Wednesday, March 20, 2019

2020 Ford Taurus

Looks like Ford is giving the Chinese market Ford Taurus a new front end for the new year.
(Top picture)
I guess this could help it battle the revised Buick Lacrosse for 2020.

At least we got the Lacrosse for a few years in the US. While Ford never sold the current generation Taurus over here. Instead, keeping it for the Chinese market.

I am not sure that new front end improves things a lot. Seems like it wants to be a BMW. Linking the headlights to the grille. Why???

2020 Hyundai Sonata. In white...

That's basically it... Just a couple of pictures of a white 2020 Hyundai Sonata.
I think the chrome line under the grille is a bit much. At least on this picture. 
The rear lights look quite nice. 
And I still think a design like this should be a hatchback.

But what else is new...

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Monday, March 18, 2019

2020 Cadillac CT5

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but these stupid names really have to go.
Even Lincoln is switching back to real names.
This basically now replaces the CTS.
Why even bother changing the CTS name to CT5???

GM claims this replaces both the CTS and ATS sedans. But there is yet another smaller CT4 sedan coming out soon. (weird...)

This will be offered in Luxury or Sport versions. (like all new Cadillac models)
2.0 Turbo and the great 3.0 Liter Turbo are available.

I, again, think this should be a hatchback since it looks so much like one.

The interior seems to introduce that matte wood finish to Cadillac. Which looks so good in European cars from Mercedes and Volvo.
The side is a bit weird looking to me. Like a much less elegant version of the stunning Scala concept.

And yes, that third small side window is actually fake.
It is just a large piece of black plastic.
Which looks pretty horrible and cheap on the Sport version pictured here.
(The chrome from the Luxury model might help a bit...)

That is pretty bad...

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cruising Instagram...

Found this week on Instagram.
A few forgotten oddballs.

Like the VW Urban SUV designed by Peter Schreyer (No doubt it became the Kia Soul later)
A forgotten cute Toyota Concept
A Mexican AMC car! The Lerma??
A cute little rear engine Simca 1000
A poor abandoned Renault Fuego
And the long forgotten Talbot Tagora...

Mazda CX-30

Just a new picture of the new Mazda CX-30 in blue. Not the metallic red we saw everywhere a few weeks ago.

While it does look fine, the black plastic trim is getting really, really thick.
Which makes the car look a bit cartoony. And maybe "cheap".

The next CX-3 is supposed to be growing a bit and also be based on the new Mazda 3 platform (Current one is based on the Mazda 2) so the "small Mazda SUV" segment will be very crowded next year...

(Thanks to a reader for this picture)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

2020 Nissan Juke

Yes, there will be a second generation Juke. (above)
This one was caught in Europe, where it is still a very popular model for Nissan.

Since the current one isn't on sale in the US, it is unclear if the second generation will make it over here or not.

Either way, it looks like it will borrow a lot from the current design. It is still pretty crazy and aggressive looking. With very similar proportions.
Which is what people like in the Juke.

(Thanks to a reader for the pic)

Friday, March 15, 2019

Buick Regal GS test drive

I always thought the current Buick Regal, and its European twin the Opel Insignia, were very good looking cars.
The sportier GS version of the Buick adds very subtle sporty touches. Like a very small rear spoiler,
and body-colored side skirts.
On top of gorgeous wheels.

The front end is also slightly more aggressive looking. but everything stays classy and low key.

The interior is basically the same as a loaded version of the "regular" Regal.
Except for the seats.
And it is also a very nice interior.
With mostly soft plastics everywhere.
Everything feels nice to the tough and solid. The Bose stereo sounds great.
And the current Buick/GM infotainment system is a very easy one to use. Really one of the best around.

The back seat is the same as the other Regal models with leather.
Very roomy, although not quite as much as the Accord or Passat.

The GS seats are great.
They do look very sporty but are always comfortable. Even if quite firm at first. With plenty of adjustment for anyone to find the perfect driving position.

The hatchback is what separates the Regal from almost every other car in the segment.
(Expect the Kia Stinger and upcoming VW Artheon)
As you can see, the roomy trunk becomes even bigger and much more convenient with the hatch.
Unfortunately, it is still very heavy to handle. and  not powered. Something I noticed in my previous Buick Regal test drive...

The Regal is a great driving car, and so is the GS version.
That wonderful 3.6 Liter V6 sounds great. All the time. Even when cold in the morning.
And has a wonderfully muted growl when pushed.

It is really a wonderful engine. No matter how good some four cylinders are, a good old smooth V6 is just great...

As you can see here, there are 3 driving modes.
The regular (default) mode is just the same as the regular Regal. Which is super smooth.
You can program the "sport" mode to your preference for suspension and steering.
While the GS mode is just "full on" sporty all the time.

You can actually tell the difference between the 3, especially in GS mode.
But no matter which mode you pick, the car is always comfortable.
With a real luxury car ride in the default setting.

The Regal GS is rated at 19/27MPG.
I did get around 19 in the city but was able to get 30 to 32 on the highway.
Which is better than what GM claims.

