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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mercedes E Class "L" = E Class Maybach?

 Mercedes has just introduced a long wheelbase version of the new E Class in China.
For the Chinese market only.

Because of some odd local market taste it seems that every single car maker is offering "long wheelbase" versions of their sedans over there.
The same day, both Jaguar and Audi were showing long versions of the XF and A4.
Which is so strange and pretty much defeats the purpose of an other larger model all together.
I mean who would get a regular A6 when a "long A4" has even more legroom?

And BMW is also doing this with their SUVs!
It really seems like something out of the Bizarro World to me.

But, hey. Just look at that back seat.
Of course it's attractive to people who seat in the back and are driven most of the time. 
But again, with the new E Class already being super luxurious, who would pick a regular S-Class over this?

 Here is what they did. Mercedes did a lot of work on this.
Usually, carmakers design a longer rear door. (Plus roof etc...) But the longer versions don't look that different.
This one does.

Mercedes has been testing this Maybach version of the new E Class for a while now.
Which, as you can see, will basically be the same car as the Chinese E Class "L" model.

So there you go.
Why not sell this to everyone, everywhere...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe

Forget that stupid "coupe" name. 
What you see here is the C-Class Hatchback. Slightly raised up.
And I think it looks great.
So we'll be probably getting the same engines as on the C-Class sedan.
They do mention the new 9 speed Auto ( I think the C-Class still ash the 7 speed. For now at least)

Interestingly enough, there is also a plug-in Hybrid version with an EV range of about 20 miles.
A nice idea, but these days I would think 30 miles would be a minimum. Especially for a higher end brand. 

And.. Why such a tiny sunroof??
Mercedes offers great glass panels on almost all their cars now. (Even the C-Class)
This looks like it's from an old Infiniti.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2017 Mercedes E-Class

We've seen it before. These are just a few more pictures.
I actually like the new Volvo S90 much better. Especially the interior.

For 2017, the base engine in the US will be a 2.0 Liter with 241HP and a 9 speed auto.
As you can see above, a plug-in version will also be offered soon.

The current model offers a diesel as the base model in the US. Priced at $52 650.
Other wise you can get a V6 for $53 100.
So basically, for 2017, the new 2.0 Liter replaces the V6. (But I bet it won't be cheaper...)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Infiniti Q50

 Very subtle changes fort the Q50 sedan. Nothing anyone will notice.
(2016 on top)

 Same thing inside.

The big news are under the hood.
The old "smooth but thirsty"3.5 Liter is gone.

Now replace by the new 2.0 Liter with 208HP standard.
Or the 3.0 Liter Turbo with 300HP. And a 400HP version is now also available (!) called "Red Sport 400"

The "old" Hybrid version with the 3.5 Liter is somehow still on the menu.

Seems like a lot of changes. making the good looking Q50 even more competitive than before.
And now with Mercedes engines!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

2017 Mercedes E-Class

First official picture of the all new E-class.

As predicted, it is a mix of C and S-class. The wide screen seems better integrated than in the C-class.
As it doesn't feel so much like a tablet anymore.

The current model starts at about $52 000 in the US. So this sits on top of the mid size luxury segment. (As a Mercedes should)

This looks really, really luxurious. Pretty much at the level of the S-Class.
And much nicer than the competition. There is a new 5 Series around the corner, but I'm not sure they can match this level of opulence.
And from what I've seen from Audi's new A4 and Q7, the next A6 won't even be competing with this. At all..

And look at this!

I mean really, more than ever, a smaller "cheaper" S-Class.

Monday, November 30, 2015

All new 2016/17 Mercedes E Class

We will see the real thing very soon.
But so far, even with all that pixelated stuff, this is the best picture of the new interior I've seen.
And, as expected, it looks exactly like a cross between the C-Class and the S-Class.
No surprises here...

Also, the mix of a wide angle lens and this huge BFG type human driving the car makes the new E-Class seem like a tiny clown car.

Just saying...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Infiniti Q30/QX30

 They are basically the same car. The QX is just a raised up AWD version of the Q.
And they both look great in person.

I am still surprised that Infiniti decided to bring both to the US. Which is great news.
I think they look as good (maybe better) as the Mercedes GLA they are based on.

 And they are roomy.
The top picture shows the back seat room for the QX30.
While the bottom pic is from the larger Q50.

Interior is really nice. (Although they might have gone a bit overboard with the stitching, since it is everywhere). Everything feels good and really solid.
And yes, as you can see, many of the switchgear is straight from Mercedes.

I cannot wait to see pricing on these.
And hope it is a hit for Infiniti.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mercedes SL

The front end is all new.
And, in my opinion, much better than before.
Unfortunately. The rear end hasn't changed much. ( I guess that would have required too many new metal parts)

Inside, I am glad they have not added the floating tablet to the dashboard.
The screen was high enough, and they just made it larger.
It also now gets a new 9 speed automatic.

It's still not as fantastic as an SL should be. But it is better...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2017 Mercedes SL

 Looking all new from this picture, but it's not.
It's just one of these "mid cycle revision". At least it seems quite extensive. The whole front end looks brand new.

I've always been a big fan of the SL. But the current version has to be the worse looking one of all.
Displaying an amount of design vulgarity never seen before in its history.
It just looks like it was designs by a bunch of guys who never talked to each other.

This new front end does look a bit cleaner. (Let's hope it blends with the profile better.)

Don't expect a new interior. Although I'm sure the screen has moved to the usual "Mercedes fake tablet look" on top of the dash.
For reference, this is the current front end.

I will be seeing the new one next week at the Auto Show. And will make sure to post plenty of pictures!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mercedes GLC EV coming up?

 Looks like there is no exhaust pipes on this prototype driving around.
Which, logically, would mean an EV.

Plus, Mercedes Execs keep mentioning a shift from diesels to EVs and Plug-in Hybrids.
Since many European countries are actually seriously thinking about regulating Diesel big time (France even mentioned a total ban in a few years)
And that was before the current VW scandal/mess. Which might accelerate things.

This is the official European version of the new GLC.
Not only does it have tailpipes, but the bumper trim is slightly different. As well as the tail lights (?!)


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Mercedes S-Class Convertible

I am a big fan of the S-Class coupe. So this is quite amazing to me.
I cannot really imagine this thing looking even better in person, but I am sure it does.

I have to say, this is what I would get if I had the money...

So please. Tell ALL your friends about this
 Once it becomes the most popular car site on the internet, this beauty will be within my reach.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

2017 Mercedes C-Class coupe

Finally, after all these spy shots over the years. the real thing!

It does look great. Like a cross between the stunning S Class coupe and the "old" C class coupe.

But... I cannot help but being a tiny bit disappointed. I know I am being very picky (especially after seeing such horrific recent designs as the Lexus LS and Honda Accord coupe)
But that little 'rear swoop" rear side window design makes it look a bit too much like the current model.
Which, I guess, might have actually been the point.
It just isn't as great as the S class coupe. (Which, I also assume, it shouldn't be. At less than half the price...)

So far, I've only heard of the 300  (with a 2.0 Liter Turbo) and all 4Matic models. But I am sure the 400 (V6) would be offered later in the US. As well, of course, as the AMG version.

Finally a really good looking car to talk about these days!