Friday, July 22, 2016

2018 Honda Accord

A reader sent me this picture of an upcoming toy car.
And it looks a lot like the next Honda Accord.

At least it could be.
An all new Accord is due out next year. A big year for mid sized sedans since an all new Toyota Camry will join the party at around the same time.

The new Accord is based on a longer version of the current Civic. So it will actually be a bit shorter than the current model.
Also expect a 2.0 Liter turbo to replace the V6. Not sure if the base engine will still be the 2.4 Liter or the newer 1.5 Liter Turbo.

More pictures of the all new Acura CDX

So far, they claim this is for China only.
But you know the temptation of bringing it over here will be pretty strong.
Since any SUV from anyone pretty much sells in the US.

I am sure it is just a matter of time until this arrives in US dealerships.

It is based on the HR-V and is powered by a turbo version of the small 1,5 Liter engine with over 180HP.

But I mean, just look at that thing.. How sad is it to see how bad Honda's designs have become.
And the horrific looking grille is almost worst than what they had before.
The whole thing is so tacky and vulgar...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mystery car...

This was sent to me from Europe (From the plates it looks like the picture was taken in France maybe?)

Not sure what this is.
It isn't the new Renault Scenic. But still looks kind of like a minivan.

It might also be something obvious, or already out, that I am completely missing.
A next Picasso model from Citroen, or a Peugeot Minivan.
 It is pretty well covered up, so it's not coming out real soon.

Other wise, can anyone here guess what it is?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2017 VW Tiguan LWB

This is "supposedly" the US version of the all new VW Tiguan . The long wheel base version that will be available with 7 seats.
A shorter 5 seater version, similar to the one available in Europe, will be available too.
The larger model will only be built in Mexico and be exported all over the world. (Or wherever they need 7 seats in a compact SUV...)
This is the shorter Euro model.
As you can see, the "big one" above isn't that much longer. At all.
So don't expect super roomy 3rd row seats in there...

Still, this should be enough for most people. And I do predict the new Tiguan will be quite a hit in the US for VW.
Probably becoming even more popular than the Jetta over here.
And also bad news for the larger "still unnamed" Crossover based on the Crossblue concept...

Monday, July 18, 2016

2017 Hyundai Accent

No surprises here. The all new Accent will, again, try its best to look like a small Elantra.
(Which itself tries to look like a small Sonata)

Everyone is doing it, so why not. Right?

At least this one seems to look much more upscale than the current model. And 100 times better than the "segment best seller" Nissan Versa Sedan.

All new 2017 BMW 1 series sedan

We've know for a while it was coming. So here it is.
Looking like any other BMW sedan designs form the last 10 or 15 years.

BUT. It is their first front wheel drive sedan. Using the same platform as the new Mini Cooper and BMW Active Tourer.
Which is fine, since most people won't really care.
All they will care bout is that BMW badge they could now have for about $30 000.
Just like the Mercedes CLA or Audi A3,
all these cars need to do is look like their more expensive relatives.

So far, BMW is keeping this one for the Chinese market.
But with such competition with Audi and Mercedes, I can't imagine this car not being offered in the US soon.
Since the A3 and CLS have been really good to Audi and Mercedes in the US.

2017 Honda Avancier

So far, this is only intended for the Chinese market.

(We have seen the new Avancier before, these are just some pictures I hadn't seen before)

It is positioned above the CRV. But it is still a 5 seater. No 3rd row here.
It is also powered by a more powerful 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.

Interior looks OK, in a super boring japanese car interior sort of way.
At least it is not as offensive as the exterior design.
Which is one of the worst I have seen in many years.

Let us all prey that Honda never ever imports this thing over here.

Friday, July 15, 2016

All new 2017 Jeep SUV

These are new pictures of the long awaited model that will be replacing both the Patriot and the Compass.

So this is supposed to be larger than the Renegade but smaller than the Cherokee.
I am not sure what that really means. The Cherokee isn't that much larger than the Renegade to begin with.
But I guess Fiat's Boss is crazy about Jeep being such a cash cow. (For now)
So there will be plenty of new SUV's under the Jeep name.

So far so good. The spy shots have been showing a nice design.
Like a small Grand Cherokee.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2017 Hyundai Elantra GT/i30

Since a new Elantra came out last year, a new hatchback "GT" version is just around the corner.
It is the same car sold in Europe as the Hyundai i30.

