Friday, August 18, 2017

Acura TLX-L

Of course there is a long wheelbase version of the refreshed Acura TLX in China.
Since there seems to be a LWB version of everything there.

And why not. These want to be luxury cars and rear leg room is indeed a nice luxury.

I really think this would have made much more sense for Acura to offer this in the US than their poor ugly looking 2018 RLX.
Although still weird, this looks much nicer  than the RLX.
And is probably roomier.

Bring in from China? Sure. Everybody is doing it these days! Why not.

(It also comes with a much nicer and larger sunroof.)

What do you think?

2018 Hyundai Veloster

This is one car I though would not see a second generation.
And yet...

I guess sale numbers are enough to produce an all new one. Around 30 000 last year in the US (Vs around 24 000 in 2015)

And why not. It's actually good to see someone still producing an affordable sporty and original looking coupe.
This is kind of a 21st century Toyota Celica.

2018 Audi A1

 As you can see this is just an illustration.
But there is an all new A1 coming out next year.

It's really not that difficult to guess what it will look like (like all Audi designs)
Just shrink the Q5 to the size of an A1..

Since we don't get the A1 in the US, here is what the current model looks like.
(The also have a sporty S1 model)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hyundai's next Fuel Cell concept

Hyundai just announced that the Genesis brand will have a 310 miles EV sedan ready for around 2021.
That seems like a long time. I mean really. By that time everyone will offer that..

Meanwhile, they are still pushing Hydrogen cars. The one pictured above is a concept of their next generation Fuel Cell SUV.
Which does look quite nice.
it will do battle with the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity. So we're not talking about huge numbers here...
Still, being an SUV/Crossover, it might have more of a fighting chance....

BMW Z4 Concept

Not sure what a concept at this time, since the production model seems ready to go. But why not, I guess.
Let's just hope most of this concept makes it into the production car.
Except the obvious, like door handles, a taller windshield, a top etc...

BMW has managed to keep all generations of the Z4 (and Z3) great looking so far.

But I do remember the current model  came out a few years ago with a giant $10 000 price hike over the previous one (it now starts at around $50 000).
Let's hope the next one won't start at over $60 000... (Although I'm sure BMW will squeeze as much $$ they can out of this.)

At least they don't call it a Z5.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Volkswagen T-Roc video Teaser

Volkswagon T-Roc video teaser

First, a warning. This is NOT presented in "glorious BurlappVison".

(So I am not responsible for the crappy music)

The T-Roc does look pretty good already in this video.

I guess this would compete with the Honda HR-V types in the US. Although it seems a bit larger and maybe more upscale.

There is plenty of room for this under the new $25 000 Tiguan.

Also, not everyone wants 7 seats. As a matter of fact, most people don't.

This could just be the right size to be a huge hit.

2018/19 Audi e-Tron Quattro

It looks like the e-Tron Quattro will end up looking just like an A4 wagon after all.
Not as slick as last year's concept (in blue)

I guess it had to go through the Audi "make it boring for production" machine.
It just looks too tall. Again, like any of their current wagon (Which look exactly like the previous generations)

Maybe there is hope for the much nicer looking "Sportback" version.
Although that one did look great a few months ago, it was also still a concept...

See all pictures of the production version prototype HERE

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BMW Z4 Concept

We all know the new Z4 is pretty much ready to go. So I am not sure why BMW would even show a concept.
Same thing with the new 8 series.
These concepts are probably just a bit nicer looking than the production models. Just enough to make the production ones a bit lame.
Either show the real thing or show a real concept.

Still, this looks really nice. I see a bit of a "Cascada" shoulder line...
Which actually does look great on the Opel/Buick. So why not...

More on this very soon...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Of course greedy Marchionne wants to sell Chrysler off to the Chinese...

First, I am not against anything being owned by a Chinese company.

But I still think selling off Chrysler to a Chinese company, just so Mr Marchionne and his rich friends can make a quick buck, is really sad.
He doesn't care bout the brands or their history. Or cars for that matter.

