Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2021 Kia Optima first official pictures

I think this is looking just fine, and quite modern.
The weird side crease that could be seen in one of the illustration teasers is nowhere to be found. Which is good.

But the small trunk opening on such an obvious fastback design is a disappointment. And almost weird.
Why such effort to NOT have a hatchback opening when it is actually designed for one.

This is quite a strange choice. maybe this is a last minute decision, after the main design was locked?

Usually, you see the opposite. Some hatchback designs who try to look like a regular trunk (Like the new Skoda Octavia in Europe.)
But this is a strange trend of new sedan designs that obviously look like hatchbacks but are not (Like the Honda Accord and many more...)

Monday, November 11, 2019

2021 Genesis G70

I guess this is not a good time to get a new G70. Since an updated model is already around the corner.

It seems Genesis found their design personality right after launching their new G70. Which is too bad.
Now they have to do an early redesign for the front and rear end so it matches the already revised G90 and all their upcoming models. Like the all new GV70, GV80 and G80.

Not the best way to treat early adopters of the new brand...

New Maserati coming up next year...

I guess, this means a new model next May.

Which could be the all new Alfieri. Which will be an EV, offered in both coupe and convertible versions.
 Or a hybrid version of the Ghibli sedan. Which is not that exiting...

What do you think?

MLA based Range Rover EV coming in 2021

This is not the first time we hear rumors about a "car" from Range Rover.
Something that would not be a regular SUV. (Earlier rumors surfaced last year)

This illustration shows what it could look like. Basically, some sort of slick wagon.
Which, I think, is a great idea.

The new model will be based on the new MLA EV platform. Which will also be used in the all new Jaguar XJ Electric sedan.
I think this makes a lot of sense to offer the sedan as a Jaguar and the wagon version as a Range Rover.

With a 100kWh battery pack, the MLA models could get an electric range of around 300 miles.
Which is OK, but not really great for something high end as a Jaguar or Range Rover.

Especially since these are still a year or two away...

Sunday, November 10, 2019

LWB Ford Edge revisions (China)

Here in the US, the 7 seat Ford SUV is the Explorer.
So we never got this longer version of the Edge.

It got a new front end a while ago. And now it is getting small revisions to its headlights. But especially, that giant screen inside.
As mentioned before, Ford is pushing huge screen sizes for the Chinese market. Where it offer much larger units in the new Escape and Lincoln Corsair.

Is this trend coming to the US as well?
It seems that in just 2 or 3 years, almost every car will have a couple of large screens or a huge one incorporating everything (Like Mercedes has been doing)

I personally do like  large center screen. But I am still not sure of replacing the dials is such an improvement...

Friday, November 08, 2019

All new Chevrolet Menlo EV

The new Menlo (one of the stupidest car name ever...) is a Chinese market model.
As it is based on the existing Buick Velite 6.
So it is not the "Bolt Based" EV that is coming up for the US soon.
The Menlo is actually longer.

I think it's too bad. I am sure the upcoming US model will be fine since the Bolt is a really a great driving EV.
But this would be nice to have in the US as well.

The design is very busy. (There seem to be enough lines for 2 more cars.) But it still ends up looking quite modern and I am sure they're would be a market for it over here.  

The EV range for the Menlo is supposed to be up to around 255 miles.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

New 2021 Genesis GV80 interior photo

So far this is looking really good and upscale.

I would say this is nicer and more modern than the current Lexus RX. Which will probably be its main competition in the US.
(Although that RX is scheduled fora  redesign within 2 years.)

This will really put the new Genesis brand on the map. Since the SUV market is forever expending, or so it seems.

All new VW Viloran minivan coming up...

These official illustrations from VW look pretty good and quite dynamic.
Unfortunately, they are pretty far from the real thing (HERE)
Which will just look like... a minivan. 

Still, the new Viloran is quite stylish for the segment. Which, in China, includes the popular Buick GL8.

This is a Chinese market model and is not planned for Europe or the US so far.

Another teaser illustration for the 2021 Kia Optima

This one looks really nice, and actually pretty realistic (Unlike the ones HERE)

This is probably very close to the real thing. And unfortunately, it shows a regular trunk opening and not a hatchback (As many comments on this site had predicted...)
It looks like they spent a lot of time and effort (and money) to make sure the new Optima looked exactly like a hatchback, without being one.
Which is so weird.
Now we have this strange (and probably really cheap looking) large black plastic area on the top of the trunk. Right bellow the rear window.
Which in real life must look pretty bad...


2020 Buick Enclave Avenir (China)

No huge surprise here. Since it seems almost every Buick model is available in the upscale Avenir trim.
Again, this is , so far, a Chinese model only.
And power still comes from GM's 2.0 Liter Turbo with a 9 speed auto. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

2021/22 Honda HR-V illustration

Since Honda just came up with an all new Fit,  a redesigned HR-V is about a year away.

