Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dodge Challenger Concept

Dodge will introduce this concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January. (While GM will have their Camaro concept).

If they were thinking of this one all along, why did they bother with the ugly Charger???

It is also based ont the 300 frame, and uses the 6.1 Liter V8.
Pictures I saw of the car look exactly like the drawing. Which is to say the design doesn't bring anything to the original. It just plain copies it.
At least the Mustang is a modern interpretation of the old one. This is not.
But still, it would look great in the street. And it might actually pass for an old car...

Chevrolet Epica

The Epica will replace the Evanda in Chevrolet's European line up next year.
The current Evanda is actually what we know here as the Suzuki Verona.
A car no one knows in the US. I wonder if the new one will come here at all.

Form these (pretty bad) pictures, it almost looks like an Acura from the side.
That car could actually make a decent Chevy Malibu in the States. It would have a better chance against Toyota and Honda.

I'm not sure Daewoo's quality has improved as much as Hyundai's though.

Rude behavior.

All in the name of cars...

The 1st picture comes from Buffalo New York.
And I think the 2nd picture was taken at the Geneva Auto Show.

Shocking indeed...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

VW Cross Polo

Finally, one really good idea from VW.
Giving a bit of an aggressive SUV look to the little Polo.

And this would be the perfect entry level VW for the US.
European engines top with a 1.4 Liter with 100hp. But I'm sure they could put something else in there for the US. Whatever it takes, hey, bring back the old 2.0 Liter if you have to!

If VW is really serious about the US market, they need to bring this over,, pronto.

Peugeot 207

Not too much to say on this, except it looks like another winner for Peugeot.
I think it's pretty gutsy to walk up to a photo shoot (in South Africa of all places), and come close enough to get these shots...

2007 Toyota Camry

Not a good picture.
Actully, I think it makes the good looking Camry look pretty bad.
But I thought I'd post it anyway.
Why not...

Friday, November 18, 2005

New Ford Mondeo

Just an illustration of what the next Mondeo might look like.
Looks very realistic to me. Not too crazy, but better looking than almost anything else out there in the segment.

Too bad there is no room for this in the US line up. Next to it, the Fusion will look like a 10 year old design...

Ssang Yong Actyon

From the comments I've been getting. Ssang Yong seems to be the most hatted brand around..
So I decided to post more.

Their new, smaller, model it the Actyon. From what I understand it is powered by a 2.0 Liter good for 145hp. Not bad.
It is also available with 4WD.
It doesn't look much like an SUV, but a cross between a car, and SUV and a dog nose.
And like all other Sang Young designs, it is disturbing.

But I think the disturbing part is pretty much restricted to the front end. The rest of the car and the interior actually look pretty decent.

Ssang Young was created in 1954 in Korea. It was later bought by Daewoo, then Hyundai.
It is now owned by SAIC, a Chinese company.
And all their models use Merdedes engines.

Citroen C6 Interior

Just thought I would share this picture of a "non-black" interior in the new C6.
This makes it much more luxurious looking.
I still miss the curvy dashboards they had back in the 70's in the SM and CX.

This might just have a chance against the German competition...

New Toyota Previa/Estima

The Current European Previa is still one of the most modern looking minivan out there. So this one doesn't look that much better.
Still, it looks light years ahead of the Sienna we have in the US. And the new Previa is available with a 3.5 Liter V6 with 280hp.
Sounds like the Avalon engine. And a hybrid is coming soon.

Could this actually replace the Sienna in the US in a couple of years???

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Secret SUVs.

It seems like our American bashing reader might be right after all.
The white SUV on the picture does look a lot like the new Ssangyong Kyron.
Here are some picture of the production model.

And that would make sense for the other one to be the Rexton...

Ford Focus Convertible

Looks like they kept it pretty close to last year's concept.
But it also looks like all the other European hard top convertibles. They all start looking the same. Peugeot 306, Renault Megane, Opel Astra, Volvo C70, VW Eos etc...
At least this shouldn't be that expensive. And it shares its platform with the Volvo.