He has been trying to sell Chrysler for years. Even pretending GM or VW were interested.
Now of course, newly rich Chinese companies are interested.
Which means that a huge chunk of Chrysler would be actually owned by the Chinese state (As it is still a Communist country)

What will happen to all these FCA brands?
Will the Chinese "investors" actually be a good thing for Chrysler? (Volvo seems to be thriving)
Is is ALL about shareholders now?
What do you think of this???

Head over HERE for more on the possibility...
(Seems that so far, Geely, Great Wall, DongFeng and more are interested and setting up meetings.)

Apparently Alfa would not be part of these deals and would return to the Agnelli family.
Which means they might not have the cash to stay in the US..

What a mess...

I wonder what Lee Iacocca thinks of this...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

2018 Mitsubishi Expander

Here are better and official pictures of the all new Mitsubishi Expander.
Which is not coming to the US. This will stay mostly in a few Asian countries.
It has a small 1.5 Liter engine and seats up to 7 people. (must be great uphill...)

Mitsubishi has a long tradition of cool, small and roomy vans. Some even made it to the US until the 90's.
But this is not one of them.
That face alone....

Let's hope this is NOT what other future Mitsubishi models  will look like...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2019 Nissan Altima

So it looks like the next generation Altima will look even more like the current Maxima (bottom pic)

I am not sure this is such a great idea, unless Nissan wants to kill the Maxima.
The Altima is a fine sedan (test drive HERE), but the Maxima is excellent. A much nicer car to drive. (test drive HERE)

It would be sad to see it go...
I have mentioned this before, but I think Nissan needs to think outside the box for the Maxima.
For most people, it looks too much like the Altima and that don't see the point of spending more.
The Maxima needs to be special. maybe a sporty coupe/hatchback like the new Kia Stinger.
Or a luxury EV.
Something. Anything but a bigger Altima.

This new 2019 Altima will do battle with the all new Accord and Camry.
Which should be quite interesting...

See all the pictures of the next Altima right HERE.

2018 VW Touareg

 We all know a new Touareg is coming out soon. So here it is.
Looking very close to the T-Prime concept.

Since they kept the T-Roc name for their upcoming compact SUV, I wonder if they will also retire the
Touareg name and replace it by "T-Prime". (???)

The current Touareg has been retired from the US line up. And I doubt we are getting the new one.
Since the new Atlas is selling quite well over here. And actually getting pretty good reviews.
Just for reference, here is a reminder of how the T-prime concept looks...

2018 Acura RLX. (WHY???)

The horror....
I mean really, just stare at that front end for a minute.
What is going on at Acura????

No one actually realizes Acura has this large sedan called the RLX for sale anymore. No one.
That thing needs to either die, or be completely redesigned.
Crafting a horrible grille on the old design will not help.

This is a completely confused company.

The sad part is that the RLX is probably a really nice driving car. This is a total waste.
The only funny thing is this is the price. The current model starts at around $55 000!

If you must have an RLX, (and why not) just get a nice used one. Head over HERE and you can get a 3 year old one from $20 000 to $25000

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Which generation is your favorite Toyota Supra?

For a while, there was always a Supra.
From 1978 to 2002 to be precise.

The first two generations were basically a Celica with a 6 cylinder engine.
It was pretty much just a luxury version of the super popular Celica.

But starting with the 3rd generation, it became its own car.
And the 4th one was the sportiest. (really too bad about that horrendous looking wing)

I always liked the 1st generation. It did have a luxury look compared to the Celica.
I also liked the design of the second generation Celica. And the Supra was then almost the same looking car.

I guess if I had to actually get one now, I might get the 3rd generation. A very nice, unassuming car.

I actually found a few HERE, HERE, HERE. And THERE
That last one only has around 46 000 miles! Plus a cool dark red velour (velour!) interior...

So what is YOUR favorite Supra?

2018/19 Toyota RAV-4

Sorry for such a blurry pic.
But that is supposed to be the next RAV-4.
(Was sent to me from Europe)

The RAV-4 is a huge deal for Toyota. More so than ever. A couple of years back, some Toyota Exec hinted their compact crossover model might become actually more popular than the Camry.
They still sold over 388 000 Camrys last year. Which the all new one out, this and next year should be even better.
While the RAV-4 sold over 352 000 last year.

But... So far in 2017 they have already sold over 226 000 units of the RAV 4.
Which is pretty amazing, and about twice as many of the Camry.