The illustration above seems to think Honda could go with a much more square/trucky look for the small Crossover.
Something Toyota did last year with the Rav-4.

Not really sure this is a great idea. Since the current HR-V is still selling very well. And people seem to really like its car like design.
Although Toyota took that change at it is so far working for them.

Honda could also introduced not one but 2 crossover models based on the Fit platform.

Whatever they end up with, it will come to the US, unlike the new Fit. Which might not...

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

2021 Aston martin DBX

Aston Martin just released the first official picture of the all new DBX SUV.

And it's looking pretty good. Maybe not $190 000 good (The starting price in the US)
I mean this is of course blasphemous, but it's not the only one. After Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, we now have this. And Ferrari is probably coming up with one of these next year next as well. 

Of course, this will become the best selling Aston Martin of all time...

2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost

I think the current Ghost still looks great after over 10 years. Pretty much a timeless design that looks much less obnoxious than the tank-like Phantom. (And of course, 1000 times better than that "Cartoon nightmare" Cullinan)

It looks like the next one will be even a bit seeker than the current one (Blue one above). With an almost fastback look.
And a pretty thick chrome surround line behind the 3rd side window.

There are rumors about a full electric version of this next Ghost. Which would make it Rolls-Royce's first EV.
Quite interesting...

More official teasers for the new 2021 Kia Optima

Of course, these are super exaggerated...

They really make you think the new optima is a hatchback. This illustration just shows about zero room for a regular trunk opening.
So weird...

Still, the front and real light design does seem quite interesting. 

I guess we will be seeing much more of this very soon.

Monday, November 04, 2019

2021 Infiniti QX55

I almost forgot about this one...

Infiniti had released a first back in August. And nothing since.

This will be a "coupe" version the existing QX50.
So don't expect something all new. Interior should be the same as well.

The QX50 is not selling well at all and I am not sure if this slightly better looking and more expensive version will change things that much for Infiniti. 

Still. Good luck...

Saturday, November 02, 2019

2020/21 Mitsubishi Mirage

Even though the current Mirage has been described as "the worst new car you can buy",  by a few reviewers, Mitsubishi is not giving up on it.
As you can see, next year's model will be getting a refresh with a brand new front end. Again...

The current generation came out in 2012, and already got a "facelift" back in 2015.
You would think it's time for a brand new one.

Not sure who would buy these things over a much nicer, 2 or 3 year old car.
They only sold about 24 000 of them last year. Somehow, they must make some money on them?

2020 Hyundai Grandeur

Just a few more pictures before the official info comes out.
And no, the new Grandeur is not coming back to the US. As non-luxury brand large sedans are not doing better than 2 years ago, when they stopped selling us the Azera.
Plus, Hyundai now has the Genesis brand to think about. This would be in direct competition.

Of course, this could actually become a Genesis model. Just like the Lexus ES, (a Toyota that became a Lexus).
But Genesis has too many sedans right now and no SUVs (Although that will change very soon)
So another "Lexus ES competititor" would really make no sense over here...

Too bad. 

Friday, November 01, 2019

2021 Kia Optima

At least from these super grainy pix, the all new Kia Optima looks quite amazing. 
This quite a design for a mainstream sedan.
At least something new. 

But from these angles, this really looks like a hatchback.  If it ends up being a sedan, this could be the smallest trunk opening ever...
This could end up being a super sleek looking car.

More on this very soon...

Cruising Instagram...

Cool old stuff and things I had never seen, until this week, on Instagram...

- 1975 Pontiacs. With such cool colors. 
- A Honda Accord wagon, after they stopped selling the wagon in the US.
- A very strange Mercedes prototype I had never seen before. Looking more like a Simca than a Benz.
- Another very strange one: the Renault Project 900. By Ghia.
- A really cool looking early 1967 sketch for the 1970 Chevrolet Vega.
- One super futuristic Toyota Concept from 1969: The EX-1.
- Clay models for the Toyota Previa (Estima in Japan)

More pictures of the all new 2020 Buick Enclave for China

As mentioned earlier, this new Enclave is, so far, only for the Chinese market.
It is shorter than our US model by about 8 inches. (Which means it would fit nicely between the Envision and Enclave in the US)
And almost exactly the size of a Honda Pilot. (only about 1/2 an inch shorter)
So again, a perfect size for the US.

Although similar in size, this new Buick looks a lot better than our aging Pilot. Inside and out.

It is powered by a 2.0 Liter with "only" 230HP. and a 9 speed auto.
A combo found in many, many other GM cars and Crossovers.

I guess it would really need the V6 to compete in the US. At least as an option.