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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

2021 new Kia EV: unlike the Imagine Concept.

As you can see on these new pictures, the upcoming, all-new Kia EV will not be a production version of the really good looking Imagine Concept from last year. Which is kind of too bad...

As Kia had previously mentioned they would "produce the Imagine in 2021".

Maybe that just means they will actually use the name "Imagine" for the new car.
Which is fine. As the prototypes of the actual production version do look quite interesting.
not as smooth as the Concept. It seems a much more angular design (The way the A-pillar meets the roof).

It also looks a bit lower and longer than its Hyundai cousin, which is a production version of the 45 Concept. (looking very much like the concept)

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

2021 Rolls Royce Ghost: spotted in Malibu

Funny to actually see a camouflaged Rolls Royce in such an expensive part of town. Since you can actually spot many Rolls in just one day over there...

There has been so many pictures of these Ghost prototypes driving around, this is nothing really new.
I think the current model still look spretty good. But, apparently, it is already about 10 years old.
Although it has been slightly updated for 2014, I guess it's time for a new one.

Under all that camo, the new one basically looks the same. Unlike the Bentley Flying Spur, which was transformed from an invisible/borderline ugly sedan to a stunning looking and much sleeker car with it recent redesign.
I guess Rolls won't take many chances with their new "entry level' model.

The current Ghost starts at around $312 000. While the Flying Spur is priced at $215 000.
That's is a staggering almost $100 000 difference!
While, arguably, the Bentley looks much better.

I guess the Rolls Royce name alone is worth the extra? To some people with just way too much money maybe?

Or you can also get a slightly used one for less than half the price!
Like the one right HERE. A 2016 model with only 12 000 miles for $150 000!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

2021 Nissan Note: Ariya's smaller brother

Until now, the Note was basically a hatchback version of the Versa. Especially the last generation that was sold in the US as the "Versa Note".
The next model looks quite different from the Versa. (While probably still using the Versa platform)

And the design looks a lot like the all-new Ariya EV.
Which makes you wonder how much of the Ariya design will spread to the rest of the Nissan line-up.
probably not the new pathfinder, which could look more like a big Rogue.
but maybe the next Murano?

Could the next Murano basically be a gas version of the Ariya???

2021 Nissan Z: another illustration

Since Nissan released their teaser a few weeks ago, illustrations of the next generation Z have been popping out everywhere.
Trying to guess the rest of the car, since we have already seen the profile, headlights, etc...

The one above is, again, trying to add elements from the 300ZX. As the whole rear design is reminiscent of that previous generation.
Which, I think, no matter how great it looked on the 300ZX, doesn't seem to fit the rest of the new design.

It seems the new car will still be powered by a "good old V6". And there are rumors of a mild-hybrid system to add even more power.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Honda news: NO new Fit for the US.

It is now official: the new generation Fit introduced overseas last year will not be coming to the US.
As Honda is just cancelling the Fit altogether for our market.

And of course, it is alwasy the same excuse: we don't buy small hatchbacks.
The truth is, as usual, they don't want us to buy them. Since they don't make that much money on them.
Instead of a $16 000 fit, Honda would much rather sell you a (much higher profit) Fit based HR-V for $21 000.
The HR-V isn't that much roomier at all. ( I drove both) And there is no way it costs Honda $4000 more to build than the Fit.
Unless the Fit sells itself with no advertizing money spend, they, of course, see no market for it here.

While they sold almost 60 000 of them in 2011, only about 35 000 found buyers last year.
Which is not that terrible since we are also talking about an "old" model that has already been replaced around the world.
Meanwhile, the HR-V sale numbers have kept climbing. All the way to over 99 000 for 2019.

I still think Honda coud have inproved the Fit numbers greatly by finally introducing a new generation. And make it a Hubrid only. Just like they did in Europe.
The Fit has also been a great model for Honda with an amazing customer satisfation.
Everyone I know who actually owns one loves it! An inexpensive, super roomy thrifty and super reliable car is something many people still want... It was also a great introduction to the Honda brand.

In other news, Honda also killed the Civic coupe.
The next generation Civic arrives in a little less than a year. And will be available as a sedan and hatchback, but no more coupe.
The Si sedan will return as well.

Mid-cycle revisions are expected very soon for the Accord (no more 6 speed manual for 2021), the Ridgeline and the Odyssey.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Subaru Levorg: a new one on the way

Subaru will soon release an all new generation of their sporty Levorg Wagon.
Which is basically the production version of the "fake/pre-production model" concept we saw a few months ago.
(The blue on is the current model)

It is a more compact wagon, about 7 inches shorter than the Outback. The Levorg is sold in many countries, but not the US.
I guess Subaru is selling so many Outbacks they just don't want to take a chance .
Although it seems that maybe an offroad style Levorg (LIke the Crosstrek) would fit nicely between the Crosstrek and the Outback.

