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Saturday, June 25, 2016

2017 Honda Freed

Just like the HR-V, the tiny Freed Minivan is actually based on the current Honda Fit.
But unlike the HR-V, this won't be coming over here.
(Not sure if this new version will make it into Europe yet)

It looks OK. You can tell it's related to the Fit.
I guess the Mazda CX-5 proved there is no market for things like this in the US.
The Freed being even smaller could be even less popular.

Same reason why Honda has decided not to sell the sedan version of the Fit (Which has been around in other countries for a while now)
The sedan market in the US seems to be loosing a lot of grounds to SUVs/Crossovers.

But who knows, there might be a niche market for this. No more Scion, no more Nissan Cube.
Maybe this could take over ? A little bit??

Here is the current version of the Freed. 
Again, the connection with the previous Fit is quite obvious...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2017 Honda Odyssey

There it is again. The next Odyssey.

It does look pretty slick already.
Seems that everyone knew that Chrysler was coming up with something pretty modern.
So now it's time to catch up.

Not sure from these pictures if the rear side window will be getting a similar treatment is has now.
But there is a bit of a scoop visible on the second picture.

These were taken by a friend of mine.
Cartoonist/show creator/surfer/overall great guy.

So thanks!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Buick GL8 Minivan

Another "for China only" Buick.

The GL8 minivan has been around for about 16 years.
The current generation came out in 2010. So it is time for a new one.

The one pictured above will follow the trend of replacing the V6 with a 2.0 Liter Turbo.
And of course, it's not coming over here.
Unless Chrysler sells millions of the all new Pacifica and everyone, all of a sudden, has to have a Minivan.
In that case, I am sure GM will gladly import a few of these...

Just as a bit of extra info. This is the current one.
Which is still quite good looking.

Friday, April 22, 2016

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Yes, we've all see this before.
But after posting stuff about ugly cars, I thought it would be nice to see something good looking, for a change.
I just saw these pictures of the new Pacifica Minivan I hadn't seen before. So I thought I'd post them.

This looks better and better to me. I wasn't crazy about it at first (Maybe I was expecting too much)
But this looks like the most stylish choice in its segment.
Good for them.

It's too bad Chrysler is still a company in turmoil. With crazy/greedy Sergio trying to merge or sell off to another company.
Publicly announcing the death of the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 and then be surprised when sale numbers hit the floor.
(His decision to publicly criticize the 200's design and killing it early just cost 500 jobs, by the way)

And, there is still zero new Dodge models on the horizon. And not much else for Chrysler for that matter (How old is the 300 now?)
Everything is going to Jeep...

But for now, let's forget about that dummy and enjoy the nice work of some good designers...

Monday, December 21, 2015

2017 Honda Odyssey?

Just a few more pictures of that Minivan prototype spied in the L.A area.

I was told it was the next Honda Odyssey. Which does make sense.
So I guess next year's big news will be the battle of minivans, between the new Odyssey and the new Town & Country...

Friday, December 18, 2015

Mystery Minivan caught

A few more pictures of this upcoming minivan.

I guess most people seem to think it is either the next Sienna or Odyssey.

So far, I am tempted to go with the Honda Odyssey.
Like someone noticed, the shape of the headlights and grille seem to match with what we are seeing on the CRV/Pilot front end.

I will be getting more pictures of this soon.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Next Toyota Sienna/Honda Odyssey?

This was just sent to me. It was taken in the US.
And I am just not sure what it is...

I know it's not the new Chrysler Town and Country (I thought it was at first)
But the grille, headlights do not match what we have already seen.

Some new Hyundai Minivan? Both the Sienna and Odyssey are due for a new one pretty soon. I guess.

(I will post more pictures of this very soon, so keep checking.)

What do you think?

This is, by the way, the front end of the all new 2017 Chrysler Town and Country.
As you can see, not the same as the one pictured above...

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

2017 Chrysler minivan

I keep seeing these Chrysler minivans around. By now, there aren't early mules anymore.
(The front resembles the 200 sedan, a lot) It is supposed to be shown at the Detroit show in just a few months.
But they still have these Dodge Durango tail lights on them.

That's pretty strange right?
(Although not as strange as the driver's Chrysler building tattoo?)

Friday, June 05, 2015

2017 Chrysler Minivan. EV!

minivan chrysler 2017 new dodge ev electric
Yes. This one says EV on it.

So it looks like Chrysler will offer a plug-in hybrid version of their upcoming Minivan.
Or maybe a pure EV?
Either way, they could be the only one to do so. I haven't heard of anything like that coming from anyone else. (A plug-in Minivan)

On these prototypes, the front end does look like a version of the new 200 sedan. So I guess that's the "new face" for Chrysler. (No more huge chrome grilles)

And the back still has these "Durango like" tail lights. Which is still kind of weird.
Since this isn't a Dodge. Unless they changed their minds and the next Minivan goes to Dodge?
But then, what about that Chrysler face?

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Toyota Sienta.

I must say, I am not familiar with the Sienta.
Apparently, the current model has been around since 2003! So it's about time for a new one.

And it looks like a minivan version of the Prius C.
Which, in the US, could actually make quite a nice new Scion model (instead of the rebadged boring Mazda2 sedan we are getting)

I guess the geniuses at Toyota know better...

Monday, April 20, 2015

2017 Chrysler Town & Country

chrysler spy spyshot future minivan 2017
Nothing new really. We've seen this test mule before.
I still think it is weird that it still has the Dodge tail lights.

I mean, they are covered up. Why add this extra layer of camouflage?
It looks like the real thing is under there, somewhere...