Sunday, February 19, 2017

2018/19 Toyota Corolla

Still very early, so we can't see much.
It doesn't look that different from the current model (red car). But again, this is an early prototype.
It does look a bit more angular in general.

The Corolla is not intended to look futuristic or that stylish anyway. The current model is doing just fine.
It is super reliable, roomy and actually looks pretty nice.
There is really nothing wrong with it and it is a big step up from the previous one.

So of course, Toyota will stay pretty close to the winning formula next time around...

Link & Co sedan

 Looks like that new sub-Volvo brand Link & Co will offer a sedan as well as the new SUV they've already shown us.
Which makes sense, since the whole thing is based on the same platform as the next Volvo XC40. Since there will be an S40 as well, why not us that too?

Here is the concept version of their SUV.
So basically the sedan will be a lowered, "trunk-added" version of this.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Opel's all new SUV for 2018

These are just illustrations.
But they do look really realistic.

Opel is planning a larger SUV. I guess something that would compare with the redesigned VW Touareg.
Or the European version of the Ford Edge.

The Crossland X just came out. Next will be the larger Grandland X. (Both sharing platforms with Peugeot) Which is still pretty compact.

This larger one pictured above could maybe share a platform with the new GMC Acadia/Buick Enclave.
(Which means this could be a preview of the next Enclave?)

New front end for the Citroen C5

At least for the Chinese market. It could later spread to Europe, but who knows.
The new one is the picture on top.

It's hard to believe but the current C5 sedan has been around almost 10 years!
So it has aged pretty well, considering.
Since Citroen has a new large sedan supposedly based on the recent CXperience Concept, this could actually just be for China. Where the current car could be sold for many more years.

This is the (amazing) CXperience concept.

So let's all get on our knees right now and pray to the gods for the next C5 (Or whatever they want to call it) to be as close to this as possible.
This would be pretty amazing. And exactly what Citroen should be in the 21st century.

Friday, February 17, 2017

A few thoughts about that 2019 Ford Ranger...

 From what we've seen in the spy shots of the 2019 US Ranger, it looks like we are pretty much getting the same version that has been on sale over seas for a while.
With just a few changes. maybe new engines etc...

The current model is actually a revised version of the overseas Ranger that came out back in 2011.
So, nothing you could call "new".
Ford would be pulling an "Ecosport" on us. (Brining over a design that has been on sale overseas for awhile. That is now officially called "pulling an Ecosport")

Which is just fine. Since that "new" Ranger looks really good. It aged much better than the Ecosport.
It will be more than a match for the Chevy/GMC twins.
And there seems to be no competition from Nissan coming up anytime soon. (Although they've had a new compact pick up in Europe for a while now)
Toyota is the only Japanese manufacturer that never abandoned the "smaller pick up" segment.

Just like the Chevy Colorado, these aren't really compact anymore. The t6 Ranger is about one inch from the current Colorado.
But about 10 inches longer than the old US Ranger.

Unless this is all wrong and by next year they'll have an all new one...
In that case, forget everything I just said...

(A good think to do in general)

Ford also said they are bringing the Bronco back.
I really don't think they will spend the money and design something special for us,  or go really cool and retro.

I think they will just rebadge the Everest SUV already on sale overseas. Maybe with a more aggressive grille?
As you can see, the Everest is just an SUV version of the 4 door ranger.
So it's a truck. It would be more like a new version of the old "Bronco 2". Remember these?
the first Explorer was supposed to be the redesigned Bronco 2 ( I even remember seeing a prototype on the freeway with Bronco 2 badges on it !)

Although I am not sure where it would fit in the US lineup. Since we have the Explorer.
Unless they have decided to dump the Explorer?
The pick-up truck based Everest/Bronco would sure be cheaper to produce.
And I haven't heard of a new Explorer coming out.... Even though it's about time...
Between the Edge and new Expedition, a new mid sized truck based SUV would doffer something different.


What do you think?

All new Hyundai i30 wagon

Nothing earth shattering here.
Just what looks like a nice wagon version of the new Euro i30 hatchback. (Our new Elantra GT)

Seems that most compacts in Europe offer a wagon version. Like the Astra, Golf, Focus, Megane etc...
So Hyundai is just doing the same.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a third body style added in a few months.
A slicker 4 door hatchback. With a more coupe like shape.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

2018 Cadillac XT5 30E Plug-in Hybrid

No, it isn't using a 3.0 Liter engine. (Another stupid misleading name, just like BMW and Mercedes...)
But a 2.0 Liter gas plus electric motor. Which is safe to say, the same powertrain the CT6 Plug-in version is using.
Which should work great in the XT5. 

So far, this is for the Chinese market only.
But, it wouldn't take much for GM to decide to import this to the US. Just like they do with the Chinese made CT6 plug-in.

So why not...

2018 Hyundai Accent

Before everyone screams how bad this is.
Let me remind you what it competes with in the US:
Mainly, the Nissan Versa sedan and Mitsubishi Mirage G4 sedan. And that's about it.