One more thing.
Of course, we'll never see it in the US. We can't even get the regular "new" Focus over here...

Secret SUVs

I'll try again. Can anyone gusee what these 2 SUVs are?

I'll give you a hint: I have no clue!

The one on the left looks like it could be on of the next GM Saturn/Opel/Holden "thing".
But the one on the right looks like a RAV4, but not quite....

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2007 Toyota Corolla interior.

That's right. This is the next Corolla's interior!
(I must say it looks very similar to the illustration I posted a few weeks ago...)

At least the European version. But so far, even though they have different designs, Corollas from Europe and the US have shared similar interiors. So I would guess this is pretty much what we'll get over here.
Pretty nice, and a complete reversal from what Honda did with the Civic.

It might work in the US, but I think the European market needs something much more modern to compete.
The new European Civic could be a breakthrough car for Honda in Europe. But not the Corolla.

2007 Volvo C30

We still can't see much. But the rear looks pretty close to the really cool concept we saw a few years ago.
That's a good sign. Because the front end looks almost exactly like the S40.
Not very exiting.

And let's hope they price this one right.
The S40 ($24 000) based convertible version, wrongly called the new C70, (It should be the C40) will cost at least $40 000 in the States.
Since when do people charge over $15 000 for a convertible top???

I hope they won't get away with that...

Zestline Transporter.

As you can see, this weird looking van is actually based on the VW Transporter.
The after market Russian company Zestline tought they could "improve" the VW...Did they?
(They already did some work on the Chrysler Crossfire, BMW and Mercedes).

The headlights are from a Volvo truck, so you know...

Not sure what to think....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Renault Twingo 2

I thought I'd post this French illustration of what the second generation Twingo might look like.
Pretty modern, but none of the originality of the first one.

The current model was introduced in 1992, and went on sale in March 1993.
That is 13 years!
And the next one isn't out yet. They are talking about calendar year 2007.

That's how a good design can actually save a lot of money...

new Santa Fe detail.

Just a quick update.
One more photo of the Korean market Hyundai Santa Fe.

It does look pretty upscale to me. They might actually be taken seriously when they claim to compete with Lexus.

I hope the well integrated Navigation System makes it to the US.
I hear a "dealer installed' Navigation is available for the Azera. That usually sucks. They would have to actually replace the whole radio/air unit... Plus they can charge you whatever they want for it.

The non Camry, Mark X

Here are just a few more shots of the Japanese Mark X. Successor to the Mark 2.
(Yes, I know...)

I think it looks a lot like our next Camry. And just like the Camry, you can see a bit of the Avalon in it.

But, unlike the Camry, it shares its platform with the Lexus GS. They even have the same wheelbase.
The Mark X has a smaller 2.5 Liter engine. And is, cheaper and actually sportier.

I think the next generation Mark and the Lexus ES could be the same car.
Lexus has already said the 2007 ES will be the last Camry based Lexus.
But what about the IS?

No, it's not the US Camry. It is the previous Mark, the Mark2.
The Mark series has, for a while, been looking very similar to the Camry. Seems like they did it again with the Mark X...

Death of a loser.

The Phaeton is dead. At least in the US.
That's a surprise!

No one in their right mind would have ever thought a $67 000 to $80 000 VW could work. And all these people were right.
It as amazing how big a company's ego can become.
Not to say the Phaeton is a bad car. But it doesn't bring anything new to the table.
When the 1st Lexus LS came to the US, it was $35 000. Much cheaper than any of its competition. With better quality.

But if you already have a very poor quality record, design one of the most boring car in the market, and price the same as established luxury brands ( a Jaguar XJ is $61 000!)... You have no chance.

For once, justice has been served.

They don't really seem to learn that much from their mistakes though... The new Passat V6 can reach almost $40 000!