So yes, I do think the RAV4 will end up selling more than the Camry pretty soon...

And the one pictured above will be the first one to do so.

2018 Audi Q8

The top car is the real thing. Looking very close to the concept (bottom)
You can still see some camouflage on the tail lights. Also a piece covering the top of the bumper, hiding the fake vents on the edge of the lights.

Still, this looks pretty nice.
Since it is called a "Q8", it won't be cheap.

I guess this is NOT the Tesla Model X fighter they've been talking about for years.
Since even the concept was just a plug-in hybrid.

The concept was also a "luxury lounge for 4". That might not really fly when you are actually trying to sell big SUVs. So expect more seats.
It also had an EV range of only 37 miles. So nothing great...

BMW 1 series sedan coming to the US after all....

Of course it is.
After years of BMW suits telling us "no way", "never", "only for China" etc...

All these statements were just BS. Just like when Audi said the same thing about their Q3 years ago.
It was "never" going to be sold in the US.

There was no way BMW could resist selling us an overpriced small sedan made in China.

So now there is a news report stating it would come here in 2019. After the new 3 series. Which of course would be larger and more expensive (yes, that is possible) to make room for the 1 series.
So basically, this new FWD model will end up being almost the same price as the current 3 series.
We're not really gaining a cheaper BMW...

It will compete here with the new A Class sedan from Mercedes, and a redesigned A3 from Audi.
And since the 1 series sedan is already being produced in China, I don't see why they would go through the expense and trouble of setting up factories anywhere else. So it will probably come from there.

I think the Ford announcement about the next US Focus coming exclusively from China was the opening all other manufacturers were waiting for.

2018 Toyota Supra

The top picture is the real thing.
The red car is the 2014 FT1 concept.
So basically, it took 4 years...

And thank God the ghastly looking concept has been toned down quite a bit for production.

As we all know, it is based on the same platform as the next BMW Z4 (in what has to be the weirdest automobile brand partnership ever...)
Spy shots have even shown similar interiors for the two cars. I hope it will change for production.

This will probably be quite expensive. As I don't really think Toyota is into selling 2 door sports cars anymore.
They just want to be able to say they have them. Unlike Nissan and the Z, which is actually still quite affordable.

We'll see..

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

2018 Nissan Leaf specs and prices

Here are some of the official specs for the 2nd generation Nissan Leaf.

There is quite a  pump in power, from the current 107HP to 147HP.
The battery pack also moves from 30kWh to 40kWh (Not pictured here)

Pricing is about the same, except the SV model which is about $2000 cheaper for some reason.

No word on range yet. But 40kWh is still smaller than the Bolt (60 kWh!) or the Tesla Model 3 (50 to 75 kWh).
So the new Leaf will still be the budget choice. EV range will also probably not match the Bolt or Model 3 because of the smaller battery pack.
Still,  it starts at around $5000 less.

Some people might chose saving money over a longer range....

Chevrolet Equinox RS

And why not...
A sportier version of the new Equinox, with black wheels and zero chrome.

Chevrolet is already offering a Diesel option on the Equinox. (Something maybe 5 people will ever actually buy in the US.)
So why not a "sporty" one.

Not sure if it will come with a more powerful version of the 2.0 Liter Turbo or not...

2018/19 Mercedes A-Class

The all new A-Class hatchback is coming out in Europe in April 2018.
But so far, this is still not for the US.

Instead, we will be getting the sedan version. Of course. (Because the sedan market is so hot right now...)
The new CLA will actually be just a hatchback version of the sedan. Which we might get also.
But not the regular A-Class pictured above. (This is still just an illustration, BTW)

In Europe it will do battle with an all new BMW 1 series hatchback. Which will switch to the Mini FWD platform next year.
As well awn an all new Audi A3 Hatch.

Monday, August 07, 2017

2020 VW Golf

The Golf just got some changes for the 2018 model year.
So this would not come out before 2020. I would think...

These are just speculative illustrations. Of course.

And I really hope the real think does look better. I mean this is barely different than what we have now.
The 2018 Jetta might look like other cars, but at least, it is very different than the current Jetta.

Let's hope VW shows some guts and really designs a truly "new Golf" the next time around..