These two are some of the worst looking sedans ever designed.
Bit the Versa and Mirage G4 are in a class of their own as far as "ugly" goes.

This little Hyundai looks like a runway model next to a Versa.
No, not it doesn't look great. And yes it looks super boring.
But at least it's not ugly.

Power comes from a 1.6 Liter engine with 132HP. Which is fine. And you can get a 6 speed manual or auto.
I personally would still rather get a 2 or 3 year old "better car" than a new one of these.
But at least, it's not a Versa...

What is that???

Not sure at all.
Was just sent to me. Trying to get more details.
Infiniti? Nissan?

Despite the design on the camouflage, this looks more like a 4 door car. Or large hatchback actually...
The wheelbase seems too long for a coupe.
It also seems pretty big.

All I know is that the picture was taken in the US. (If that's any help)
So it's probably not some weird/unknown Chinese car.

What do you think???

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2019 Ford ranger testing in the US: no new design?

 This one was caught in the US recently.
As we know, we are getting a new Ford ranger in 2018, for the 2019 model year.
But a "new" ranger has been on sale for a few years overseas.
And it got an all new front end just a short while ago.

So let's compare...

Here are two pictures of the ranger currently produced. but not available in the US.

At first glance, the spy shot looks the same.
But it isn't really. The grille is different. Bumper etc...
But the hood seems exactly the same.

Is all we are getting in 2018 a facelift version of what's been available overseas for years?
Nothing all new for us?

What do you think?

Check out many more pictures (Still looking like the current one) HERE.

2018 Hyundai i30 coupe/fastback?

Looks like Hyundai has bigger plans for the all new Euro i30.
There will be a regular wagon version in a few months.

But also this coupe like fastback version.
Still a four door.
Kind of like a small Audi A5.

Kind of strange. I mean it could look good. (Or end up looking very close to the ionic?)
I remember when there were rumors about a "4 door coupe" version of the Jetta. That never happened.
Looks like Hyundai thought it could be a good idea.

The new i30 already came out here as the Elantra GT. So there might be hope for this as well?

Good to see someone at least trying something new. That is NOT another SUV...

2018 Cadillac XT3

These are the first pictures of Cadillac's upcoming compact SUV.
It is based on the same platform as the Chevrolet Equinox.

So expect a base price of around $30 000/$32 000. As it will be competing with the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA.
I can't really see the traditional vertical headlights on this.
Which means it could incorporate many of the Escala concept design cues. Like an all new grille as well.
That would be nice...

There is also a "larger than XT5" SUV coming up. Based on the next Buick Enclave platform.
Called , of course, the XT7.
That should be plenty of SUVs for GM's luxury brand.

There is, somehow, still plans for a smaller sedan than the ATS. Which really makes no sense since the ATS has already almost zero back seat legroom.
I guess they do want to compete with the new BMW 1 series sedan in China.
So we might not even see it over here....

For plenty of pictures and great info on the upcoming XT3 head over HERE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wait what? A Peugeot/Opel merger rumor?

I woke up to this.
Looks likeOpel is still not safe?

Isn't GM making enough money from them?

And Peugeot? I thought these guys were losing tons of money just a couple of years ago?
(Right before in infusion of Chinese money)
Also, Peugeot and Opel are in the same segment.
All their models would compete with each other.

But the saddest question is: what about Buick?
Their best cars are actually Opel models.
What would happen to these?

The Insignia platform is also used on the Malibu. And a longer version of it on the Lacrosse.

I am not sure what is going on here. And why.
It seems one of the worst idea ever. It's not like Peugeot was getting a super luxury brand.
Or anything they are not doing right now. I guess this would be like a Hyundai/Kia situation? They would have to make Opel the sporty one?
Or maybe we could get Peugeot cars back here. As Buick???

What the hell???

2018 Ford Focus interior

Based on this grainy spy picture, this has to be one of the worst looking dashboard ever.
I know it seems to be a base Euro model. With a super tiny screen etc...
But still, this is really bad.

I just hope the US version at least will end up better. Let's blame it on a bad picture.

Head over HERE if you can take more . Pictures and info.

For reference, here is the interior of the all new 2018 Fiesta.

Which is pretty decent. Except for that non integrated screen/tablet. But that seems to be the case in most new interiors these days.
You can see how that could easily look really bad on a low rez spy shot like the one above.

So, let's wait and see. I guess...

Another pic of the 2018 Buick Regal

Still the Chinese version.

But this is the first time we see the sedan version of the all new Opel Insignia.
You can clearly see here the hatchback missing.

So, pretty much the same car we will be getting over here in a few months.
I just hope GM spices it up a little bit for the US.
This doesn't look more upscale than its cheaper cousin, the Chevrolet Malibu.

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross teaser

More sad news...

The name "Eclipse" will now officially be used on Mitsubishi's next small SUV.

