Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2019 Nissan Altima

This will probably be introduced for the Detroit Auto show in January. Since it has been testing for a while and seems ready to go.
I am sure Nissan is also eager to compete with the all new Camry and Accord.
(And an all new Passat due out in 2019)

It does look a bit more like the Maxima than the current Altima.
But also, a lot like the V-Motion concept we saw a while ago. Which is great.

This is the really good looking V-Motion concept. Which his basically a preview of the next Altima.
As you can see from the spy shots above, the production design already looks pretty close.

An Altima looking almost like this would be a much better  design than the new Accord and Camry.
Both of these cars are trying way to hard to stand out from their previous generations.

Something close to the V-Motion would just be a great, well proportioned modern designed.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Polestar One Vs. Volvo Concept Coupe

This is how close the production design is from the 2013 Concept.
the production Polestar One is at the black car above.

This is really one of the best transition ever from concept to production I have ever seen.
Great job from Volvo.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

 I am sure many people will be happy with this. The revised Cherokee for 2019 will loose its "kinda weird" front end design.
(Which made it look more like a Citroen than a Jeep.)

But I had gotten used to it. And thought it gave the little Jeep a bit of personality.
But like the 2019 Ram truck, personality is out at Fiat.
Nothing should stand out.

This above sure doesn't...
Here is the current model, as a quick reminder...

For more pictures of the 2019 Cherokee, just head over HERE

2019 Volvo/Polestar One

 This is amazingly close to the Volvo Coupe concept we saw back in 2013.
Also amazing they will actually build  a brand new coupe, in our current SUV crazy world.
So great news.

The Polestar One is some super high performance car. With a total of 600HP.
And an EV range of 93 miles.
That makes it the longest range of any plug in car. Which is great.

But Polestar plans only 500 units a year.
So this is basically a car for journalists to review. No one (or almost no one) will actually buy one.

The big news here is that Volvo will get a regular version of this car. Since there is no way they are spending huge amount of cash designing a brand new coupe for 500 units a year.
Plus, it looks 100% like a Volvo.

So basically we are looking at a coupe version of the gorgeous S90 sedan.
One that will compete with anything from the 4 series, A5 , C-Class and E-Class coupes.

If they can retain that 93 miles range for the Volvo plug in version (or close) this will be a great advantage over the competition.
As for Polestar, they are already planing Polestart 2 and Polestar 3. Both models will be 100% electric.
And both will start production in 2019 in a brand new Chinese factory.

If you like what you see, you can order it starting today.
The new factory will open in a few months. So cars should be delivered in 2018.

As suspected, the Polestar One (picture on top) almost has the exact same interior as the S90.
Which is great.

And here is what I had on this site a while ago. Predicting an eventual C90, coupe version of the S90.
Looks like the real thing went in an even sportier direction.
Even closer to the original Coupe concept.

Monday, October 16, 2017

2019 Ram 1500 pick up truck

 Wow.... This looks like huge changes to the now "classic" full size ram pick up truck.
Gone is the huge grille. A design that helped make the Dodge trucks super popular in the past years. And a stand out compared to Chevy and Ford competition.

For the next generation, they are moving completely away from it.
And adopting a super generic look. One with zero personality.

The article HERE also mentions this is not a new design but just a 'facelift".
(Another mistake. Since all new GM trucks are on their way.)

I think this is a huge mistake. Sure, big pick up trucks do sell no matter what. But that big face Dodge designed years ago was a stroke of genius.
Abandoning it is a stupid move. Now this looks like anything else. And Ford or Chevy fans now have less than ever reason to witch to a Rame (Dodge) truck.

Another genius idea from former accountant Sergio Marchionne!
This is the current model.
Sales are still going strong. And even better lately.

I really don't think this trend will last with the new design...

2018 Jeep Wrangler interior.

Now that the instruction manual has leaked all over the internet, we finally get a good look at the interior of the all new Jeep Wrangler.
Which is pretty much what was expected.
Still looking a bit cheap and clunky. Which is OK, I guess. Again, expected. Since his is the roughest of all Jeeps.

Not sure what version this is, but that screen looks pretty small. At least it doesn't have that tablet look.

I like the color pieces (silver on the car above).

 From pictures we have seen before, like the one above, these will match the exterior color of the car. Just like in the Beetle. (The screen also appears larger here)

Apparently, the new Wrangler will be introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
So that's just a few weeks away.

Another Volvo Polestar Coupe teaser

From this teaser, it looks like it will be called "Polestar One".
And why not...

I still don't think Volvo will give (or even has the budget to do so) the Polestar sub brand it's very own designs.
So this would actually be a sportier "Polestar" version of an upcoming Volvo Coupe. Probably based on the upcoming new S60 sedan. Or the smaller S40.
Volvo did trademarked the name "S50" earlier this year. But also "C40" and "C60" back in 2015.
(I guess they just want to cover all their bases. It doesn't necessarily means there will be 3 new models.)

I actually can't wait to see this. A new Volvo coupe is really something to celebrate...

2018 Audi A7

 There is a brand new Audi A7 coming out really soon.
In just 3 days to be exact.
So we might see the real thing even before.

For new, we only have this official teaser. Showing a good looking hatchback shape. A little bit sleeker than the current model (below)

More on this very, very soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

How about more pictures of the new Buick GL6 for China...

 Here are a few more pictures of that new "mini" minivan from Buick, the GL6.
It is pretty much to Buick what the Mazda 5 was to Mazda a few years ago.
Both versions of the Mazda 5 were pretty much a flop in the US. And the Ford C-Max is also struggling.

