Sunday, February 12, 2012

2013 Mercedes A Class

The A class will finally make it into the US with the 3rd generation.
The sedan is a sure bet. And we might even see the hatchback over here as well.

These would do battle with the all new A3 from Audi, as well as the Lexus Ct200h.


Anonymous said...

They have a winner here.
Especially the sedan.

God job for who made it.

tore13 said...

Hot cars. Front end is still a photocopy of the s60 Volvo

Anonymous said...

FWD Mini CLS. This will work.

- FusioptimaSX

Anonymous said...

yet they'll still be priced a category above their competition without offering more. It will fail.

Dav said...

Mercedes' current obsession with superfluous side sculpting is really getting out of control.

Sure the sedan's profile (thank goodness they're not calling it a 4-door coupe yet) is pleasant enough, but all those silly lines on the side make it look like it's been in some kind of an accident.

Anonymous said...

I thought this would be called the CLC which is based on the B Class platform?