Tuesday, November 30, 2021

2023 Hyundai Grandeur: first spy shots...

The current generation Grandeur (AKA Azera) has never been sold in the US. (Second pic)
Not even as a lower-end Genesis model.
It came out back in 2016 and got a "Facelift" in 2019. 

It looks like Hyundai is getting the next generation ready, and it will be a total departure from the current model Even previous generations.
They seem to go for a retr0/futuristic look similar to the recently introduced "Heritage Series Grandeur" concept (4th photo). Itself a strange futuristic version of the original 1986/92 first generation (above).

The spy shots show a design that already seems to look sleeker and more modern than the true retro concept. Some sleek/retro design that will stand out in a crowd, which is great.

Too bad sedans arent the cool thing right now. I can only imagine what a cool retro/futuristic-looking Ford LTD or Crown Victoria could look like as an EV.

So far, this is fantastic. And will add to the cool Hyundai models we can't have over here. Like the Staria Van. Or what if Toyota decided to do this with the Camry. Or Honda with the Accord.

I know it's a long shot, but maybe Hyundai could find it in its heart to bring an electric version over as part of the Ioniq EV family?
And why not???


Monday, November 29, 2021

2023 Genesis G90: official pix...

These are the first official photos of the all-new generation Genesis G90.

And it does look much better and more modern than any of the illustrations I have seen of it in the past few months.
I am really not a fan of the giant Genesis grille (I saw a GV80 a few days ago the FWY, and that grille looks horrible), but it seems a bit better when "rounded around the corners" like on this new design.

I think this already looks much more modern than the "new" Mercedes S-Class. 
And I cannot imagine the upcoming BMW 7 series looking remotely as good as this.

No specs and no interior shots yet. But that should be coming soon. And, as we know, an electric version is also planned. So this will also compete with the Mercedes EQS, Tesla Model S, and even the Lucid Air.

Good job so far...


2023 Acura Integra: new pix...


Apparently, this was on the Canadian Acura site for a short while. (sent to me by a Canadian reader)

Although I did check the site and cannot see any of these photos anymore. But that does happen a lot. (Like with the new Lexus NX). Someone is just testing the new photos on the site for a while. Or something like that...

The car does look like the production version of the Acura Integra concept we have seen recently. The wheels also match the teaser we saw before the concept.

It looks like these teaser images were of the production car and not the yellow concept with the weird (horrible) graphics. For some reason, although we know this is based on the 2022 Civic hatchback, it looks a lot like the Acura TLX. Which, I guess is what Acura was going for. A smaller hatchback version of the TLX, at least visually. 

I think the production version will look a lot better than the concept. As a matter of fact, I think it was a mistake for Acura to show us this weird-colored fake concept instead of the production model. From one of the teasers, it looks like the Integra will also get its own interior. We already know that a 6-speed manual will be available. But I just hope the CVT was replaced with a regular Automatic. I am not sure if Honda can match their 10 speed with the 1.5 Liter Turbo or not. (it works great in the Accord 2.0 Liter) But that CVT is just plain bad. Especially in a more expensive car that will start at above the price of a loaded Civic

While the 6 speed is cool, you just know it will most likely account for less than 5% of actual sales. And will probably be impossible to find anyway.

Just like the Accord Sport, it won't last...

(Thanks to a reader for the pix)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: new illustration...

 Today we are getting a new illustration of the Ioniq 6. Another guess at what the next electric sedan from Hyundai could look like. While it's OK, it doesn't look nearly as good as the one I posted earlier (HERE).

Plus, I have never seen any chrome trim on any of the prototypes. Even though they have all been camouflaged, it seems we would have seen some by now. 

It will be interesting to see how well this will do. The Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 have been on sale for a while around the world. And they seem to be selling pretty well. And both models have had fantastic reviews so far. The Ioniq 6 will be the first real sedan competition to the Tesla Model 3. Soon followed by a new EV sedan from VW.

Also interesting to see if there is really a market for electric sedans. Or if the Model 3 is just some kind of a fluke. Explained by people buying just anything with a Tesla badge. Even a sedan...

Saturday, November 27, 2021

2023 BMW 3 series interior: new photos...

While the revised 2023 BMW 3 series sedan will not be getting the huge Bugs Bunny grille from the 4 series, it will be getting a new dash, very similar to the new i4. (3rd pic)

The rest of the interior looks the same. Except for a few changes to the console. The whole thing will basically look like the i4. With the double screen on top of the dash. This setup will also come to the 4 series a year later. While this setup was pretty cool and very new when Mercedes introduced the current E-class over 5 years ago, everyone is doing it now. And dong it better. 

