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Saturday, October 16, 2021

2023 Kia Niro: new spy shots...

Today we finally get to see more of the next-generation Kia Niro. 

It seems like a pretty original design. Although looking a little bit more like a regular SUV than the current tall wagon shape. (Some current owners might not like that)

With all these new Ioniq models, the next Niro might be caught in a bad place, as Kia is now making a huge push for fully electric cars.
And the next Niro is not based on their new EV platform.

I think the most relevant model could be the PHEV. If they can drastically increase the electric range. 
The current model has a 26 miles electric range. But it starts at around $29 000 ($25 000 after current federal incentives). So it is really an inexpensive way to get a PHEV.

 If they double the EV range and keep the price down, the Niro might have a chance to attract people still afraid to jump into the EV world.


2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: new illustration...

This new illustration of what the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan could look like seems pretty realistic.
It really matches the most recent spy shots we have seen of the car (middle pic)
The interior, at least from this unfinished prototype photo, seems to try hard to establish a link with the Ioniq5.
It seems to be using the same screens, steering wheels, and some controls.

I am not sure how they will position this new model. Hyundai has still not announced pricing for the Ioniq 5, but it is expected to start at around $40 000 in the US.
This means the Ioniq 6 would be more. (Since they call it "6"?) Maybe $45 000 to start?
Sorry Hyundai, but any EV sedan priced above $42 000 will be in direct competition with the Tesla Model 3. And that's bad news.
As we know, right or wrong, the vast majority of people looking for an EV will pick the Tesla every time.
The only way anyone can compete, for now, is on price and features. 
I really don't think the Ioniq 6 will offer more range than the Tesla. 
Since they will appeal to different people, they can still price it close to the Ioniq 5. 

At $42 000, the Model 3 is pretty loaded too. Even the glass roof is standard. This needs to start at under $40 000 to have a fighting chance. Which means the Ioniq 5 should be even cheaper? 


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Next-generation Toyota Prius: new illustrations...


These are pure guesses since we haven't seen any prototype of the next Prius around. 

I wonder how Toyota will keep the Prius relevant in an ever-increasing EV world. The only way, in my opinion, is the just keep the PHEV version and make sure it gets an amazing 100 miles electric range.

Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't seem to be there yet. Their longest PHEV range so far is 42 miles.
Of course, it is larger and heavier than the Prius. But I really think 100 miles or close to it is a must to keep the Prius going.

What do you think?

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Chevrolet's EV future: a few hints...


GM just released a teaser of their upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV. Which will be based on their new Ultium platform, and not the current Silverado truck. All we know so far is the projected range of 400 miles and the availability of a fixed glass roof. The Silverado EV will be officially unveiled on January 5th.

And of course, it will be a direct competitor to the new electric Ford F-150. It will be interesting to see if Chevrolet decides to depart from the regular Silverado design. Since the Ford looks pretty much the same as the gas version. I think there is a market for a more modern-looking EV truck than the F-150. Something that doesn't cost $70 000 like the Rivian.

They have also announced a new Equinox EV. The big news here is the predicted $30 000 starting price. Which would actually be lower than the current Bolt. And only about $4000 more than a base Equinox.

We saw patent photos (top) of an upcoming Electric Equinox a few months ago. But GM mentioned it will be based on the Ultium platform as well. The patent pix show a model obviously based on the current Equinox. So the one in the patent drawings might be a Chinese market model only. Who really knows...

The current generation Equinox came out in early 2017. Almost 5 years ago. A new generation should really be out in a year or two, which means the new EV could actually replace the current Equinox altogether.

GM has also mentioned a Blazer EV, as well as a smaller/cheaper model than the Equinox.
If the Blazer EV comes out after the Equinox, it could also be replacing the current Blazer. 
A smaller, cheaper model than the $30 000 Equinox could end up costing well under $20 000 after incentives. Which is quite amazing.

Things seem to be moving very fast into the EV world. Reminding me of when MP3s took over CDs...
Or earlier when CDs taking over vinyl. Expensive at first, and slow growth.
Then all of a sudden, it seems the previous technology has just disappeared...


2022 Nissan Ariya: taking its time...

It looks like the Nissan Ariya is still testing things. We have seen the new EV back in July 2020. Nissan was then mentioning a late 2021 launch in the US. Now we will have to wait until late 2022. 
This is really too bad. 

For some reason, VW has been able to launch the ID4 a while ago here. And it is probably taking sales from the no-show Ariya. So will the Ioniq5 when it comes out in the US soon.
The Nissan will be so late it could even come after the new EV from Subaru and Toyota. (arriving mid-2022)


Monday, October 04, 2021

2023 VW ID sedan: electric sedan coming up: new illustrations...

These illustrations of a new ID Sedan from VW are very close to the spy shots we have seen a couple of months ago. 