What do you think? Should Subaru bring ther Levorg over here?

2021 Toyota Camry: a closer look at that horrible new screen.

Here are closer pictures of the Camry's screens. The new 2021 model is on top.

And it looks even worse up clos! Like a few people noticed in the comments, Toyota kept the same top part of the dashboard. And the space for the old vents is still there. Now with nothing. (Just collecting dust I guess...)
The whole thing looks much cheaper than before.

The previous screen and surounding design actually looked pretty modern and classy. And there was plenty of room for an even larger screen by moving some switches around or include them in the larger screen..
The new one doesn't look that much bigger anyway.

For some reason, the new set up has to be saving them some money. Not sure how, but saving a few dollars is usually the reason for stupid moves like this...

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

2021 Toyota Camry: "Why don't we ruin the dashboard for 2021?"

 While the Camry, like any other sedan, isn't selling as well as it used to, it is still a very popular car for Toyota. As they still sold over 336 000 of them last year alone.
And, after a few years, it is now time for that "mid-cycle facelift".

As you can see, just a few things have been slightly revised upfront. And the rear lights. the mostly fake grille is still as huge as ever. Now with chrome trim on each side, it appears even larger.

Inside, the addition of a stupid tablet screen ruins an otherwise clean interior. The whole thing worked very nicely before.
Now it looks like someone got a cheap tablet from Pep Boys, some ducktape, and just stuck it on there. They even had to reposition the air vents to make room for the thing.
There was still room to make the screen larger in the current set up, by the way. And keep a very clean design. And probably even save money while doing it.

Engines are the same. etc...

I guess I would advise people who are interested in a Camry to get a good deal on a 2020 model.

Friday, July 10, 2020

2021 Mercedes S-Class: are they even trying anymore?

It sure doesn't look like they are trying very hard does it...

Sure, body panels are different. But the glass area, proportions seem exactly the same.
While the S-Class has alwasy been a conservative choice, at least, each generation did look quite different from the previous ones.
Even setting the new design languages for their other, cheaper models.
This not only look 99% like the current one, it also looks like all their other current sedans.
Not a new design language...

So lazy...

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: another useless huge grille.

This is really too bad.

The new SUV version of the Corolla could have looked like a cute small crossover, like the Honda HR-V.
Instead, Toyota chose to give it yet another disproportionate plasticky and aggressive-looking grille.
Which not only looks out of place but also ridiculous. Since most of it (as usual) is not even functional.

This is really a weird trend. Decades ago it looked like grilles were generally on their way out. which made cars much more modern looking. (For a while, even the Honda Accord got rid of its grille and even had pop up headlights!)

Now it looks like a competition for the largest grille. Which looks especially horrible on small raised hatchbacks like these...

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: Mini Rav-4!

I think this looks pretty nice. A good move from Toyota to design this as a mini Rav-4.
Which is one of the most popular cars around these days.
So why not.
The interior looks lie a cross between the Corolla and the Rav-4. In a way, this could actually, maybe, steal a few sales from the "real Rav-4". 

At least in Thailand (where it is being introduced), it will be available with a choice of a 1.8 Liter engine with 140HO, and a hybrid version with 170HP.
It is about 5 inches longer than a Honda HR-V. 

Not 100% sure this will end up in the US yet. But it would really be a stupid move not to offer this in the US. A great move would be to make it a "Hybrid-only" model fo our market. Just like the new Sienna and Venza.

I think a hybrid-only version priced competitively against its "gas only" competition would clean up.

What do you think?

2021 Mercedes S-Class interior: Screen city!

At least on these early pictures, I think it is a case of "too much".
They even added a head-up display behind the 3D screen right in front of the driver.
The giant centered screen might be a first for Mercedes, but the Tesla Model S had it in 2012.

The rear seats also have 3 screens! And the ones attached to the rear of the front seats still look cheap like Pep Boys units.
Not sure what is going on with the lower part of the doors??? Are these giant screens too? With cameras on the doors? On top of that, how reliable is all that stuff? Especially from a brand that is not nearly as reliable as their much older models from the 80's.
This really weird "wannabe futuristic" approach just ends up looking like someone is trying way too hard. Especially when the whole thing is wrapped up in an exterior design that looks 90% like the previous generation.
it's just really weird.