The stuff we see in new Kia designs like the EV6 and Niro look much better integrated into the interior than the cheapo-looking stuff in the i4. There is nothing premium about this. For a very premium price.

They seem to be in such a rush to shove this screen set up into their existing interiors. It must be saving them tons of money. 

As mentioned earlier, I sat in both the BMW i4 and the Kia EV6, and the Kia's interior just feels and looks more premium to me. The screen module is right where it is supposed to be. Not on top of a 3-year-old interior design.


Possible sub-HR-V Honda: new illustration...

 Honda has been offering a bunch of very small models overseas. 

So it wouldn't come as a surprise to see something smaller than the HR-V, even in the US. Especially since the next HR-V is rumored to get larger than the current model.

The illustration above is a complete guess. It also reminds me a bit of the one I posted a while ago showing the 2023 Honda Pilot. (HERE)

Friday, November 26, 2021

Upcoming Mid-engine Toyota: new illustrations...

When Toyota revived the Supra a couple of years ago, there were a few rumors about doing the same for the MR2.
A new version of the beloved small sports car (which went through 3 generations between 1984 and 2007) got people pretty excited.

The rumors are resurfacing this week, with these new illustrations of a possible new mid-engine Toyota model.
The rumor also includes the possibility of a small 1.0 Liter Turbo engine. The platform and engine would be shared by Toyota partners Suzuki and Daihatsu. These two brands would also have a different exterior design from the Toyota version. 

A car like this could, of course, be a lot of fun. Especially if affordable like the old MR2 was. 
But it could also be seen as a big FU to the EV world. From a company that has been fighting against the current electrification wave.
Or, a last hurrah to the affordable and fun gas car.

No matter what, the market of r a mid-engine 2 seater is extremely limited these days.
No matter how affordable it is...


2023/24 Toyota Sequoia: spy shots...


Of course, since we have just seen a brand new Toyota Tundra, the Sequoia is not far behind.

From these spy shots, it looks like it might even inherit the massive ghastly grille from the pick-up truck.
And why not, since the GMC Yukon is a big seller, Toyota suits figure this is what buyers like.
More chrome and an even bigger grille...

Sequoia sales have been down for many years, to a low 7364 units last year.
While GM sold over 63 000 units of the Acadia.
Toyota will have to try really hard. And a huge grille might not be enough.
If the interior is similar to the Tundra, that might not be enough either. Since the 2022 Yukon interior is already much nicer.

Good luck...

Thursday, November 25, 2021

2024 Tesla Model S: new illustration...


Until a few months ago, I didn't think there was any hope for a second-generation Tesla Model S.

Since they've actually redesigned the interior, (even though Musk was always denying it would ever happen) it looks like Tesla still sees a way to make money from their larger model and could go for a 2nd generation after all.

After all these years, a redesigned interior might not be enough. But a new design would not require a new platform, since the Model S is actually competitive. Although new electric luxury sedans from Lucid, Mercedes, Polestar, and many more coming up could push Tesla to do something more for the Molde S.

The illustration above is one idea of what a new Molde S could look like. And it is fine.

Although by 2024 or later, Telsa might need more to get noticed. As there will be many, many choices by then.

2024 Rolls Royce Spectre EV: new illustration...

Not sure if this is from Rolls Royce or not. But the illustration above seems to match the official "spy shot" we saw in September.
While the design seems to be done, I guess they are still working on a lot of stuff since this is still about 2 years away. (stuff like, you know, "new everything"...)

This will be Rolls Royce's first electric model. And not the last one, since their whole lineup will be electric before 2030.
Electricity seems to be a no-brainer for Rolls Royce. Since it is silent and fast. 
Although their cars are so silent right now, it might actually be hard to tell the difference.

I can't say that I can['t wait to see it. Since I don't really care about Rolls anymore. There are just too many of them with huge chrome wheels gold wraps around. Plus that SUV is just an abomination.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

2023 Kia Niro: official photos...

This looks like another home run from Kia. The new 2023 Kia Niro looks great so far. In my opinion, much better than the new Sportage.

There is a bit of the EV6 inside. But overall, it is an original design.

