Monday, June 25, 2018

2020 BMW X6

The new X6 is the top picture.
"New"... As in "BMW's idea of new", which is basically a mix of current and past designs.

Now it looks like the next X6 will resemble a 6 series GT on stilts. With a huge grille.
Why not, if that's what people really want....

If you must, head over HERE to see many pure pictures of the new 2020 X6

Friday, June 22, 2018

Another Car Night at Bob's

Another great evening in Burbank. Where Bob's Big Boy delivers a serving of great cars and passionate owners every Friday night.

2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS

The new Blazer will also be offered as a sportier (looking) version called RS.
It replaces all the chrome by a black finish. Black wheels. And inside, some color bits here and there.
The RS is position between the base and Premier models.

I have to say, black wheels and trim are really not "my cup of tea". 
But I do see the appeal of it for many. A smart move from GM.

It seems the RS still comes standard with the 193HP engine. Which is hardly sporty.
 I wish they'd put "sportier" seats inside. Instead of just add color accents.
These look pretty flat for the "Sporty model"....

Thursday, June 21, 2018

2019 Chevrolet Blazer

While Ford seems to have taken a more retro approach to the pseudo mach SUV with the upcoming Bronco, Chevrolet seems to have got a more modern route with the rebirth of the Blazer.

This actually looks almost futuristic from some angles. 

It will slot between the $24 000 Equinox and the $30 000 Traverse.
Power comes from a standard 2.5 Liter with 193HP or an optional 3.6 Liter V6 with 305HP.
(No nothing futuristic here...)
All versions come with a 9 speed automatic. 

It will be available in "early 2019". That's quite a while...

I think this looks pretty good. At least from these early pictures. 
This will no doubt be a hit for Chevrolet. And basically will end up replacing the Malibu sooner or later...

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A few more pictures of the new 2019 Volvo S60

I think this has a really good chance to be a success for Volvo. Sure, sedans aren't the most popular thing right now.
But while Volvo sold only 11 358 units of the previous S60 in the US last year, BMW was still able to move almost 60 000 of the "old" 3 series. (Being replaced soon)
And Mercedes sold over 77 000 units of the C Class.

So the new S60 does have room for growth.

New Honda Insight Pricing

Including destination, the LX model will start at $23 725.
Then you can step up to an EX model for $24 995 or the loaded Touring at $28 985. 
(Which includes leather, sunroof, more speakers etc...)

This basically is right in between the Civic and the Accord.
It basically replaces the Hybrid version of the Civic. But has its own design and revised, more upscale interior. 

The lager Accord Hybrid is about $2200 more than a base Insight.
The Accord Hybrid is rated at 47MPG (Both HWY and City) While the Insight is 55City/49HWY.

It's all a matter of math and how much you drive to figure out if it is worth it compared to the regular Civic. (Civic LX starts at around $20 000)

2019 Volvo S60

Today we finally get to see the real thing.
And it dos look quite nice. Better than earlier spy shots we had seen.
Nothing super modern. Maybe a bit too conservative even. (At least it is not afraid of looking like a sedan. No fake fastback/hatchback look here) 
But it does look quite upscale. And it has the same great interior than the V60 and XC60.

At $35 800, it is almost $5000 less than a Mercedes C Class.
About the same price as a stripped BMW 3 series with only 180HP (The Volvo starts at 250HP)
And the new S60 is also about $1000 less than an Audi A4. 

I think the price is right for the new S60. It is only a few hundreds more than the one it is replacing. 

Sales will start in the fall in the US. Where the S60 will be built. 

My choice would still be the really cool new V60 wagon. 
I just wonder how much more it will be. (The current one starts at $38 250)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2019 Passat: from the front.

Sure it is different. But it doesn't seem really more modern. After 8 years!
(The current one started production in January 2011. Almost 8 years before the new one goes on sale)

The new one is supposed to be about 3 to 4 inches longer. So even roomier I guess.
Sales went from over 125 000 in 2012, to 60 722 last year.
Basically following the market trend. 

If VW still wants to be in the sedan market, they need something great. 
This will be competing with the revised Mazda6. A great car. The all new Accord. An even better one.
An all new Altima. Plus a "still" super popular new Camry (sold over 387 000 last year and already over 150 000 this year)

How about a downshot of the all new 2019 VW Passat?

For the millions of you who have begged for this particular angle: here it is.

This one looks like a high end model, with larger wheels and a nicer extended sunroof.
Let's hope that sunroof makes it to the US...

Last Volvo S60 teaser video

Still just showing what we have already seen. Since the front end is basically the same as the V60.

We won't have to wait long to see the whole thing since it will be revealed tomorrow.

From the spy shots we have seen I am actually not expecting anything amazing. And think the wagon looks much better...

2019 VW Passat Vs. Current model

The 2019 model is obviously an all new car. None of the panels seem the same.
Now the rear door cut is really close to the rear wheel opening. Even getting into the wheel arch, which really looks weird.

Otherwise, as I mentioned before, this just looks, again, like a larger Jetta. Just like with its SUVs, VW seems to have only one designs for sedans. 

2019 VW Passat

 Looks like a new Passat is coming up for 2019.
And, when compared to the current one, it doesn't look like "just a facelift". It seems all new.

But just like the current one, it now again looks like a big Jetta.
Except now, a "big 2018 Jetta".

Apparently, since the Jetta is larger than before, so will be the Passat.
Which is already of of the roomiest sedan out there...

These pictures are of the Chinese market model.
Which so far, has been the same car we get over here.
(A totally different model than the European Passat)

The Chinese model will offer  1.4 and 2.0 Liter engines.

It really looks like nothing new. Just a gentle update, even it IS all new.
They really didn't even try to re-invent anything here. Which might not be enough in a world where sedans sale numbers are shrinking every year.

What do you think?

Monday, June 18, 2018

2020 Hyundai Sonata

 HERE are the fist pictures of the all new Hyundai Sonata for 2020.
Looking much sleeker than the current model. (bottom pic) And, could this be hiding a hatchback? Just like the new Buick Regal?
That would make it stand out against the competition from Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

Here is their Le Fit Rouge concept. Which supposedly inspired the design of the next Sonata.

Let's hope...

2019 Audi A1

 This new 2nd generation A1 looks more aggressive than before.
Kind of a cross between the previous generation and the Q2 crossover.
The whole thing now looks quite busy.
More lines, more plastic bits, fake vents etc...
Basically, worse.

The grille is also bigger than ever. (Huge fake grille on small cars never look right...)

Inside, it now looks like a VW more than ever. It looks like they are not even trying to make it seem different.
It's a lot like the VW Polo. Slightly different but not nicer or more upscale looking.

This is the much cleaner looking pervious generation.
Which actually did look like an Audi...