Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2007 Nissan Altima

Looking good.
Much better than the poor 2007 Maxima.

More very soon...


Anonymous said...

Nice-looking shape-wise, but they could have done a little better with that rear fascia. It looks too similar to the current Altima. And I'm not a big fan of whited-out tail lights, either.

Anonymous said...

looking a little to much G35 all of a sudden.

G said...

looks nice, but not impressive, i expected a bit more radical design, though its interesting that they have used design aspects of the current altima, and evolved them

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I expected. The rear looks slighly more like an Infiniti. The side is almost exactly the same as the current Altima. The bumper looks very similar to the current Altima and Maxima bumpers.

I got harped for criticizing the initial teaser of the new Altima, saying it looks too similar to the current one. Looks like I was right. When we see the entire car, I don't expect a big change from the current Altima.

Nissan made a major blunder by making their new Xterra look virtually the same as the old one. If the front of the new Altima looks similar to the current one, they may be in trouble.

This "redesiged" Altima is looking overhyped, just like the "updated" Maxima. A good interior may vindicate the exterior though, so we'll see.

With the body being extremely close to the current Altima, I am confident it does not ride on a new platform. At most, I'm betting it's just a modified form of the current platform. If it is in fact a new platform, that will be one of the few things that is impressive about this car.

I expect that the powertrains will, at most, recieve minor changes. CVT tranny though should be an improvement, just like the 2007 Maxima.

Anonymous said...

why does it look like an m35....bad move for nissan to make nissans look like infinitis...especially the m

Anonymous said...

Hey guys ! Some Honda look like some Acura too ! A good design (with success on the market) have to evolve. The radical change on the look means they lose market share.... The next Maxima might be very different !

Anonymous said...

This is a clone of a Samsung-Renault SM5, which has been out for a while. Samsung builds Nissan clone cars in Korea in a deal with Renault. I saw several of them a couple months ago. The SM3 is a Sentra clone, the SM5 is an Altima clone, and the SM7 is a maxima clone.

The SM5 in Korea seems to be very similar in appearance to the new Altima.

Here is the SM5:

I am sure they have very different internals. I rented the old SM5 for a week which was based on the last generation Maxima. It had a weak 2.0L/4-speed and a very plain interior.

Anonymous said...

The Samsung SM 5 is the nissan Teans you dumb fuc$ and that's not this Altima.