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Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Honda CR-V Plug-in Hybrid: Not for us...


Honda will soon launch a Plug-in Hybrid version of its super-popular HR-V. In China...

It took them a year or two to sell the regular Hybrid in the US, so I don't expect this withing the current generation.

But that also means the technology will be ready for the next CR-V, which is due in a bit over a year. The Clarity is a great Plug-in hybrid. With almost 50 miles of Electric-only range. A similar set up for the CR-V would be great. It is really a no brainer...

2022 Mercedes EQS: inside...


It looks like the upcoming Mercedes EQS sedan might be using the same screens as the new S-Class. 
All within a different interior. Which is fine, I guess. Why not. Although at these prices you would think they'd find a way to make cost-cutting a bit less obvious.

The concept was fantastic, and I can't really imagine the production version being that stunning. Although it will still be a slick large hatchback electric sedan.
It will be competing with other high-end expensive toys, like the Lucid Air and more expensive versions of the (aging/getting old/when is a new one coming) Tesla Model S.

Infiniti QX60 Concept: Vs. the current generation...


The first thing I noticed is how much smaller the windows are... 
Sure, it is 100% different. But I have to say, the current one that came out back in 2013 aged pretty well.

Is the new one that much better?

2022 Audi Q5 Sportback: the fake coupe.


We have already seen spy shots of this a few times. These photos tell us the new model is right around the corner. At least in China...

I think it looks fine. A bit more interesting than the regular Q5 actually.
I just hope this brings along a new dashboard for the Q5 line. The current one looks really old when compared to anything else Audi has these days (Except the similarly old interior of the A4/A5)

Infiniti QX60 Monograph Concept: this is it.


No specs or interior photos yet. (Seeing these dark windows, it looks like Infiniti might wait for the production version to show us the interior?)

Add smaller wheels and door handles, and you basically have the next-generation QX60.
Besides the huge chromy grille, this is a very clean and simple design. And a very nice update.

This will go head to head with the all-new Acura MDX. Although most people have actually forgotten about Infiniti, and Nissan might really have an uphill battle here.
Not helping Infiniti, a new Lexus RX is also due out next year as a 2022 model.

More on this soon.

2022 Genesis G90: already an all-new one...


It seems the Genesis G90 was all-new just a couple of years ago. But it actually came out 5 years ago in its home market. (With a facelift late 2018)

So I guess it is already about time for a new one. Which already looks like a much sleeker car. 
The current model has been getting great reviews from almost everyone who has tested it. I can imagine the next generation will be of course, even better.
The big news will probably be an all-electric version. Since Genesis is already about to release an EV version of the G80 sedan soon.
This means the new G90 will try to compete with both the Mercedes S-Class and the EQS EV sedan.

It's actually amazing the number of new models coming out of Hyundai/Kia/Genesis these days... 

All-new generation Infiniti QX60: New teaser.

Later today, Infiniti will show us the all-new QX60 SUV. 
But, just like the Nissan Z or the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, it will be a 'concept' version of the real car. Called the QX60 Monograph (Which makes it sound a bit like a Range Rover)

So far it looks pretty good (from the small things we can see)
And very close to the real thing we saw earlier (HERE) So basically, this will be the production model with some concept trim added to it.
Really, an unnecessary step on the way to reveal the actual car.

It is also a bit strange they decided to reveal this before its even older cousin, the Nissan Pathfinder.
I guess, the model with the highest profit margin comes first.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Honda EV Concept: next HR-V Preview?


As mentioned a few days ago, Honda will show a brand new Electric concept in China.

When compared to the various spy shots of the next generation HR-V we have seen earlier, (HERE) it does look a lot like it. At least, like a concept/Electric version of it. It also looks like a brand new design language for Honda.

Which is nice. Something simple than their current busy stuff would really be welcome..

Meanwhile in China: Link & Co Zero Concept


I remember just a few years ago, back when this future 'sub-Volvo' brand was going to take over the world. 
It was yet another Chinese brand that was going to sell tons of cars outside of China.
Which sounded feasible since they were mostly based on Volvos. With their own designs. 
Both brands being owned by giant Chinese manufacturer Geely.
Until just last April, they still claimed the brand would enter the European market by the 4th quarter of 2020.
Back in 2017, they were planning to enter both the US and European markets 'within a couple of years'.

Now they have a brand new Electric concept called the ''Zero"". It was designed in Sweden and I think it looks great.
It looks like a very modern and chunky 4 door hatchback. They also claim a range of at least 435 miles.
The production version will go on sale next year.

It would actually be great seeing this in the US. It looks great. It is probably similar in size to a model 3.
With a much nicer interior. And would probably cost less!
And hatchback is a convenience the model 3 doesn't even offer...

