Friday, January 18, 2019

2019 Ford Mondeo Wagon Hybrid

 While Ford decided to kill the Fusion in the US, it is giving its European clone, the Ford Mondeo, a new version, and a few changes.
The new model is a Hybrid version of the Wagon.
It has 187HP and a CVT transmission.

Other models are getting a new 8-speed auto.

As you can see by comparing the 2019 Mondeo to our 2018 Fusion (Above), the European model is also getting a redesigned front end.

Interiors are very similar. But the Mondeo is getting a few modifications to the console for 2019.
And it does look better than the US Fusion.

No matter what, I am pretty amazed how fresh and modern the interior still is. After 6 years!

2020 VW Golf

Again, we are seeing weird "Spy shots" of the next generation VW Golf.
We've already seen so-called "spy shots" of the car a while ago.
And they did look fake then.
Now we have these pictures taken in France of a car with almost zero camouflage, again.
Which is weird, since VW does a good job at keeping their prototypes covered up until the last minute.

When comparing these to the current model (Gold car), you can tell it is a different design. (barely)
But it also could be the kind of changes they did to the 2020 US Passat. Which does have a "new" design over the old structure. (At least the new Passat does look like a new car)

Even when comparing the car that was supposedly spied a few months ago (top) to the most recent one, they do look like different cars.
Of course, the perspective of the red car photo is different and elongated a bit.
Still, the rear view mirror is in a different location. 

This is pretty confusing.
And still looks fake to me.

What do you think???

Thursday, January 17, 2019

2020 Kia Optima

Another spy shot of the all-new 2020 Kia Optima.
They match the one I posted earlier. (HERE)

At first, I thought there was a really weird black trim around the rear window, where it meets the chrome line that runs along the roof.
But I think this is actually a strange small camouflage bit. ( I hope...)

Otherwise, it already looks really stylish. And it is really new, unlike the 2020 Passat.
It is great to see manufacturers still taking the mid-size sedan market seriously.
These cars are getting to be excellent. And a sportier alternative the SUVs.

Not sure which one will be coming out first, but the Kia Optima cousin, the Hyundai Sonata is also due for a total redesign at around the same time...

2020 Nissan Sentra

This is actually a picture of the all-new Nissan Sylphy.
Which is the name given to our Sentra in many overseas markets.
Since the current Sylphy is the same car as the current Sentra, it is safe to say this is the 2020 Sentra as well.

While I applaud the vast design improvement over the current super boring/invisible generation, I also wish Nissan could come up with something else than yet another small Altima/Maxima design.
(This one is so close to the Altima that I actually didn't think it was the new Sentra at first.)

Since the new Altima also looks like a smaller Maxima, it looks like Nissan only has the resources for just one single design for all their sedans.
This is almost a worst case of "same sausage/different sizes" than the German designers.

Well, at least it does have some style...

The new model is almost an inch longer than the current car. But almost 2 inches lower.
Power, at least in some market, comes from a 1.6 Liter engine.

The current Sentra is just an OK car. Lagging behind pretty much everything else in the segment.
With only 125HP, it is pretty underpowered. The engine is only quiet when cruising slowly.

Anything will be a welcome improvement. With compact sedans like the Civic, Mazda3 and new Corolla that keep getting better and better, a new Sentra is long overdue.
Plus, it is good to see yet another car manufacturer not giving up on new sedans...

2020 Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq is getting a refresh for the 2020 model year. (top picture)

Outside, the main changes are up front. With a new grille and bumper.
The grille now matches Hyundai's newer models, but it is also busier than before.

The rear of the car also gets a new pumper and revised lights.

More changes inside.

As you can see, they redesigned the whole top part of the dash and console (2020 model on top picture)
Which almost gives it an all-new look (Like VW just did with the 2020 Passat)

The large 10-inch screen is a big tablet. But at least, they did try to integrate it into the dashboard design.
No news about other specs yet...

The Ioniq came out and immediately was labeled as the Toyota Prius's main competition.
Both being about the same size and both hatchbacks.
While Toyota sold over 87 000 units of all Prius model combined last year, Hyundai was only able to move about 15 000 Ioniqs.

Which could hardly be considered as a success...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

All new Chevrolet Tracker

Turns out the car pictured in the recent teaser (HERE) was not the next Trax. 
But the new Tracker. 
Although, the "Tracker" has been the name of the Chevrolet Trax when sold in South America for a few years.
So what we see here could still be our next Chevrolet Trax. (Or whatever they'll end up calling it)

But I also hear the next Trax and Tracker will not share platforms anymore and will not be related.
So, who knows...
Whatever it is, this new Chevrolet Tracker is mostly for the South American and Chinese markets. 

