Saturday, December 10, 2016

More teasers of the all new 2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe

We only need to wait just a few days to see the whole thing.

And it looks like it will still have that 3rd window on the side. Allowing rear passengers to lower the windows.
Which is quite unique these days.

2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe

Simpler than S-Class. Nicer than C-Class.

That pretty much describes this little E-Class coupe teaser. The tail lights have a little simpler shape than both S and C class coupes. Without the S-Class chrome.

This should turn out to be a really good looking Mercedes...

Friday, December 09, 2016


Screen legend Kirk Douglas turns 100 years old today!

So let's all wish him a Happy Birthday.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

All new Lexus LC500 video

Standing still or driving around. this thing looks great!

Alfa Romeo Giulia US price.

The all new Giulia sedan will start at $38 000.
Not cheap.
But that includes leather, parking sensor, 7 inch display etc...
And a 2.0 Liter with 280HP and an 8 speed Auto.

A better equipped Ti model with heated seats & steering wheel, wood etc.. start at $40 000.
(AWD is a $2000 option)
That's not cheap. But it is part of an expensive segment of the market.

Let's compare that to:

-BMW 3 series starts at $39 400. For the 320 model with 240HP
(A cheaper 316 model with 180HP is available for less)

-Mercedes C-Class starts at $40 500.

-Audi A4 starts at $36 800.

-Lexus IS starts at $ 38 800.

-Infiniti G50 starts at $34 800.

So $38 000 is pretty much in the middle of the pack. With leather and more power than most.

Still, Alfa Romeo is pretty much an unknown brand in the US.
With zero image so far. (Unless you count the bad/good memories from the 60's)

I think they should have priced this car much more aggressively at about $34 000.

But what do I know...

2018 Lexus LS teaser

 The all new LS sedan will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto show next month.
And here is the very first teaser.
Nothing unexpected. As they are sticking with their usual grille design.
Which does work better on some models than others. Especially when the headlight shape meets the pinched area of the grille. Which seems to be the case omniscience's this one.

Here is the LF-LC concept from a while back.
As you can see, the front end of the production version is, so far, very close.
Which might be good news for the rest of the car.

Toyota will also bring the all new 2018 Camry (On an all new platform) at the show next month.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

2018 VW Beetle?

This was sent to me.
At first it looks like the regular Bug.
But the lights seem a bit different (The Dune version I drove a few months ago had new 2017 LED tail lights.)
And that weird plastic pice at the bottom of the door is missing.

What do you think?

A nicer interior for the new Toyota C-HR

I sat in the new C-HR at the auto show. And that interior on the US version is pretty basic.

Which makes sense since it was switched from being a Scion to a regular Toyota at the last minute.

Still, these pictures show a Japanese version. A higher end model than what we are getting over here (Which I guess will be black only inside, like all Scions)

This isn't that different, but it is still a big improvement.
Amazing what a little color and better trim can do...

2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe

So far, these are the best pictures I have seen of the upcoming E-Class coupe.
And, as expected, it will look like a cross between the S-Class coupe and the C-Class coupe.
Which is not a bad thing...

I was really looking forward to the C-Class coupe. Thinking it would be a great "small S-Classs coupe".
But that design doesn't really translate well, I think, in the smaller C-Class size.
Same thing with the sedan.
The coupe especially, looks too short. Stubby. It is not nearly as classy as the great looking S-Class coupe.

But this. This could be.
The new E-Class coupe seems to be just the right size.
And a convertible version is also coming right after the coupe.

Something good looking to look forward to....

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

And now for the Australian version: the Holden Commodore

As you can see, the new Commodore is a clone of the European Insignia.
I guess some people will miss the old RWD model.

By the way, you can still get the RWD model. In the US. As the Chevrolet SS.

2017 Opel/Vauxhall Insignia. 2018 Buick Regal

These are the very first official pictures of the all new Insignia/Regal.

A really good looking car.
Inside, it looks like a cross between the new Astra and the new Buick Lacrosse.
(Would be nice if the Cascada could inherit that dashboard...)

While it is looking great, let's mention this is the hatchback version.
Our Regal will be the sedan. So the rear view might be a little bit more conservative.

Much more on this very soon.

Faraday Future teaser

 We finally get a glimpse of what that mysterious Faraday Future EV will look like.
So far so good.
They have promised a lot. An all new car, an all new factory in Nevada with a 1 billion dollars investment etc...

So far. We only saw a crazy unrealistic concept last year. And the construction on the factory has been paused.
The prototype pictured in the teaser will be shown at the CES show in Las Vegas in a few weeks.
When, I am sure, Faraday will have to answer a lot of questions about its future...

