Thursday, November 18, 2021

2023 Nissan Ariya: official pricing and info...

We are finally getting to know how much the new Nissan Aryia will cost. 

The base model will start at around $46 000. Which is, of course, way cheaper than a Tesla Model Y.
But still around $6000 than the base VW ID.4.
Although the Nissan has a greater range of 300 miles, it seems a bit overpriced to me.
It is also still a full year away. 
And the top of the line Platinum version is about the same price as a Tesla Model Y. Which is a big mistake in this Tesla crazy market. Although I have to say, by the time the Aryia actually goes on sale, the Model Y could be priced at over $70 000. (it now costs almost $8000 more than last January!)

I just saw the Aryia in person and it does look fantastic. A great design that deserves a wide audience. But by this time next year, competition will be extremely fierce.
Kia EV6, Ioniq5, Fisker Ocean, Toyota 4bf XYZW/Subaru will all be on sale. And more to come.

Let's hope that $46 000 Aryia pricing doesn't give any bad ideas to Hyundai/Kia for their Ioniq 5 and EV6. These should really start closer to $40 000.



Anonymous said...

The Ariya looks like the Genesis GV60 EV. Specially the side view which looks almost identical.

Dave in Canada said...

Another year? Does Nissan really think buyers are going to wait that long?

Anonymous said...

Meh. Nice enough, but yawn.