The exterior is daring without being too weird. So far this is just really nice...

At least in its home market, the new Niro is, just like the first generation, available as a Hybrid, PHEV, or EV. We will have to wait and see if all three will make it to the US in a few months.


2023 Cadillac Lyriq:; new video...

I just found this new video of the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq. This is for the Chinese market, and it shows quite a lot.
First, this blue color is not available in the US yet. Since the Lyric will only be sold here with a choice of dark grey or black. That's right, no colors.

We also get to see under the hood. And it does look like there would be room for storage there. 
But somehow the plastic part is missing. Which seems weird. Since, again, the Lyric will not offer a front trunk in the US.
Besides all that, I think the Lyriq looks really good.
Apparently, the 20-inch wheels and glass roof will be standard in the base $59 000 price.

2023 Ford Ranger: official pix...

At least to me, this "new" Ford Ranger doesn't look that new.
Sure, it looks different. But also like it came out a few years ago.
I guess you can't expect much from a mainstream truck design.
Besides the front end, the "all-new" Maverick doesn't look that modern either.

Supposedly, the photos above show the "global" version of the Ranger. Our US model is coming later.
But, as we know, the current generation Ranger looks 99% similar to the one sold overseas. 
So yes, this is basically the new US Ranger also.

The new one has a wider track and longer wheelbase. Probably to make sure there is room for the Maverick below it.
But, unlike the Maverick, no hybrid version is offered. At least not so far. (A PHEV model is coming to Europe later)
It gets the 2.3 Liter Ecoboost engine with a diesel option overseas.

The new Ranger is based on an upgraded version of the current platform. 


2022 Mazda CX-60: new illustration...

 This illustration is abviously based on the previous spy shot we have seen just days ago of the upcoming Mazda CX-60.

Which makes look pretty realistic and very close to the real thing.

Unfortunately. As this new CX-60 doesn't really look new. Our US CX-50 looks more modern and newer than this. As mentioned earlier, the CX-60 will not be sold in the US. While it is based on Mazda's all-new RWD platform, we are getting a larger model called the CX-70 instead. And of course, our CX-50 is based on the FWD CX-5. 

So far, this just looks really blah. Not much nicer than the aging CX-5. Mazda needs to update its design language a bit. Like they seem to have done with the CX-50.

Let's hope our CX-70 looks better than this....

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2024 Polestar 5: new photos and video...

Polestar has just released a new video showcasing the process of turning the gorgeous Precept Concept from 2020 into the 2024 Polestar 5 sedan.
The video itself is full of the usual PR BS. And borderline obnoxious at times.
Of course, telling us in many ways how Polestar is such a special company, etc...
Basically, saving the world.

But the video does show a lot of the upcoming sedan. And it will look great.
Sure, the car is still at least 2 years away, but it already looks like what a second-generation Tesla Model S should look like. If Tesla ever redesigns it.
Although, by 2024, the Polestar 5 will also be competing with another great-looking EV sedan, the Audi  A6 e-Tron.
And probably others.

Since the Polestar 2 already starts at $46 000, the 5 won't be cheap. Probably also competing with lower-end Lucid Air models.

Before the 5, will see a Polestar 4 SUV. And a smaller Polestar 3 SUV.

It's kind of strange for them to show us the model that will come in a couple of years. While keeping the one that comes out next year a secret.

Here are all the Polestar models planned so far. 
The (Discontinued) Polestar 1, the 2 sedan. Then the 3,4 and 5.

Kia EV6: live video from the Auto Show...

The 2023 Kia EV6 was one of my favorite cars at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show. 

The show itself pretty much sucked, with many brands missing and no big news. But seeing the EV6 and Ioniq 5 in person was a very bright spot.

I got to sit in the black EV6 on the first press day. But only took photos. And of course, on the second day, the car was on a platform and not accessible anymore.
Still, I decided this was a perfect way to make the most boring car video ever.
Especially of such a cool and exciting car.

Enjoy it, and try not to fall asleep.

2023 Lexus BX: new illustration...

 For some reason, there is a rumor about a new, upcoming compact Lexus SUV called the BX.

Which obviously would be even smaller than the UX. Which I think is weird and probably not true. I cannot see why Lexus would venture into that market. 

The think illustrated above looks to be the size of the new Toyota Aygo X.  Which itself is smaller than a Hyundai Venue. 