But hey, let's not start crying right away. There is actually a funny side to this.
Just look at this amazing PR BS about their new SUV:

"The Eclipse Cross's beautiful, dynamic form serves to bring about the same sense of excitement and inspiration as the diamond ring seen immediately before and after a total solar eclipse does"...

Good to know...

More DS7 pictures

That thing is just naked every day now.

The rear view seems fine. But that front with al these lines and chrome pieces... Really.
it's all over the place.

The name DS should never be used on something like this.
As the original design was so perfect and simple. This could be anything, from anyone..

Still, being yet another SUV/crossover thing, it should be quite popular.

Monday, February 13, 2017

2018/19 Acura MDX?

Not sure. But that's what I was told.
So it could be, I guess.

At least it looks pretty slick, maybe finally bringing some style to the MDX?
Which is, for now, the most boring thing on 4 wheels ever.

Acura made a few mistakes in the past years.
First getting rid of their good nameplates like "Legend" and "Integra".
Then they just added an "X" to all their new stupid letter names.

News ro Acura: Adding an "X" to "TL" doesn't make it a cooler car.
This is just sad...
And I won't even mention that weird shield/belt buckle grille  they shoe horned on every design...
Which, sadly, has been replaced by something that I think is even worse.
(Check out the shots of the revised TLX for 2018. As well as current MDX)

They need something. They don't need to become weird like Lexus.
They just need good, attractive designs that stand out.

Is that so hard? Are they no Italian designers left in the world?

So let's hope this new MDX is the start of something much better.

2018 Buick Regal

So this is it.
The all new Opel Insignia with a Buick grille.

This is, supposedly (And hopefully), the Chinese model.
Let's just pray that our model isn't even available with such small wheels. (Let's actually all pray right now for this)
This just looks like some base model with tiny wheels...

Otherwise, the white color and low rez pic doesn't make the car very exciting (on top of the small wheels)

I am sure better pictures and some color will do wonders... Right?

Friday, February 10, 2017

2018 Rolls Royce Cullinan

Some one mentioned here, on the comments section, that the original DS must be turning over in its grave when seeing the new DS7 SUV.

Well... What do you think Mr.Rolls and Mr.Royce are doing right now?

As sad as it is, it will probably double the brand's sale numbers as soon as it comes out.
More, more more....

2018 Volvo XC60

This is very close to a picture I posted a while ago.
But much higher quality.

Not sure when the new XC60 is really coming out, but it looks like it won't be at the upcoming Chinese Auto Show.
(Like stated in a previous rumor)

The smaller XC40 is now rumored to be coming out at the end of this year. So this could be a bit before that. Since we have seen prototypes for a while now.
Or just whenever they feel like it...

The XC60 is Volvo's best seller in many markets. So this is their biggest  deal.

Citroen DS7

Again, nothing amazing here.
The old tech LED dots now look pretty cheap compared to newer designs.
Too much chrome also.

I understand this is mostly for China, where they do like a lot of chrome bits and too many lines on their cars.
But this picture was taken in Paris.
So it might end up being sold in Europe as well.

Unless this is for a brochure photo shoot. Making sure the car looks French by presenting it in a Parisian background. Letting the Chinese customers think they are getting a "real" French car.

What do you think?

2018 BMW 5 series GT

 There is a rumor about BMW changing the name to 6 Series GT.
Which is pretty ridiculous, since it really is a 5 series with a hatchback.

At first, it does look better than the current one. Which is just too tall and heavy looking.
I do like hatchbacks, but that 5 series GT is really not appealing. Especially when compared to the Audi A7.
Here is the current model.
Which actually doesn't look that different than the 2018 one above.

So it will be pretty much the same story as with the sedan. (And with every new BMW models)
The new one looks like the old one...

Too bad. There is so much cool things you could do with a luxury hatchback car...

I mean really.

THIS, is how you design a great looking hatchback car.
And it was in 1976!!

The amazing Rover SD1 was a timeless great design. 

That still looks great today!

There is no excuse for the endless recycling of old crap we are getting from BMW these days....

2018 Nissan Leaf

Those of us expecting a production version of the 2015 IDS concept might be disappointed.
As, so far, the all new Leaf looks a lot like the current one.

Although, I do see a floating roof under all that camouflage.

It is about time for a new Leaf.
Nissan has been left behind.
They will probably loose a bunch of sales to the all new Chevrolet Bolt. Which is already on sale.

The new Leaf needs to get over 200 miles per charge if it wants to be mentioned in the same conversation.

I test drove the Leaf a couple of times a few years back.
I found if very roomy and comfortable. But also not at all as sporty as the Volt. 
Which I guess is fine with current Prius owners. But I also thought the Eco mode was downright dangerous.
Randering the car much too slow to safely drive around in traffic.

Still, an all new Leaf is great news for any EV fan.
And I can't wait to see and drive it.

As a reminder, here is the IDS concept.
I guess it is still pretty futuristic. A bit too much ?