Monday, March 26, 2012

Audi A8 L Hybrid

Audi will be releasing a new Hybrid version of the A8.
So far this is only for Europe and China.

Some of the specs seem actually pretty impressive, especially the 37MPG expected average rating.
The engine is a 2.0 Liter with 211hp, plus the electric motor of course, for a total of 245hp.


Anonymous said...

It's actually not that impressive if you know this is on ECE cycle (so about 30 mpg EPA).

Relatively the A6 hybrid is 16% better than the 2.0 FWD version. Good though they are finally bringing out hybrids but it will take another generation to be competitive.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they have better luck than Lexus had with their "big" flagship hybrid. That one cost more, rode rougher, handled poorly, and the exta cost could never be recouped in gas savings--making it an unmitigated disaster.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the ugliest front end in production

Anonymous said...

It looks like a giant A4.

I hate Audi's styling for S M L XL versions for their vehicles. They all look the exact same, just the sizes are different.