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Saturday, October 02, 2021

2023 Kia Niro: another look inside...

It seems like a simple upgrade from the current version. Besides the dashboard, we saw a few days ago (HERE), the seats also look a lot like the ones in the new EV6. 

Otherwise, the whole thing does look cheaper. Even though this is probably a more basic model. Not sure where the new Niro will fit exactly in the lineup. Since a slammer EV4 is also scheduled to arrive soon as a full EV.

I guess this will mostly be a cheaper Hybrid alternative?

Monday, June 14, 2021

New Mitsubishi Airtrek EV: first photos...

The Airtrek is an all-new compact Electric SUV from Mitsubishi. So far, this is mostly for the Chinese market. 
So far nothing is known about the new Airtrek. Although it is rumored to be based on the new Nissan Ariya. Just like the new Outlander is based on the Nissan Rogue. Which does make sense.
The same EV platform will also be used in Europe for the all-new Renault Megane E.

This is a prototype of the production version of the Renault Megane E. Which, of course, will not be sold in the US.
Although the Mitsubishi Airtrek might. Since Mitsubishi is in desperate need of something/anything new.

Although, so far, Mitsubishi's policy seems to price their new models, like the Outlander, at the same price as the similar Nissan Models. The Outlander costing the same amount as a new Rogue in the US.
And why?

These new Mitsubishi should really be cheaper than their Nissan cousins. That's what happens when you run your brand name to the ground...


Sunday, June 13, 2021

2022 Genesis GV60: a look inside...

With the new Ioniq 6 and Kia EV6 already feeling quite upscale inside, I was wondering how the Genesis version of these cars would look and feel. And it looks like they have found ways to make the Genesis version even more luxurious. At least inside. 

Sure, there's a lot of metal trim. But it seems to look pretty good. And actually has many original shapes. They're trying very hard and might go a bit too far. But so far, this looks pretty nice. 


Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Huawei car: coming soon...

 Huawei is better known for smartphones. As one of the main phone manufacturers in the world. 

But, just like Apple, they seem to be dreaming of a car. I guess these companies figure they can actually make that much more money selling cars? 

This is our first look at a possible Huawei Car. At least as a concept. (Or so it seems) We are supposed to know more by the 18th. While Apple will probably still be working on theirs for a few years...

Monday, March 22, 2021

2021 Tesla Model S refresh: a look inside...

As you can see, the top photos show the new Model S with the crazy stupid yoke steering wheel.
Sure, now you can see the screen behind it better than before.
But I bet you can even see more stuff ahead if you just remove the steering wheel altogether...

To me, this new interior, while different, does not look more upscale. At least in these photos.
It still feels plain for a car that starts at $80 000. And the exterior with black trim (mandatory) now looks cheaper than ever.
I haven't seen black plastic door handles since base model cars in the '90s.

The lower photos show the main screen with different angles. I wonder if you can actually tilt the screen, of it this is just a weird angle from the photos.
Also, some previous photos of the interior were showing small transmission buttons on the console, around the hazard lights button. I can't see them here. 

What do you think of the new interior?
Ans the yoke wheel?

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

2022 VW ID6: more pix...


The VW ID6 will be the ID4's larger sibling when it comes out later this year.

I posted a few photos of the original concept from 2019. (red one) And you can see quite a difference.
The production version is now a clumsy, bloated version of the concept. 
A concept that wasn't that futuristic, to begin with, except for the interior and the typical concept of weirdo doors.
Otherwise, the design could have stayed the same.

Instead, VW made the whole thing look really heavy-handed. Especially upfront. (That poor face...)
The profile seems actually OK on the photos. And the grey car with the silver trim looks much better to me. 

I am not sure the ID6 will make it to the US, but why not? 
Since we are in the middle of the "all SUVs all the time" show right now. Although VW has already decided not to sell the upcoming ID5 over here. Which is a "Coupe SUV" version of the new ID4.
Because they're VW, that's why. And they never, ever make the right move as far as the US market is concerned...

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

2022 Mercedes EQS: a teaser...

That new teaser is actually showing less than the spy shot I published recently...
Now you "kinda" see the lights. I guess...

I really wish the new EQS well. I mean, sometimes "obnoxious billionaire bro" Elon Musk really needs some bruising from the competition. (especially after that weirdo Model S interior redesign)

But somehow, the EQS (Or what we've seen of it) doesn't look really that modern. Or as futuristic as I hoped it would be. There is a weird late 90's early 2000's feel to it. 

Is it just me? Should I not start drinking that early??? (it's already cocktail hour anyway)


Thursday, February 11, 2021

2022 Genesis EV: new illustration...


I think this is the best illustration of Genesis's upcoming EV I have seen so far. It does look upscale. And also does match the many spy shots we have seen.

I really like the smaller lower "fake" grille. Since that huge Suparman chrome grille would look even more ridiculous on an electric car. This would be a good solution.  Let's hope the real thing ends up close to this one. 

And also, "eG60"? Is that real? Did they mention this anywhere yet? It also makes a lot of sense.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Fun with configurator: Lucid Air Vs. New Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S seemed like a good deal in the luxury EV market. Until last week... 
Since the price jumped $10 000 when the interior was finally updated.

I thought it would be fun to compare what you get from Lucid for about the same price.

I didn't price the basic Air model. Since you cannot get the glass roof or fancy stereo on that model. So I priced the "Air Touring" starting at $87 500. Added a paint option, the glass roof, and sound system upgrade for a total of $95 000 before incentives. The Air does qualify for federal incentives of $7500.
If I include local incentives, the price would drop to about $85 000.
Which is only about $2500 more than the model S long rage with optional red paint.