We've seen these around for a while. These prototypes are well advanced and look almost ready to go.
It would be a shame if that didn't happen...

Monday, December 05, 2016

VW Tiguan L

The new Tiguan has been on sale in Europe for a while now. Yet, no news on when it is coming over here.
Instead, VW is rushing the big 7 seater Atlas.
(The big beast with a super cheap/old looking interior)

But we ARE getting the new Tiguan as well. Sometime. Next year???
And we are also getting this "L" version. Which, just like the Atlas, will have 7 seats.
And a much nicer interior, since it was mostly designed for Europe. Unlike the Atlas which is mainly for the US and China.
Countries where VW thinks "cheap interiors don't matter".

So they will have the Atlas. And the slighty smaller but cheaper Tiguan L. (?) (Look how roomy it already is)
I cannot imagine any VW fan picking the Atlas over this. Not that the new Tiguan is the best looking thing ever.
But after seeing the Atlas and sitting in it, I can tell you this already looks 100 times better.

Not sure how this is going to work for them...

2017 Opel Insignia: Buick ready.

Look at these two pictures.
The all new Insignia is above. The lower one is the new Buick Lacrosse.

As you can see, it really won't take much to turn the new Opel sedan into the next Buick Regal.

Which is great by me...

More pictures of the Ford Fiesta Active

This looks really cute. So much nicer than the "not so" new Ford Ecosport.
Inside and out.
Plus, this is all new. New everything.

The start is the new 1.0 Liter Ecoboost. Which is available in 3 versions in Europe.
100HP, 125HP and even 140HP.
140HP from a turbo engine should really be plenty for our market.

Again, let's hope Ford finds it in their heart to bring this little guy over here...

Next Toyota Auris/Corolla iM caught

 The Auris is basically what Europe has been getting instead of the more boring Corolla sedan.
Toyota tried to bring it over a while ago as a Scion. Right before they killed that whole brand.
So now it is sold here as  the Toyota Corolla iM.
Why not.

It looks like that "all new one" for next year won't be looking that new.
I even wonder if that's something else. Like the next version of the Lexus HS 250, which is due for a redesign.

 This is the current Auris sold in Europe. As you can see, the prototype above looks very similar.
And her is the "cheapo" version for the US. The Corolla iM.
With limited options available to keep it cheap....
(Just like what VW used to do with the US Golf)

A few more pictures of the all new Ford Fiesta.

Still looking really nice.
Although that rear view is far less original and modern than the current one...

The interior seems like a huge step up. At least in the super high end version pictured here.

I've heard a rumor that the new Fiesta might not come to the US.
I really hope this isn't true.
( thought the Fiesta and next Focus were supposed to be built in that all new Mexican factory.)

Let's hope the Fiesta is coming over...

Mystery SUV...

Not sure what that is...

I mean, it could be anything. Some new Kia or Hyundai. Jag?  Next RAV4?
But the lack of camouflage is pretty puzzling.

What do you think????

2017 Mercedes CLE

This is a new short video of Mercedes's next "4 door Coupe". Currently called the CLS.
The new one will, again, be based on the E Class. So it will pretty much look like a 4 door version of the upcoming E Class coupe.
Just like BMW does with the 6 series, 2 and 4 door.

It's hard to tell from these prototypes how different it will be from the current one. The general shape seems very similar...

We'll see...

2017 Opel Insignia/2018 Buick Regal

The current Regal is still a great driving car. And still looks really good.
But this is quite something.

It is larger than the current model. And probably even better in every way.
This might really take sales from the larger Lacrosse in the US.

I always really enjoyed the Insignia based Regal. So I really cannot wait to drive this.

Head over HERE for many more pictures of the car.

I have to say, the one pictured seems to be the hatchback version. Which we are not getting in the US.
But in the current European lineup, the sedan looks about as slick as the hatchback.

So the new 2018 sedan should look pretty close to this...

All new Opel Insignia/Buick Regal wagon!

The all new wagon version of the 2017 Opel Insignia has been caught.
(looks like downtown Los Angeles... Wish I knew...)

And it looks quite amazing.
This is the car we will be getting in the US next year as the 2018 Buick Regal TourX. So the one coming over here will be a slightly raise version. Like the Subaru Outback or Audi Allroad.
This already looks 100 times better than both.

Head over HERE to see many more pictures of this great looking wagon!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

2018 Toyota Camry

Here is the very first official teaser of the all new 2018 Camry.
We will see the real thing very soon. But so far so good.

Considering recent Toyota designs, the isn't as busy as it could have been.
It also look almost like a hatchback. Which I don't think will actually happen, but would have been a great way to stand out from the sea of other mid size sedans in the US.

Like I said, stay tuned for more. Very soon.