As I mentioned before, this kind of interior design would look much better in the upcoming futuristic-looking EQS Electric sedan.

From what we have seen of the 2021 S-Class. I think it is heavily based on the current one. Basically all new panels on top of the old car. Keeping all the glass intact. (like the 2020 US Passat) And they might be using most of the EQS interior. All to save cost.

Since these big luxury sedans don't sell that well anymore...

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

2021 Nissan Z: more illustrations

More illustrations based on Nissan's official teaser for the new Z.

These look a bit more realistic than the one I previously posted a few days ago.
At least they don't have the old 300ZX tail lights. Still, the real tail lights are anyone's guess since we don't see them on the teaser.
At least it looks like a Z. Unlike the new "Supra" that is a BMW and doesn't look like a Supra (at least to me)
This will still be a real Nissan.

New Mercedes S-Class: another teaser image

Mercedes is a little late.
Since we have already seen most of the new S-Class, inside and out, over HERE last May.

Still, this is official stuff. And you can see they are getting ready to focus on that huge new screen.
Something almost every single high-end car has, or will very soon.
Something the Tesla Model S has had since 2012.

I still don't think the 2021 S-Class will not be an all-new car. As it really seems all the glass parts are carried over from the current generation.

Apparently, they will introduce the infotainment (and that screen) tomorrow.
But somehow the rest of the car will be unveiled on July 29th and August 12th.
And the "world premiere" is scheduled for September.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

All new KIA EV: production version of the "Imagine' Concept?

I am afraid not.

As you can see, the prototype already has a much more angular design than the great looking "Imagine" concept from last year.
With its squared off A-pillar and flat roof, it matches recent Kia designs like the Soul or all new 2021 Sedona. Not the much sleeker new K5 sedan.
I guess this is probably based on the same platform as the upcoming all new Hyundai EV, which is based on the 45 Concept.

Friday, July 03, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: coming next week!

We won't have too long to wait.
The all-new Toyota Corolla Cross compact SUV will be unveiled next week.

At least from this teaser, we can see a floating roof design. Something many people love to hate.
The new SUV will compete with the Hyundai Kona and Honda HR-V in the US.
From previous spy shots we have seen, it could look more like a raised wagon shape. Which would be nice.
And again, this could be another Hybrid-only model in the US. Which would be great and really make the new model stand out among its competition.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Optima is dead. Long live the KIA K5 !

It is now official! the all-new K5 sedan is replacing the Optima in the US as well.
Not sure why Ki thought it was a good idea to get rid of the Optima name. Let's hope they won't regret it. Like Acura and Cadillac should...

The car itself is the same impressive design we saw a while ago when it came out in Korea.

The US will get a K5. powered by a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 180HP.
And a K5 GT, with a larger 2.5 Liter Turbo with 290hp. (Option on the GT)

The new K5 is another headache for the Accord, Camry and Altima. And let's not forget, it also competes with its cousin, the new Hyundai Sonata. Which seems to have a much cleaner interior...

Which seems better so far?

1- New K5
2- Sonata

Monday, June 29, 2020

2021 Toyota Corolla Cross

I guess, just because of its name, the Corolla Cross will be an SUV version of the current Corolla.
As you can see, it is not a version of the Corolla Trek Wagon sold in Europe (bottom pic)
Although that one would have been nice to have also, since VW won't sell us the Golf Wagon anymore.

Still, these new spy shots of the Corolla Cross do show a shape that is quite wagon-like. I do like the tall windows and the sleek looking headlights. You can also see a RAV-4 style grille under the camouflage. Although a bit smaller.
Something smaller and cheaper than the RAV-4 would be great. Since the C-HR doesn't really fit the bill. It is too weird and not roomy enough for most people.

I think the Corolla Cross is a great move for Toyota. An even greater move would be to make it a standard Hybrid model. Just like the new Venza and Sienna..

More pictures HERE

Sunday, June 28, 2020

2021 Honda Accord

Weird to see this 2021 Accord covered up with so much camouflage.
Since the 2021 model year is only scheduled for a mid-cycle refresh.

What you can see up front looks quite similar to the curent model. The lights seem exactly the same. Maybe there is less chrome. (Similar to what they did with the 2020 Civic)

There shouldn't be to many changes on the profile, but somehow, the rear side window is completely covered up.
Which means, although very unlikely, they might have redesigned it somehow. Or at least the trim?

As far as I am concerned, the current Accord is one of the best cars you can buy. It doesn't really need anything. Except maybe the panoramic sunroof already available in other markets.
 (And a hatch would be great)

(Thanks to a reader for the pix)