It sure doesn't look like GM is simplifying things...

More on the 2019 Chevrolet Monza

Seems like Chevrolet is rediscovering their old names lately. With the Blazer in the US. And this small generic sedan for the Chinese market called the Monza.
It does have plenty of lines but really not much style.
A generic shape with overdone details. (Almost a textbook example of how many unnecessary lines you can squeeze in the profile of a small sedan)

It is powered by a 1.0 Liter Turbo or a 1.3 Liter Turbo. So really a basic idea of transportation.

For most people in the US, including myself, the "real" Chevrolet Monza is the one above.
From the '70s.
Also quite basic transportation in its time. But one with plenty of style. And a design that still looks really good today. 
Just look at that simple, almost Italian, profile. 

Dating back to a time when cheap cars didn't have to look crappy.

2020 Cadillac XT5 ?

There has been a few spy shots of the 2020 Cadillac XT5 around for a while now (like the one above)
But the top picture shows one without any camouflage. (Although it is a Chinese market model) It also shows the only change is basically an updated grille.
Matching the one in recent Cadillac models like the XT4 and 2019 CT6.

The XT5 is a popular model for Cadillac. With over 60 000 sold last year.
The spy shot above seems to show a sportier version. 
I haven't heard of a new engine coming up for the XT5, but it would be a great idea for Cadillac to use their 3.0 Turbo with over 400hp in a sporty version.

But since even the larger and heavier XT6 isn't getting that engine, there is little hope it could end up in the XT5...

As a reminder, here is the current model of the Cadillac XT5.

How about some old Toyota Supra ads...

Many years ago, I had a girlfriend who was driving a first generation Supra.
Back when it was still called the "Celica Supra". Basically a super-luxury version of the Celica with a longer hood and a 6 cylinder engine.
Hers was pretty old and a bit beaten-up by then. But I remember it was still a very cool car. Loaded with tons of stuff.

My favorite is actually the 3rd generation. The last one before they became really sporty.
( I never really liked the 4th generation)

Once in a while, I feed this guilty pleasure of mine. Scanning the internet to see how much a late 3rd generation goes for these days... ( I also do this with the Subaru SVX)

Which one is your favorite?
And have you ever owned one?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

More pictures of the Kia Pro-Ceed

I think this new Pro-Ceed is another great design from Kia.
While the first generation was a sporty 2 door version of their European hatchback, this new one is a cross between a fastback and a wagon.
Whith what looks like tons of room inside (looks like it's big enough for a camping trip)

Kia mentions it will only be available in a sporty GT-Line or GT versions.
The most poweful enfine is the 1.6 Liter turbo with 204HP.

I think it is really too bad Kia is not selling this over here.
This would really be a sporty and great looking wagon option.

Kind of like a mini Stringer.

2020 Mercedes A-Class sedan price

If you are interested in getting the smallest and "cheapest" Mercedes in the US it will cost you at least
$32 500.
Which is just a little bit less than the $33 100 for the current CLA. (The all new CLA will cost more)
Power comes from a 2.0 Liter with 188HP and a 7 speed auto.
AWD is a $2000 option.

This is before the $995 transportation fee, and options.
Which means most models will cost much more since there are tons of options...

2019 BMW 7 series

 This facelift for 2019 is probably the worst thing that ever happened to the BMW 7 series.
(2019 model on top)

The giant clowny grille, the extra chrome. It is really hard to understand.
Unless BMW is just designing their cars for the Chinese market now. Where overdone, over-chromed designs are popular.

 The rear is fine. (2019 model on top)
Except for "even more chrome". Of course...

Nothing to report inside (2019 model on top)
Except for the new digital instruments. And of course, more satin chrome on the steering wheel.

It looks like BMW has basically ruined the 7 series by adding the giant grille from the X7 to it.
Which is really too bad.

This is great news for Mercedes and their upcoming all-new S-Class sedan.
Good news also for the new Audi A8. Which now looks pretty restrained.

And I would say, also good news to everyone else who is going for the big luxury sedan market.
Like Genesis and Kia. (although I am aware that any brand snob looking at a 7 series won't even consider anything that isn't from Germany...)

More pictures of the 2020 Kia Telluride

Just a couple more pictures of the regular version of the all new Kia Telluride. 
(Not the macho one with huge black wheels that few people will actually be getting.)

I still think this is a very nice looking design. Sure, it does look a lot like the Volvo XC90 from the side. Itself a pretty conservative design.
But it seems that Kia was able to add some personality. 
And the interior really looks like a premium SUV. (as far as you can tell from pictures)