But of course, not as good as the 2.0 Liter Turbo in the other Regal models (I got 37MPG in that one)

Of course, besides the V6, AWD and fancy seats, the main difference between the Regal and the GS is the price.
While the Regal Sportback starts at under $26 000, the GS starts at over $39 000.
Which seems like a crazy difference.
Until you realize the GS is pretty loaded, to begin with. And that difference is only about $5000 with similar equipment.

The 2.0 Liter is already a great car. So it would be up to you to see if the GS is worth the extra $5000.

While it is a wonderful ride and has a fantastic engine, I am not sure I would spend $5000 over a loaded 2.0 Liter.
But, as a German car, the Regal GS is actually a bit of bargain when compared to other imports from Europe.
An Audi A4 Quattro (with just 188HP!) starts at $42 000 before any options! (although it does come with leather and a sunroof)
The new Volvo S60 with AWD starts at $40 300 (Which also includes a sunroof)

While the GS version of the Regal is not the amazing deal the regular Regal is, it is still a wonderful car to drive.
For some, AWD and the great V6 will be worth the premium.

Now, I cannot wait to drive the Tour-X version. I have been waiting for sunny days to come back so I can actually go camping with it.
Meanwhile, the GS AWD was a great companion for a rainy week...

EV battle: Tesla Model Y Vs.Model 3

It appears that most body panels are actually mostly different.
They just  "look" the same.
Which is too bad. As they could have given the Model Y a bit more personality.

As it is, comparing the Y to the 3 makes the Model 3 look really classy and sleek.
Even timeless in its simplicity (Even though it is just a small "S")

The new Y just looks like a bloated version of the 3.

Not sure it will be the hit it could have been. A crossover version of the super popular Model 3 should be a giant hit.
But the design has been criticized pretty much everywhere already.
And by the time it comes out, there will be others. Many others.
Like the production version of the sleek VW I.D Crozz.
The new Polestar 3 Crossover.
And more from almost everyone else...

2020 Toyota Supra still testing?

We've all seen this before, so nothing new.
Since the new 2020 Toyota Supra is already out.

But I just saw this a couple of days ago in Malibu and thought I'd share. Why not...

Just wondering why they are still testing this around. With camouflage.
Maybe just too lazy to take it off?

2020 Hyundai Sonata Interior

Just a couple more pictures of the interior of the all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata.

I still think this is one of the best in its class. And I am very curious to see it when it comes out.

This will be very interesting to compare to the Mazda 6 and Honda Accord...

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tesla Model Y with regular/optional wheels.

I guess you can't get a regular chrome trim around the windows?

And by the way, that 7 seat option is an extra $3000. Not cheap...

Tesla Model Y official pictures

Not a big fan of black wheels or black trim.
So I am sure the car could actually look better (to me) in other versions.

Still, it looks very close to a Model 3.
I guess they were able to squeeze two extra seats somehow. And there IS a proper hatchback.
This is basically the reason why the Model 3 does not have a hatch.
Otherwise, the Y would just be too close, and almost the same thing.

Otherwise, the interior seems to be the same. 
So you get more cargo room and a hatch for about $4000 more than a Model 3.

Tesla Model Y

So far. Looking like a slightly higher, slightly bloated Model 3...

The expected range of 300 Miles.
Seats 7.
Starting price for the base version around $39 000. But starting price at launch will be around $47 000

I have to say I am quite disappointed.
Byt the presentation. Elon Musk seemed high the whole time. Like he didn't really care.
They didn't show the whole car.
The camera was only showing the front angle and a bit of the side (shown above)

The car itself is yet another version of the Model S design.
It just looks like a bigger Model 3. Not sure how they can squeeze 2 more seats in the back.
They didn't even show the rear of the car, so hopefully, it is a proper hatchback, but who knows...
Interior is exactly the same as Model 3.

It might look better in good/official pictures... I guess. 

Tesla Model Y unveiling live stream !

Let's all watch it together!

And don't forget to comment and tell us what you think of the whole thing.
The car, the show etc...

Tesla Model Y coming up!

Billionaire introducing his new product...

More very soon. Stay tuned.

2020 Nissan Versa

Not sure we have seen prototypes of the new Sentra in the US yet. But here is the new Versa. (top)
Which already looks much sleeker than the current horrific looking model. (bottom)

Not only is it a horrible looking car, but it old. Since it came out in 2012. (And it drives like an old car too)
Maybe this one will finally look good, who knows.

The Versa Note hatchback is not supposed to return with the new design. At least in the US.

It's almost weird these days (but nice) to see a manufacturer actually spending money on redesigning their sedans.
So far, Nissan has not canceled any sedan models in the US.
An all-new Sentra is also supposed to come out later this year. Looking like a small Altima, again.

Not sure what will happen to the Maxima. I keep thinking (and saying) it should be turned into a pure EV.

You can see more pictures of the next Versa sedan HERE. And the next Sentra HERE