Thursday, October 04, 2007

New small Cadillac for 2011

It will be sold in the US under the new CTS and will replace the Saab based BLS in Europe.
They are planning 2 body styles.
So it could be a sedan and a coupe, or, like the BLS, a sedan and wagon.

This will be produced in the US based on a shortened Zeta platform.
The car will be sportier than the current BLS. More like a Lexus IS.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if its wise for Cadillac to make all of their cars look the same. This, the CTS and the STS all have the exact same design.

Carl said...

Will it still be a fresh design by 2011? I would expect their family face to be redesigned slightly by then.

Douchebag Jones said...

cadillac does not make small cars like the foreign crap fake faekf aek

Anonymous said...

Jones, what do you call the Caddy Catera(German mid size car) and Cimmeron(awful Chevy)?
Jones unfortunately, the world we live in
has changed and nothing is 100% US made.
I only like the Jeep Wrangler since it is the very last
American car that stands for something.

Michael said...

What's so special about an even smaller Caddy that looks like a clone of the last gen CTS at current CTS prices?

Anonymous said...

i think this will be on the new Alpha platform if its due for 2011. The alpha is a new RWD shortned platform, which will first be shown in the Australian Torrana.

Anonymous said...

Correction to the author this car will not be based upon a shorten version of the Zeta platform but rather Alpha an all new GM platform that will spawn vehicles for both Cadillac and Saab.

Anonymous said...

GM loves "fat cars". It's an easy
way to achieve a comfortable ride.
I hope the new small Caddy doesn't
weigh in at 4000+ ponnds.