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Monday, October 21, 2019

2020 Subaru Levorg

 The top picture is the official teaser for the all new Subaru Levorg wagon.
The bottom one is just an illustration of what it could look like.
Featuring a cool headlight design that Subaru has been using for years in various concepts, but never in a production model.

The Levorg is a sporty wagon bellow the Outback/Legacy.
And it has never been sold in the US. So this new generation will also probably stay in Japan.
Which is too bad...

Unless Subaru decides to design a "raised up/fake SUV" version. Which , it seems, is the only way possible to sell a wagon in the US (barely...)

Here is the current version. A pretty aggressive looking wagon I must say...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2017 Porsche Panamera

This looks great.
I posted a couple of pictures of it a few days ago. These are the official ones.
And we get to see the interior too.
Which seems to be the perfect blend of "typical Porsche" and futuristic.
A true Porsche design for the 21st Century, really.

This pretty much fixes everything that was wrong with the first generation.
Which was pretty awkward, bloated, clumsy etc... This is just great.

Panamera S is powered by a new 440 V6.
While the "Turbo" model
 gets a new V8 with 550!

The new Panamera is also slightly larger than the outgoing model.

There will be more versions, probably including a plug-in Hybrid as well a less powerful base V6 model.

But the big news will be the all new wagon version.
And that will also be coming to the US.

I can't wait for this....

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

VW Jetta GLI Test Drive

 The current Jetta came out almost 6 years ago.
Yes, 6 years.

And for all that criticism of being boring and uninspired, I have to admit it has aged very well.
Which is usually what happens to "conservative" designs.

It is a pretty good looking car. And the GLI version I had for a week looked quite upscale.
(The 18 inch wheels helped a lot).

I had actually a couple of "non car fans" friends who though it looked great.

Inside, not much has changed in the past 6 years.
(They really missed the opportunity with the 2014 "facelift")

Some bits are still a bit too cheap. Although the dash is now covered in soft plastic (At least on the GLI) And the piano black finish looks much better than the horrible fake metal finish I've seen before (Which might well be still around in other versions)

Everything feels very solid and well put together. And the doors to have that solid "german car sound" when you close them.
It's no Audi A6, but it does feel more substantial than the Japanese competition.
The rear seat is as roomy as ever. In effect, the current Jetta is about as roomy as most mid sized cars around.
Carplay is now standard. And it works great.
The Fender system is still fantastic.

The first thing I noticed, as usual with most new VWs, is the sound of the 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.
It does have a gravely sound that most other small engines don't have.
And it still does sound like a quiet diesel a bit. (Especially when pushed)

People blame that sound on Direct Inection. But I don't, since other manufacturers also have Direct Injection engines and they are much quieter and smoother.

Although once warmed up, things are Lexus quiet at idle.

The steering is still a little bit too light. Especially for the sporty GLI version.
It is precise, smooth and turns really well. But it could have a little more weight to it.

The shifting is really smooth. But just like all VW's 6 speeds (Not the 5 speed for some reason), 1st gear is a bit hard to engage at times.
The clutch is very smooth and forgiving.

Now for what I think is actually the worst part of the car: The ride.
Of course it will be firm, which is expected. But most of the time, it is just uncomfortable.
Unless the road is smooth as glass.
The worse is for the rear passengers. Where it really becomes bad.
Everyone I had in the back were complaining. Most hadn't felt such a hard ride in a long time.

I do prefer a firm ride, especially in a sporty car. But to be that uncomfortable for passengers is not great. Especially in a roomy sedan.
Where people, and small kids might ride in the back.
(I would hate to see a small child shaking around in a car seat back there...)

The Jetta GLI was quite a joy to drive for a week.
It is a very engaging car.

After a while, the gravely sound of the engine became a "charming personality trait".
But the rough ride was never described as "charming". Ever...By anyone...

The GLI manual is rated at 23City/33HWY.
I did get 23 in the city but had no problem getting 41/42 on the highway.

The model I had was a GLI SE.
Which came pretty loaded, with heated seats, the great Fender stereo, Carplay, a sunroof etc..
And it was priced at $27 740 including destination ($820)

I think this is a lot of car for the money.
I mean this is a similar engine Audi uses an most of its (Much more expensive) models.
And one of the rare sedans you can actually get with a 6 speed manual.
The design has actually aged very well, and could be described as "pretty classy" now.

The problem is, I am not sure when a next one is out. I mean, 6 years is a long time for a car.
And we haven't heard anything about a next generation yet. (Which means it's probably still a couple of years away...)

But for now, the current Jetta GLI is just a fun car priced right.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2017 Mercedes E-Class

We've seen it before. These are just a few more pictures.
I actually like the new Volvo S90 much better. Especially the interior.

For 2017, the base engine in the US will be a 2.0 Liter with 241HP and a 9 speed auto.
As you can see above, a plug-in version will also be offered soon.

The current model offers a diesel as the base model in the US. Priced at $52 650.
Other wise you can get a V6 for $53 100.
So basically, for 2017, the new 2.0 Liter replaces the V6. (But I bet it won't be cheaper...)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

All new 2016 Honda Civic

Here is it, the all new Civic.

The first thing I noticed was... the pictures!!
And how bad they are! I mean really. A huge company like Honda cannot hire a decent photographer to launch one of their most important model ever????
Look at that super crappy photoshop job on the top 2 photos.
This is really bad and gives a horrible first impression.

Now for the car. It does look super modern. (I think it could look great in better pix)
The interior seems pretty upscale. Despite the weird color on the shitty pix. (is it a black interior? Dark grey?)
Everything seems pretty high end for a compact car.
This could be great in person.

Engines are also new.
LX and EX models are getting a new 2.0 Liter with 158PH, and a 6 speed manual or CVT
EX-T and EX-L models get the 1.5 Liter Turbo with over 170HP. CVT only

Honda claims the 1.5 liter will get over 40MPG.

it looks much longer on the pictures but is only about an inch longer than the current model.
But about 2 inches wider.
Coupe and hatchback versions are coming out later.

More soon. (Maybe even better pix...)

What do you think?

Sunday, September 06, 2015

2016 Porsche Carrera

Here are the first pictures of the revised Carrera for 2016.
Not only they didn't ruin it, but I think they managed to make a gorgeous car look even better.

But the big news is the all new 3.0 Liter turbo engine.
With 370HP for the Carrera, and 420HP for the Carrera S.

Great job.