The EV range is about the same for both cars. And both are more powerful and faster than anyone needs. The Air is a much more modern design. And seems much more upscale inside and out. 
While I do like hatchbacks, I would gladly give up some practicality for the Air's overall quality look.

It will be quite interesting to see how the Air is doing...
Good job to Lucid. And good luck to Tesla.

Head over HERE to build your Lucid Air. And HERE to design your new Tesla Model S.

Which one would you pick?

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: new pix...


While still under camouflage, you can really see the final shape of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV.
This is, as mentioned earlier, an homage to the early Hyundai designs (Excel) from Ital Design.
( I actually wonder what Giugiaro thinks of it).

We will see the whole thing in just a few days...

Saturday, January 30, 2021

2022 Kia EV: new illustration...


This is a new illustration of what Kia's all-new EV could look like.

The new model is due out later this year. A few months after its platform cousin, the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It will definitely be a very different looking car. This new illustration does look pretty close to the spy shots we have seen of the real thing. (HERE)

Not sure if it will be cheaper or more expensive than the Hyundai. But they will surely end up competing with each other. Genesis will offer a more expensive and luxurious version as well. Based on that same platform.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tesla Model S new steering wheel: is it real?

it seems that a few car journalists actually think the new "Yoke" steering wheel in the refreshed Tesla Model S is not real. That somehow, it is just on these computer-generated illustrations. But will not make it to production.

I unfortunately think they are wrong. The photo above was taken directly from the Tesla website, where you can already order the "new" Model S, for delivery in March. And that steering wheel is part of the official features of the car. it also seems to be standard with no regular version offered at all.

It seems the new steering wheel is universally being trashed on every site I have visited so far. What a weird move from Tesla. Trying to only appeal to rich video game bros now?

What do you think? have you read anything positive about it? 

This is not the first time Tesla showed us this type of steering wheel. Above we have the Ciber Truck and the 2nd generation Roadster. But both cars were prototypes. And who knows how close any of these were to the future production models.  


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2022 Porsche Taycan Sport/Cross Turismo: no camouflage...

 This is the first picture I see of the upcoming Taycan Sport Turismo without any camouflage. And it does look great. This particular one even looks raised up a bit, like the original concept was. So they might be coming up with 2 versions of the Taycan Wagon. I also notice a really good-sized rear bumper! Something we just don't see anymore...

With a new 2021 base model available for just under $80 000 (before incentives), the Taycan will be even more popular than it is now.

I can't wait to see this one in person...

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: New teasers...


Not sure how close these official teasers are to the real thing. But if they are realistic, it would be quite amazing.
The shape and design details are just stunning in these pictures. Something you really almost never see on a production car.
I really hope this is an accurate preview of the real thing.
This is quite amazing so far.

Of course, Hyundai will market this as a crossover/SUV. Since everyone is afraid of calling anything a car these days.
Whatever they call it, it could look great.

No official specs yet. But recent rumors mention around 300hp and a 280 miles range. And 20-inch wheels available.
Which would be fine and would put it over the Kona Electric. 
The Kona EV starts at $37 000. Hyundai cannot really price the new Ioniq 5 much higher.
With new competition like the $40 000 VW ID 4 and the upcoming Nissan Aryia and Chevy Bolt EUV.
And especially, the hugely popular Tesla Model Y which now starts at around $42 000.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

2022/23 Lucid SUV: the Air square brother.

On September 9th, Lucid will finally present the production version of the Air Electric sedan.
But, from these spy shots, it looks like the sedan will not be the only guest at the presentation. Lucid has apparently been also hard at work on an SUV. Just like everyone else.

While the Air we will see next month will be a production model, the SUV still looks like a concept.
Or maybe not, who knows. At least the production version of the sedan will stay very close to the concept. Maybe the same thing will happen with the SUV.
Not only will this compete with the familiar Tesla Model X. But also the upcoming Rivian SUV.
And maybe the new Cadillac Lyrik. Although it seems both Rivian and Lucid will be playing in a more expensive segment...

I think the Lucid SUV looks quite amazing so far. What do you think?

(Thanks to a reader 'Conrad' for the pix) 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Fisker's future: all 4 models ?

I really like the new Fisker Ocean SUV. (From what we've seen so far). Especially its $37 000 base price.
But Fisker is now in the works to use the VW I.D platform for the Ocean.
Which will surely need some redesign of the car to fit that platform (unless it was the idea all along)
I guess they could maybe still make their claimed "late 2022" production date, but I doubt it.

Now they are showing us all the cool new cars they will bring to the market. When the first one is still 2 years away.
The cool sporty one on the right is the e-Motion EV. Which looks great. that one was delayed in order to fast track the Ocean SUV.
So, even though it was introduced about 2 1/2 years ago, who knows...

The one on the left looks like some raised up hatchback sedan. Or a "coupe SUV" as they call these now.
In the back, under cover, we have the pic-up version of the Ocean, the Alaska. (HERE)
Something we have seen before as well. 

It's hard to get excited about any Fisker product (No matter how much I would like to)
With all these promises, delays, change of course, etc... Who knows if any of these will ever be produced, really...

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2021 Kia EV: triangular tail lights.

This seems to look good in all pictures we have seen so far. On these, you can see some plastic cladding around the wheels. Even though the car doesn't seem high at all. So this is probably some sort of sporty wagon shape with fake SUV plastic trims around. 
Which is OK I guess, if that helps selling it, why not...

The triangular rear lights seem really cool. And the whole shape seems to have really nice proportions.
This could be really interesting, and appealing to people who don't really like a traditional SUV shape. 

At least, they are trying ...