Which means VW will soon ad this good-looking sedan to their ID lineup. Not sure what they'll call it since ID3 and ID4 are already taken. But the sedan should logically be priced below the ID4...(Although VW has mentioned earlier a new ID6 sedan model similar in size to the Passat)

Not sure if it will make it to the US, but wherever it is sold, it will probably compete directly against the Tesla Model 3. It will also have the advantage of a hatchback.

The standard range Model 3 in the US offers a 262 miles range. Which should be no problem for VW to match. Or even do a bit better since their heavier ID4 SUV is already rated at 260 miles. 

Not being a Tesla, the new VW should be priced lower to attract anyone. The Model 3 currently starts at $40 000 (Until Crazy Elon wakes up one day and decides to price it at $45 000 all of a sudden)

It is then pretty realistic to imagine a new ID sedan with a 270/280 miles range for maybe a bit above $35 000. Or about $25 000 after all incentives.  Which could really be a successful move for VW.

Making this car a more expensive model (Like an ID6) starting at a price above the ID4 would be a mistake. As to this day, the only way y to compete with Tesla is with lower pricing. 


Friday, October 01, 2021

VW ID-Life Concept; live photos...

While I am still not a big fan of the design, I really like the features and packaging of the VW ID-Life Concept we saw a few weeks ago.

I do appreciate the simplicity and the "back to basics" feel of the design. But 1% personality would be nice too. Plus, this doesn't say VW in any way.
Inside, the concept really looks like one of these handmade kit cars from the '70s. Not so basic as the Brubaker Box, but almost.

I love the fact that all seats fold flat, which would make this a fantastic camping companion.
All that wood will probably have to go in the production version, but it does look quite nice and original.
I love the 4 doors convertible look. Let's hope that becomes an option in the real thing.

Although current ID models do not offer a "Frunk", the ID Life does. Not very large, but better than nothing. The softcover also looks great (although probably not the safest thing)
And the small secondary space upfront is genius.

Two things I would not want in the production models are the ridiculous "yoke" and the huge video screen.
Otherwise, VW could really have something great here. 

As a reminder, this was the interior of the 2016 ID Concept. Which became the ID 3 a few years later.
As we know, the ID 3 production interior looks nothing like this.

So, who knows what the production ID-Life will actually look like.

All we know for sure is that it's coming in 2025. Will have a 250 miles range in the European cycle (not much by 2025).
It should start at under $25 000 before incentives and is even considered for the US.
Which would make it incredibly cheap after incentives.
The ID Life Concept is about the size of a Honda Fit.

I think this could be a good option for so many people...


Thursday, September 30, 2021

2023 Kia Niro: a look inside...


It looks like the redesigned 2023 Kia Niro will have a much nicer interior than the current model.
So far, it even looks a lot like the new Kia EV6 interior, (bottom pic) which is great. Since the Niro is a lot less expensive than the EV6. (The current Niro starts at around $25 000. EV version is around $40 000)

With the new EV6 around, the Niro EV will probably have a much lower starting price than the current $40 000. (The 2022 Hyundai Kona EV is now a few 1000s less than before with a starting price of around $35 000, and a 258 miles rating.)
It could become a nice alternative to the Chevrolet Bolt. 
The current model already comes with a decent 239 miles battery, and I am sure the next generation will improve.

We should be seeing the real thing before year's end. 

Genesis GV60: new photos...

The new Genesis GV60 doesn't seem as weird as a few weeks ago when it was introduced with a  neon green color.
But it is still a bit hard to get used to. 
It seems to be trying too hard. The front end is a bit weird, with that black trim around the lower "grille". But it is actually a bit similar to the Mustang Mach-e.

Is anyone getting used to it yet?


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

2022 Genesis G90: a look inside...

I have posted so many photos of the 2022 Genesis G90 over the past months, I might have shown this one before... 

So far, nothing crazy original about the new luxury sedan's interior. I am sure Genesis will come up with something that could be quite spectacular since this is their top-of-the-line model. And competing with the new S-Class. And with luxury EV's like the revised Tesla model s and the Lucid Air.

Since an electric version of the new G90 is also planned.


Friday, September 24, 2021

New EV from Foxconn: from iPhones to electric car...


Foxconn is mostly known around the world for making the iPhone for Apple.

But the Tawainese company also makes the iPad, Kindle, Playstation, Xbox, and much more. They also own the Sharp and Belkin brands. And they basically have factories all around the world.

They even broke ground on a TV screen factory in Winsconsin back in 2018. And later decided not to build TV screens there after all. Since they do have a deal with Fisker to build a new model (not the Ocean), the Winsconsin factory has been back in the news a few months ago as a possible location (although it is one of four being considered)

The car pictured above has the Foxconn name on its front bumper. So it seems Foxconn is also planning the build their own car, under their own name. Could it be a Chinese market-only version of the upcoming Fisker model? Or an all-new car only sold directly by Foxconn? 