So again, the GT will have a different interior (Similar to the Euro version) than our US sedan.
And, just like the sedan, it looks like the new Hatchback will be a bit more conservative looking.

This will not only do battle with the usual Mazda3 and Ford Focus hatchback. But also with new comers as the 5 door Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze hatchback .

It looks like 2017 will be a great year for those looking for a compact hatchback.

(Thanks to Steve for these pictures)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

All new Renault Megane Sedan

We've already seen the all new hatchback model a few months ago.
Now Renault is showing us the sedan version.
And it looks pretty good.

This will compete with cars like the Ford Focus sedan in Europe.
But really, this isn't a large market over there. In that segment, hatchbacks are way more popular . Like the Golf. (The Jetta is not even offered in many European countries)

But, this would make a great "next' Sentra over here.
I think it's about time Nissan/Renault merges the Sentra and Megane into one car.

The Sentra over here is behind almost every other car in its class.
The new Megane uses the same CMF platform many Nissan models already use.

I know they do offer the Pulsar hatchback in Europe. And the next generation is supposed to be sold over here and the Sentra Hatchback.
I am just hoping the next Sentra/Pulsar inherits a lot of the new Megane design.

It needs it. Badly...

Monday, July 11, 2016

More pictures of the 2018 BMW 3 series

I posted a few pictures a while ago. I saw this car last week. I was on my way to Mammoth, test driving the Buick Cascada. While the BMW was going to (where else) Death Valley.

It just looked super boring, as you can see.
It's really sad that BMW cannot really find a new design for their sedans. I guess they don't really care as long as they sell like hot cakes (Especially the 3 series).

It is still sad...

Friday, July 08, 2016

One bad idea; The Nissan Murano Hybrid.

A terrible idea.
Basically, it'll cost $3000 more to gain about 4MPG.
26/30 vs 21/28 for the regular model.

We were all making fun of GM a few years ago when they were doing the same thing with their "mild Hybrid" models.
Charging around $3000 for it. Same stupid idea.
At least, GM learned from that mistake.

But not Nissan. You thought they did when they canceled the Hybrid version of the Pathfinder because no one was buying it.
(No one was stupid enough.)
But now they repeat the mistake by offering the same power train (The one nobody wanted) in the Murano.

How weird???

This was unveiled a while ago as a "China only" model. So I am not sure if the one sold here will be imported from China or not.
No matter what, there are supposed to be only about 600 of them in the US.

Another weird thing. Why even bother???

VW Tiguan 7 seater (?)

Looks like it could be it.
(the regular 5 seater version is the grey one bellow)

Although it doesn't really look longer. At all.It almost looks like a slightly different version of the regular model.

I must say, the new Tiguan does look quite good.
In a "conservative way".

And I am sure it will be a much bigger hit in the US than the current version.
It is a bit larger and should be cheaper too.

This might very well become the best seller for them over here.  As the Jetta is running out of steam...

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Buick Cascada Video

It has been a while since I posted a video.
My usual stuff with the weird sound track. So here it is.

I was lucky enough to drive the new Cascada through the beautiful Inyo National Forest.
(Where the Steve McQueen movie "Nevada Smith" was shot back in 1966)

2017 VW "Crossblue"

 Or whatever they will call it.
The Crossblue concept came out 3 years ago. And it already looked pretty boring then.
As far as I can tell from these, we shouldn't except anything great from the production version either.
3 years later.

Imagine how "conservative' this thing will look next year.

VW has been struggling with getting this thing into production. They needed it years ago.
So now we hear the new Tiguan will come out first (It's been out in Europe for a while)
Which means we might have to wait even longer for this one .

This is pretty sad, really.
As a reminder. Here is the 3 year old concept.
Not ugly. Of course.
But just imagine how a toned down version of that could set the market on fire..

2017 Nissan Pathfinder

 The pathfinder is getting a few new things for 2017. Mostly a new face.
An attempt to make it look a bit more "trucky" I guess.

Now it looks a bit more like an Explorer. Not sure why they wanted that.

Otherwise the engine is the same old 3.5 Liter with a bit more power.

 Here is the current model

Looks like almost nothing has changed inside. Which is OK I guess.

Except that strange wannabe wood pattern on the console.

It is getting a little too strange for my taste.
On top of looking rather cheap.