Monday, October 10, 2011

2013 Volvo V30

I guess there will be a 5 door version of the next generation C30. Or so it seems.

I also heard of a small SUV based on the same platform and called the XC30. So who knows.

But this doesn't seem to be raised enough for an SUV.
I hope they also keep the 3 door version.
A small Volvo hatchback has the potential to be really popular. If it's done, and priced right.


hyns said...

maybe they planning to have electrified version to directly compete with leaf... probably not

Speedoswimmer said...

Not only was the C30 over priced but also it had very poor gas mileage ratings for sub compact vehicle.

What a shame ! The C30 was a nice looking car but just too many negatives with it..

Soul Brother No. 7 said...

Ummm, can we talk about what seems to be a new type of disguise? Fake bolt-on panels covering the real sheet metal?

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an idea of when and if there will be a next generation s40?