Friday, November 18, 2016

L.A Auto Show: Cadillac Escala Concept

 No, this is not new.
But I just wanted to mention how amazing that design looks in real life. And how large the car is.
This is really what a top of the line Cadillac sedan should look and feel like. There is something very special here.

And last but not least, that "colorless" logo!
This finally looks great.  Classy, modern and much more international. This should be on every current model!

And how about taking that cheesy yellow/gold out of the Chevrolet logo GM? While you're at it.
Make it black or just clear. That yellow bow tie looks terrible in the 21st Century.

L.A Auto Show: Alfa Romeo Giulia interior

This was one of the nicest surprises at the show. The new Giulia has a great interior.

It is very low key. And loaded with the nicest touches. With great materials all around.
It just feels like a great and relaxing place to be.

It is a masterpiece compared to the new Audi A4. With is sad, uninspired plain looking interior.
It has much more personality than the 3 series. But not as flashy as the C-Class.

This is just great.

Let's hope they price this car right when it comes out in a few short months.

L.A Auto Show: VW Atlas VS. Mazda CX-9

I saw the Atlas. And sat in it.
The first thing you notice is how uninspired the design is, inside and out.
You just wonder who would pick this over any to its competition from Nissan, Honda, Toyota etc...
Then, I walked back to the Mazda CX-9. Which was one of the big news at last year's show.

The difference is amazing....

I then went back to the Atlas to take some interior pictures.
These above compare the Atlas interior to the CX-9.

Of course the Mazda is a loaded version. But so is the VW!
As for pricing, the CX-9 starts at $32 400.
(Pathfinder starts at $30 800, Highlander at $31 400)
So these things are all around the same price.
VW has not said anything about the Atlas pricing. Except it will be "cheaper than the $50 000 Touareg". (Let's hope so!!!)
So basically, it won't be cheaper than the Mazda. But has a much, much cheaper and dated interior.
The two cars pictured above will basically be the same price!

I came away from the Atlas puzzled. Its interior is really worse than its competition . It already looks old outside. And VW's brand image is one of the worst ever right now.

I just wonder who this car is for???

L.A Auto Show: Toyota C-HR

Kind of cute. But also kind of cheap.

It looks fine. And certainly has a more extroverted personality than its competition (Except the Nissan Juke)
But the interior does look and feel pretty cheap.
In that case, pretty much all of its competition feels a bit more upscale.

No pricing announced yet. But this should be priced cheaper than cars like the Honda HR-V or Mazda CX-3. Otherwise it'll be overpriced.
Also too bad Toyota isn't selling the hybrid version in the US. This would have made it stand out.

We are getting a regular 2.0 Liter engine with a CVT.

L.A Auto Show: New Lincoln Continental interior

I never liked the concept. And don't like the production model either. At least in pictures.

In real life, it just doesn't stand out in any way. The door handles seem to to be the only cool/original touch in an otherwise invisible design.
And the new Lincoln grille looks as awful as it looks on the revised MKZ.
(Let's hope this doesn't spread to their SUVs next year)

The new Continental is supposed to convey some sort of quiet, sophisticated luxury.
It does the opposite.
As almost every line is accented by a cheap looking plastic chrome piece. I mean it's everywhere.
(Just look at the pictures above)
No brushed aluminum/satin finish here. Just cheap shiny plastic. And super shiny wood.
Everywhere. (But I do have to admit, the seats do look and feel great)

This is the car version of a cheap Vegas suite. (With a good mattress)
Or a place at the Trump tower.

They will tell you the car starts at $45 000. But the model I photographed was priced at $72 000.
Yes, this is the interior of a $72 000 car....

L.A Auto show: Porsche Panamera

Just a few thoughts as I was able to spend some time inside Porsche's new sedan.
It does look great in person. 
Exactly what the previous one should have been.
Same thing inside. A perfect bland of high luxury, futuristic and classic Porsche feel.

It starts at $85 000, but at least it does look and feel very expensive. And mush more modern and distinctive than other large/boring German sedans like the S Class, 7 series or A8.
Well done.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Infiniti Q60

Quite q stylish car in the flesh.
Actually much more impressive than the pictures. And much more than the previous model.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2017 Buick Velite: The mystery...

 We have seen this picture before.
GM is planing a Buick version of the Chevrolet Volt for the Chinese market.
Which makes sense, since the Buick brand is huge over there.

And this clearly is just a plain old Volt with Buick badges and very few other changes.
Now we have this.

An official sketch of the "Buick Velite Concept" GM will show in China in just a few days.
It looks like a completely different design. There is nothing of the Volt there.
I think it does look great. But this is an obvious show car. With tiny mirrors, no door handles etc...

I just wonder why they would have the production car ready to go, and at the same time, show a concept with the same name. One that looks so different...


More pictures of the new Mazda CX-5

Quite amazing, really, to see how the "compact SUV" segment has become.
In effect replacing the mid size sedan.
These are truly fancy interiors on most of them. At least most of the newer generation.
Like this one and the new CR-V.
The only old fashion detail is the tiny (ridiculous) sunroof option on the Mazda.
And the lack of an 8 speed auto maybe.

I will take real life pictures of this really soon. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2017 Mazda CX-5

What can I say. Another good looking Mazda.

The current CX-5 was always a little boring to me. Especially inside.
This one is quite an improvement. With a great interior.
(Still... I really miss the "Chinese only" CX-4. As it is truly one of Mazda's best design.)

The new CX-5 seems to be using the same engines as before. And also the 6 speed auto.
So it might not be as modern as it looks. An also not as some of its competition.
Like the new CR-V for example.

Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid price

It will start at around $75 000.
Not cheap, but....

It is not a base model. It has similar equipment to the Premium Luxury models.
A 3.6 Liter V6 Premium Luxury CT6 starts at $63 000.
While the more powerful 3.0 Liter Turbo is priced at $67 000.

With various tax credits, the Hybrid can be around the same price as the V6 models.
Which isn't bad at all. Since you are getting much better gas mileage.
But also a 30 miles range on EV mode.

So, why not...

Jaguar I-Pace Concept

I think this is great.

I've always loved Jaguars. But I actually think the current ones are horrible.
(Except the really great looking F-Type)
All their current sedans have such a generic look. They are just too cold to be real Jags.

This seems so much better already. (There might be hope after all...)

They have already said the new F-Pace would be joined by both a larger, and a smaller SUV.
This gives us an idea of what the smaller one could look like.
Which is: "not really like an SUV".
It is basically a luxury hatchback that will be categorized an SUV to appease the angry crowd.

Apparently, the range of this EV concept is about 220 miles.
Fine. But not great for a concept. Since cheaper cars like the new Bolt are already getting at least 238 miles on a charge.
By the time that Jag actually sees production, 220 miles will be very old news.

Let's just hope that most of the concept design (inside and out) makes it into the production model.
And they can figure out how to get at least 300 EV miles out of it....

Monday, November 14, 2016

2018 Ford Ecosport

 Ford doesn't have all new models yet for 2018. But they will finally offer the small Ecosport SUV in the US (It has been on sale world wide since 2013)
They will also get a "heavily" revised Mustang. But nothing "all new"

The Ecosport is not a new design, but is is getting the usual mid-cycle refresh and that is what we are getting
It does get an all knew front end. But especially, a much nicer interior than before.

Engine choice in the US will be the tiny 1.0 Liter  Ecoboost (already offered in the US Fiesta)
It is a great little engine.
And a larger 2.0 Liter in an option which comes with AWD standard.
6 speed auto all around.

This is the current model offered in other countries. While the exterior is mostly the same, there is a huge improvement for 2018 inside. As you can see.