2021 Vw ID.4: It's finally out!


We finally get to see VW's all-new Electric Crossover.
We have seen so many spy shots of it before that there are really no surprises here. At least visually.

Everything looks OK. The interior seems a bit plasticky, at least on the pictures. (The brown/grey interior seems to look much better)
The exterior is more modern than other VW SUVs sold in the US. But that's not hard to do.  There is nothing futuristic or original here, just current and modern.
It seems VW has been hard at work making this an alternative to regular crossovers, instead of an "EV looking" SUV.

Which brings us to the price. Which starts at $40 000. Meaning it could be under $30 000 in some states after incentives.
Which really competes with non-EV Crossovers. 
That will be the base price in the US, until the ID.4 starts being produced over here, in 2022. Once US production starts, the base price will somehow move down to $35 000! (So you'll be paying an extra $5000 to be the first one on your block to get one...)
A loaded 'First Edition' model will be priced at $44 000.
Later, an "AWD Pro" model will also be priced at almost $44 000. 

All versions will be RWD at first. With a range of 250 miles.
At 180.5 inches long, the ID.4 is about 3 inches shorter than its main competition in the US: the upcoming Nissan Aryia. (Which will also start at around $40 000)
The ID.4 is basically the same size as a Toyota RAV-4. And, when starting at $35 000, it will also be pretty much the same price after incentives.

This is basically the first time anyone really competes with similar gas models at the same price point. This is not competing with any Tesla models, but with the Honda CR-V/Toyota RAV-4 crowd.
It will be very interesting to see if more people start picking an electric car versus a gas one for the same price. Or not.

Also interesting, will be the competition with the Nissan Ariya. Which I think is nicer and much more modern looking...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

2021 Kia Sorento: the Burlapp Video


Why don't you head over to YOUTUBE and watch this fantastic video of the all-new 2021 Kia Sorento.

Featuring the new 'X-Line' top of the line version. The amazing editing skills required to produce these masterpieces are on full display here. The fantastic soundtrack also shows a level of brilliance rarely experienced.

Watch this astonishing yet humble feat HERE.

All-new Nissan Note: not for us.


Yes, there will be a new generation Nissan Note. But it will not make it to the US.
And it might not make it to Europe either, since Nissan has decided to concentrate on SUVs for that market.
I test drove the previous generation a couple of times and actually liked it.
I liked the design, and the simple interior (for the cheap price) It was roomy. And slow. But most people don't expect 'fast' in such a cheap car.

The next-generation will again be based on what is sold here as the Nissan Versa.
But instead of a new Note, Nissan has been offering the cute Kicks crossover in the US. Which starts at around $3000 more than the Note did ...

2021 Kia Sorento: the US version is here.


The US Sorento looks pretty much the same as the one sold in other markets.
Although we do get a specific choice of trims and engines.

The trims for the all-new 2021 model are:
- LX, S EX, SX, SX-Prestige and X-Line SX-Prestige (which is quite a mouth full)
- All versions are available in FWD or AWD. Except for the X-Line which ash AWD standard.

Engine choice in the US is:
- 2.5 Liter with 191HP
- 2.5 Liter Turbo with 281HP
- Hybrid 1.6 Liter Turbo with 227HP
- Plug-in Hybrid with 261HP and 30 miles electric range.

This should pretty much cover almost everything. 

The new Sorento is just about half an inch longer than the previous version. With a 1.4 inch longer wheelbase. So it is still about 7 inches shorter than the V6 powered Telluride.
Its closest 3-row competition would be the Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander, both still about 5 inches longer than the Sorento.

The current Sorento starts at about $27 000. Only a small price increase is expected for the 2021 model.
Which is around $5000 less than the Honda Pilot.

Its price and availability of both Hybrid and Plug-in Hybris make the Sorento a unique choice in the segment. As well as its size.
For people who don't really need a 3rd row, this would be a super roomy 5 seater SUV.
At a fantastic price.
 Although the base engine might really be pretty weak for the size.
Since this is what usually powers a base mid-sized sedan these days...

Monday, September 21, 2020

New BMW M3/M4: overdone?


This is quite the opposite of the early M3 models were. back when things were a bit more subtle.
Which hasn't been the case for a while I guess.

This is way overdone, but that's what the M3 has become over the years.
Most people who buy this will, unfortunately, never use it to its capacity. Which is probably quite phenomenal. 
We are talking up to 503HP from a twin-turbo 6 cylinder here. Quite amazing.
RWD and 6-speed manual are still available too.

As far as the grille goes, it really pushes the envelope of vulgarity. Just as I was getting used to the one in the "regular" 4 series...