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Monday, October 21, 2019

2020 Subaru Levorg

 The top picture is the official teaser for the all new Subaru Levorg wagon.
The bottom one is just an illustration of what it could look like.
Featuring a cool headlight design that Subaru has been using for years in various concepts, but never in a production model.

The Levorg is a sporty wagon bellow the Outback/Legacy.
And it has never been sold in the US. So this new generation will also probably stay in Japan.
Which is too bad...

Unless Subaru decides to design a "raised up/fake SUV" version. Which , it seems, is the only way possible to sell a wagon in the US (barely...)

Here is the current version. A pretty aggressive looking wagon I must say...

Monday, June 06, 2016

2017/18 Volvo V90 Cross Country

This looks to be part of some color brochure for the new V90 wagon.
Except the car on top is not the regular version.
It does appear to be the upcoming AWD Cross Country version.

Here is a better view.

No surprises here since Volvo has had Cross Country versions of its wagons for years.
(Even the small V40 hatchback get the Cross Country treatment in Europe)
So again, no surprises.

I really like the new V90. I think it looks great, inside and out. And is exactly what a modern, top of the line Volvo wagon should be.

But I am usually not a fan of these raised up "SUV wannabe" versions.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

More pictures of the new Acura CDX

Not as "shiny" in these early official shot.
But still pretty ugly.

Being based on the HR-V it is basically a raised up Honda Fit.
Except now it has 182HP from the turbo 1.5 Liter and an 8 speed auto instead of a CVT.

Still... Fit.

They mention the Mercedes GLA as a competition. A Mercedes!
The GLA is based on the CLA. Itself sharing a lot with the European A and B class models.
Which, while being the cheapest cars Mercedes make, are still not in the same class as a $17 000 Fit.

And again, look at that face!
That grille is ghastly in the first place.
On top of it, it is way too big on that little car!

The whole thing is only ugly, it is also sad.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

2017 Volvo V90

Another great looking wagon!
And this time, we will be getting it in the US!

It looks fantastic, has the same amazing interior as the S90 sedan. A glass roof.
And even a plug-in hybrid option with a 30 miles EV range.
This could be the perfect family luxury car.

As it looks so much nicer than the blocky XC90.

Not sure about pricing yet, but the "more expensive" XC90 starts at around $45 000.
So maybe this would start at around $40 000?
Which would be a very decent price. Considering the other options in that segment.
The Mercedes E Class wagon starts at around $61 000 (Although AWD is standard in the US)
And the smaller Audi Allroad (An A4 wagon) is over $43 000 (AWD as well)

On another note. To Volvo:
How about better picture of your great looking cars?!

Same thing when they unveiled the S90 sedan.
Grey cars in boring pictures!

Saturday, January 02, 2016

2017 Volvo V90

 There it is. And it looks ready to go.
A straight wagon version of the all new S90 sedan.

And it looks great! The only weirdness in the sedan is the heavy looking trunk. Which is now replaced by a sleek hatch.
It should be really cool. And also cheaper than the XC90.

I can't way to see this.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Mazda Koeru = Mazda CX-6/7?

 Mazda just announced there will be a production version of the really good looking Koeru concept.
Which, we already knew, since these spy shots have been around for a while.

As you can see, It'll stay really close to the concept.
Mazda is aiming right at the Subaru Outback with this one. Someone for people who aren't that crazy about SUVs. People who prefer something lower, something more like a wagon.

As you can see here, they already have that. The Mazda 6 Wagon.
They could have jacked it up a bit. Just like the Outback is a jacked up Legacy wagon.

I guess they won't.

And why not. That Koeru looked really nice too. So we might not be missing the Mazda 6 wagon anymore...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kia Optima wagon

I remember last year, back when they unveiled the Sportspace Concept (Red car above). Kia mentioned that  there wasn't going to be a wagon version of the "then" Next Optima.
Now we know that was all BS...

This will probably be sold mostly in Europe. Where it will compete with wagon versions of the VW Passat, Ford Mondeo, Opel Insignia, Renault Talisman, Peugeot 508 and even the Mazda6.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Volvo V90

 The S90 sedan isn't even out yet, and we already get these pictures of the wagon version, the V90.
It had been rumored for a while that Volvo will be getting a wagon version of their upcoming top of the line sedan.
The car pictured here is, of course, a model. Probably by Norev (Like the leaked sedan pix).

I bet Volvo must be really pissed about this. The toy company leaking not one, but 2 secret models.

I really like this. I do like wagons. And a large luxury one seems great. And this already looks much better to me than the 5 series or E Class wagon.

Here is the concept we saw a while ago.
Which, of course, is so much better.

Still, I think Volvo did a great job adapting the design into a 4 door production wagon.
I can't wait to see the real thing.

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Honda Shuttle

The Shuttle has been, for years, a longer, wagon type version go the Fit.
Since there was a new Fit last year, now we have a new Shuttle.

When I say "we" I mean "them".

 Since we never got the Shuttle here in the US.
And we are not getting this one either.

As usual, it looks much more awkward than the regular Fit. It's just too long, and the wheels are way to small.
Just like the Fiat 500L.