I know the illustration is not realistic at all, but it shows us what the huge Lexus grille would look like on a tiny car. Which is even worse than on larger ones. This looks beyond ugly and ridiculous.

Maybe there is a market for this in China, who knows...

Monday, November 22, 2021

2022/23 BMW 7 series: new illustration...

The more we get to see of the next-generation BMW 7 series, the worst it seems to be.
As spy shots reveal a bit more every time, new illustrations emerge. And they look from bad to worse.

I'd put the one above in the "ghastly" folder. Not because of the illustration itself. But because it is probably close to the real thing.
A BMW looking like this would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago. But since the iX, it seems anything is possible. Even turning their top-of-the-line sedan into a tank-like brick.

Let's hope new car companies like Tesla, Lucid, and others teach these guys a lesson. It's about time.
Even Audi is trying.


2023 Kia Niro: official teasers...

These are the first official pix we et to see of the all-new Kia Niro.
I am glad to see a big influence from the great EV6 inside. The door panels seem the same. As well as the cool Sound/Climate control unit below the center vents.
The outside is still a mystery. It could be a bit too much, like the new Sportage. 
At least it won't be invisible anymore...

As a reminder, the current Niro starts at just around $25 000. The interior above is really comparable to something much more expensive.
The current Niro is available as a 50MPG Hybrid. A PHEV with a 26 miles EV range. 
Or a full EV with a decent 239 miles range.

I hear the upcoming second-generation might ditch the regular Hybrid version. At least in the US. Offering just PHEV and EV versions with better electric range. It is also expected to use an improved version of the current Niro platform.
I think a PHEV with a 50 miles range would have a really good chance in the US.
I know, this is pretty much what the second-generation Volt was offering years ago. And the Honda Clarity as well. 
I really think a PHEV with a decent range can be a great option for most people. Kia just needs to promote it much more. As the current Niro has been flying under the radar for too long.

At around $30 000 before incentives, the current Niro PHEV is priced pretty well. (Which means the base price for the Niro won't be $25 000 anymore...)
While at $40 000, the current EV version is just too much.
This is about $6000 more than the new Bolt EUV. And the same as the roomer VW ID.4.

A $35 000 EV with around 270 miles of range and fast charging could be great.
And, after incentive, could end up costing the same as something like a Corolla Cross, or even less.


Sunday, November 21, 2021

2023 BMW: 5 series and X1...

Guess who's getting a double screen? 
That's right, the 2023 5 series sedan is.
Just like any other BMW model. And just like everything else.
You would think a sedan starting at over $55 000 would try something special. But no...

And guess who's getting an even larger grille?
That's right, the 2023 BMW X1 is. 
Again, just like any other BMW design. the grille is getting larger and larger.

Every time I witness these BMW grilles growing larger and larger, I can't help but think of Leon in Airplane:

Auto Show notes: Hyundai Ioniq 5...

I was really eager to see the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 in person.
As this retro-futuristic "Giugiaro-like" 80's design is one of my current favorites.
And the Ioniq 5 does not disappoint in person. It just looks great from any angle. Although I have to say, things would be even better without the wheel arches. They just don't belong there...
But I guess that's how the marketing suits get to call it an SUV for some reason.

Just like everyone has said before, it has a huge interior. Everything looks great and is very high quality.

But I noticed that the steering wheel was actually blocking parts of the screen. The photo was taken after I adjusted everything to my driving position. And the camera right in front of my eyes.
I never noticed that before in other cars. (The Kia EV6 does it a bit too)

The photo above is the same driving position in the new Toyota b4 WXZTWZ EV. And I think their screen position is actually far better than just right behind the wheel.

Another weirdness is the glove compartment. In so many videos from Europe and Korea, they show the really cool drawer-like glove box. (Above pic)
Instead, the US market Ioniq 5 gets a regular old fashion opening. And it is also much smaller. 
Is there some weird "Glovebox regulation" I am not aware of? This is really too bad.

I also noticed the driving position is almost Minivan-like. With no real center console or separation between the front seats. Which is something I am not used to. 

For that reason, and some others, I actually like the EV6 interior better. 

I really hope Hyundai can keep the price starting at around $40 000. (The Toyota will start at around $37 000) I know Hyundai and Kia have a 300 miles range, but the $46 000 from the Aryia would be too much.
They have a great product and need to price it aggressively.

I really think these two can take some sales away from Tesla.