.

Anonymous said...

I know the car is still heavily camouflaged, but the 'double headlamps' look a little cheap and tacky to me. I'll have to see one undisguised to give a proper verdict.

Geri said...

Love my 2015 Genesis 3.8!!

Vince Burlapp said...

That double headlight design is probably coming to every single Genesis model...

Unknown said...

Just look at the g90 already shown in Korea. Imagine smaller g80.

Unknown said...

Has anyone heard of the Vision G Coupe??

Unknown said...

Has anyone heard of the Vision G Coupe??