Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Cadillac Coupe coming up?

We know there is a Volt based ELR coming out next year.
But Cadillac is also working on a new range toper model.
Something RWD, above the new XTS.

And there are rumors about this new car being a coupe.
Which the car pictured here could be.

This is not the first time we see a big Cadillac coupe idea recently . Just a few years ago, I remember a few spy shots of a clay model from GM's design studio.
A very large coupe that never actually came out. Even as a concept.

So this one might be the real thing.

Or is it just the next CTS Coupe?


Anonymous said...

The car in the photos looks too large to be a CTS coupe.

Tard said...

Going by the size, length, and general shape this is morely the roadgoing coupe version of the Cadillac 16 concept which is rumored to be the rangetopper. Both the concept and these pics are gorgeous, but unless the next CTS is a radical departure from the current one (way longer, lower, and less useful) this will not be a coupe version of that.

Dav said...

Whoa! It's like a Cadillac Sixteen Coupe... And It's Gorgeous!

Gromit said...

I think it'll probably turn out to be a show car. But if I'm wrong I'll be delighted.

They really should downsize that grille badge, though. Does anyone really want to drive around behind a Caddy badge the size of a soup plate?

Anonymous said...

The profile kinda reminds me of a mustang.

Anonymous said...

It's more likely the coupe version on the current generation Corvette platform [like the former XLR]

Carl said...

Looks quite badass, has a certain early 70's Eldorado vibe to it.

Anonymous said...

It'll have to have Bugatti performance and the interior quality of a Bentley for anyone to consider a six figure Cadillac. Actually, on second thought, I hope it does have that kind of engineering.

FusioptimaSX said...

If this ever makes it to an auto show, it will more than likely be the "concept coupe" behind the FTS...just look at that giant wheelbase!