So there is no way GM will ever bring this over here. Plus, if you want 6 seats or more,  they would rather sell you one of their full size SUVs. With their huge profit margins.
 Inside, things look a lot like Opel. but it's not really the same as any Opel model.
Which is kind of weird. It's not like the Zafira, or Insignia. But it does look like it could be...
 That strange pattern on the dash is kind of cool. I think.
At least it's something I've never seen.

 The interior seems quite roomy for the size. it looks like you could actually sleep in it.
Here is the GL6 next to the Opel Zafira.
And they do look quite different. Not just the design.

The GL6 is based on the same platform as the Buick Excelle, which is a Chinese sedan version of the Opel Astra.
So I guess the Zafira and GL6 are related after all.
But it seems that GM has spend quite a bit of money making sure the Buick is different.

And again, the next one might just be a rebadged Chevrolet, since Opel is now owned by Peugeot...

Next Audi A1

 Quite a busy time for Audi. Within the past year they came out with new versions of the Q7, Q5, A5, A8. And the new Q2.
Coming up is the new A7, A6 and Q3.
But also the redesigned A1.

It seems that the next A1 will only be available as a 4 door model. While the current model is produced as a 2 door as well.

It also seems a bit larger than the current one. With an aven bigger grille, headlights etc...
But again, this is not for us.
If they claim the Q2 is too small for the US (which is stupid), there is no way we will ever see this over here.

Which is really too bad....
Here is the current one.
Still nice looking. Although the next one does look more agressive.

HERE are all the pix of that new A1 prototype driving around.

2018/19 Mercedes A-Class sedan

The new Sedan version of the next A-Class is just around the corner. 

It was previewed last year by one of these fake concept. (Which is basically the production car with smaller rear view mirrors and larger wheels)

First time I actually see a bit of the interior.
It looks like from now on every new Mercedes will get the integrated screen like in the E-Class.
Instead of the stupid "tablet stuck on the dash" look.
 Which is quite an improvement...

While we are not getting the A-Class hatch, we will be getting the sedan.
Which will basically be replacing the current CLA. The CLA name will then be used on a fastback/hatch version of the A-Class sedan.
Here is that "concept" from last year.
Basically the same car. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Forgotten cars: The 1981/82 Ford Granada.

We all know (either heard of or actually remember it) the Ford Granada.
But the one we usually remember is the 1st generation.

 I just found out (yes, 35 years after the facts)  there was actually a 2nd generation.
One that lasted only 2 years. Based on the, then new, Fox platform.

While the first one had a little bit of personality in its design, the second  one had absolutely nothing.
It looked like the most generic car ever designed. Something out of an architectural rendering.
Which is quite amazing ...
And also part of the charm. It's kind of rare, and invisible at the same time.

Plus, the ad above featured John Steed from the Avengers! (Actor Patrick Macnee, actually dressed as the famous character!) I guess in an effort to imply the new Granada could actually be compared to a Jag. 

And here is the ad for the car. So you can see how forgettable that thing was...

But wait, there is more!

This guy actually found on in perfect condition, back in 2011. With only 30 000 miles on it.
The video is annoying since he can't even hold the camera properly. Or mention anything that matters.

Still. I guess there are some people around crazy enough about these cars to keep them around in mint condition...

So....What is your favorite "forgotten car"????

Friday, October 13, 2017

2018/19 Mercedes B-Class

 I almost forgot about the B-Class.
Of course, with an all new A-Class hatchback and sedan coming out very soon, the new B-Class won't be far behind.

The current model is so ugly that anything will be an improvement.
The B-Class has never been sold in the US, except for the EV version.
Which was received with mostly terrible reviews in the US. And sold pretty poorly.
Their best year in the US was 2015, with 1905 units (!) Which went down to 632 last year.

So, not Mercedes's best effort...

As a reminder, here is the current B-Class.
At least the new one got rid of that horrible side line that move up all the way to the rear lights.
One of these "what were they thinking" design moment. 
A typical designer brain fart...

2018 Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Of course, the latest Aston Martin convertible is a stunning looking car.
From every angle. A classy and futuristic design. A true 21st Century Aston Martin.
This is quite amazing...

As it should be. For the $216 000 price. Or about $17 000 more than the hard top.
For that price you get the new AMG V8 turbo with 510HP (Not the V12)
Which should be more than enough...

I only wish they had found a way to incorporate the screen better. That "lazy design" stuck-on "after market looking" tablet thing is out of place in a car of that stature and price.
I mean really...

Look at what Bentley did with the latest Continental GT. A genius idea.

As a matter of fact, this might be the reason for me to pick the next Bentley convertible over this as my next summer car....

What do you think?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

EV version of the new Hyundai Kona coming soon

 Apparently, the electric version of the all new Kona is supposed to come out at the Geneva Auto show in March.
The big news would be the 240 miles Range. Which would put the Hyundai right on top of the EV world.
Alongside the Tesla model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt.

If true, this could make the Kona EV a  really popular model.

The pix above are just illustrations. Using the regular Kona shape and basically adding a ionic EV front end to it...
 This is the real thing. You can see that indeed, the regular grille is gone.
But the wheels are not the same as the illustrations above.
And here is the regular Kona.
Which I think looks fun.

The Kona is n't even out in the US yet. So it's hard to say how popular it will get.
Since the small SUV trend is big right now, it is safe to say the Kona will be a great move for Hyundai.