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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Buick Cascada test drive coming up.

I just got a new Cascada to drive for a week.
This is a car I was really waiting for.

I really loved it when it was introduced as an Opel in Europe a couple of years ago. And I was one of these people who was hoping it would end up here as a Buick.
Well, here it is...

First thoughts:
I still love the design. It looks really great in person.
Like everyone has said before me, the interior is nice, but in a "3 to 5 year old GM" sort of way.
Lots of buttons, smallish screen weirdly angled back etc...

Otherwise so far it seems really quiet, and feels as solid as the good German car that it actually is.

I will report on it very soon. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2017 Opel Zafira

 Since it's been around for a few years, GM feels its time to give the current Zafira a new face.
A new face that looks older, that is.

The new car is the one in white, on top. And I think it looks less modern (or weird) than the outgoing model.
 (bottom picture)
I guess now if fits better with other Opel models. And that's the point of the new face...
 Nothing new back there, except slightly revised lights.

There is an improvement inside. Even if only the top part of the dash is new (2017 model on top)

The infinite sea of small buttons has been reduced quite a bit.
This is something the "new "Cascada desperately needs. A slight revision on the dashboard to get rid of all these buttons and switches...
Which, I hear, it might very well get as early as next year. Also with new colors.

As usual, we are not getting the Zafira here in the US.
Even as a Buick.

But who knows about the next all new model due out in about 2 years...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Opel Adam not coming here as a Buick (?)

A while ago, after Buick announced the Adam would be sold in China as a Buick, everyone and their brother thought it meant the tiny car was also coming over here.
Even though GM never said that.
Now, these same people think it will never come here.
Because of what Buick's Duncan Aldred just said a few days ago :
"I wouldn't be looking for a small, B-segment car today".

GM never said we were getting the current version in the 1st place.
( I even seem to remember then saying it was never engineered to be sold in the US)
But I think there is still chance we might get the next one. Due out in at least two years, or more.

I mean, there is a market for this.
Especially this really cool, slightly raised up version pictured above.
Fiat still sold over 25 000 units of the regular 500 here last year.
(Over 42 000 back in 2012)

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Opel GT Concept

From the teaser video we saw just a few days ago, I was expecting "Opel is reinventing itself". And "don't miss what happens next".
Well, that GT Concept is not happening next, I can tell you that much.

There are some interesting things here, for sure. Like the colored windows on the outside, the way the door opens .
But red tires? Really? And that grille where there shouldn't be one.

This is pretty disappointing. Not because it is not a cool design. But because it's pretty much a goofball of a car. Something we will never ever see.
And I can't really imagine this inspiring any future models for Opel.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

2016 Opel Astra

Finally. After what seems like 48 years of spy shots.
Here is the real thing.

And I think it does look quite good.
I mean, as usual, it looks more original than a Golf. But also, might not age as well.

We are not getting the Astra over here (Since we don't have Saturn anymore...)
But the sedan version of this will pretty much be our new Buick Verano.

So expect a very similar interior as well.
But probably not the new 3 cylinder engine.