And more importantly, do we need another EV car maker?

I say why not. Competition is always good and pushes things forward. What do you think? Would you buy a Foxconn car?

Thursday, September 23, 2021

2022 Mercedes EQS: US pricing...

Another good surprise as far as pricing goes: the new 2022 Mercedes EQS (of all things...)

Many in the press had predicted the EV would be priced well above the current S-Class, which starts at $110 000 in the US. Most were guessing a base price of around $120 000 for the EQS.

It will actually start at $102 310. Which, of course, is very expensive. But we are talking about a top-of-the-line Mercedes sedan here.
I think this is actually great pricing. While it is a cheaper alternative to the S-Class, it is actually about the same price as the Tesla Model S. Since the EQS will end up costing around $92 000 in most states after incentives. While the Model S is now priced at a crazy $90 000.

As you can see above, the "base" EQS equipment is pretty similar to the Model S. 
Except, it has a fantastic super high-quality interior. (The interior above is the standard dash in the EQS)
The top of the line EQS 580 4Matic comes with the crazy Hyberscreen pictured below.

Also standard is Mercedes quality. Although probably not what it used to be until the '90s, it is probably still far superior to Tesla. 
And the interior in general is just pure luxury. Something Tesla apparently is unable to do, even recently. Since the newly redesigned Model S interior still looks much cheaper than any car of the same price.
On top of it all, Mercedes gives you a real steering wheel free of charge!

A better competition to the EQS might be the new Lucid Air. (Whenever it actually comes out)
It will have a base model starting at $77 400 before incentives. 
(But the closest thing to the base EQS will be their Air Touring model starting at $95 000.)

The EQS is almost here and dealers will be receiving them in the fall. 
I really think this is bad news for the Model S. Unless "Crazy Elon" decides to suddenly drop its price 
to bellow $80 000. 
It doesn't matter anyway since they seem to be selling every single one they can build.
Telsa doesn't really have a huge capacity to build many more cars. At least for now. (Texas and German factories should start producing cars in a few months)
So I guess they don't really care.

Not acknowledging your competition is usually not a smart move. The "Big 3" had to learn that lesson the hard way back in the 1970s...


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

2022 Audi Q4 E-tron US pricing: a possible huge hit for Audi...

Once in a while, manufacturers price their cars just right. Just the way they should be priced to be successful. (Remember the horrible pricing of the $76 000 Cadillac XLR?)

This is the case for the all-new Audi Q4 E-Tron EV. It starts at under $44 000 before destination.
And incentives. Which means, in many states, it will effectively cost under $34 000. Or a bit less than a Q3!

I do like the design. Except for the ridiculous fake huge grille. Inside, things look a bit messy. But Audi interiors tend to look very nice in real life.
And, it does seem much more upscale than the VW ID.4. The Q4 is basically Audi's version of the ID.4
While the base model VW costs $40 000 to start, the base Q4 is closer in standard equipment to the ID.4 Pro S which itself costs $44 500.
(The panoramic roof is standard in the Audi)
As a reminder, the Hyundai Kona EV I test drove a couple of years ago was priced at around $44 000!

The only problem might be the estimated range of about $241 miles. Which is OK, but not great. Especially for a luxury brand.
I hear the larger Audi E-Tron will be getting a new battery pack next year with around 400 miles. Of course, this will take time to trickle down to the smaller Q4 E-Tron, but it is really what Audi needs right now.

Still, if you are in the market for an ID.4 ProS, it seems the new Audi could be a much better choice...


Sunday, September 19, 2021

2023 BMW 3 series: the electric version...

I've heard rumors about this since before the current 3 series came out in 2018. I guess BMW wasn't ready then... The all-new i4 is already out, and of course, it is fairly easy to transfer the tech to the "regular" 3 series sedan body.  

As you can see, the interior is basically the current 3 series (which is very similar to the 4 series, to begin with) with the i4 dashboard. Which is also pretty much a 3 series dash with a giant screen. It will be the screen's first appearance on the popular 3 series sedan. And I wonder if it will also be available in the regular 3 series. Which would be too bad. The current interior is much nicer without it IMO.


Saturday, September 18, 2021

202? Mini Cooper: ???

I posted some spy shots of an upcoming Mini last year (HERE). The spy shot above seems to be the same car. 
And it is still puzzling. Since the Mini just got a facelift for the 2022 model year, you wouldn't expect something that new before the end of 2023. Yet these have been testing around for at least a year.

There are rumors of a possible Chinese market-only version of the Electric model. Or a smaller "Rocketman" all-new model (Let's hope William Shatner gets to be the spokesperson for it when/if it comes out!)

It's hard to tell the size of this thing. The headlights do look pretty huge. And the clamshell hood seems to be gone. (which would be a weird move for Mini)
Or, it could be some Chinese copy. 

What do you think?