Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tesla Cyber Truck: production version testing?

It's pretty hard to tell any differences from that tiny grainy photo (top)
But the proportions do seem a bit different from the prototype (bottom pic). At least there seems to be more space between the front wheel and the front door.
You can also see a rear-side view mirror. 
And the whole thing seems to be a bit smoother, less angular. But that could be due to the long zoom used to take the photo.

The Cyber Truck concept was introduced 2 years ago and is probably still at least a year or two from production.

Elon Musk has mentioned recently that the production version will come with removable side mirrors. 
Which is another crazy idea from the guy who has been getting rid of steering wheels.
Side mirrors are mandatory. Which is not a bad thing at all. 

Letting owners remove them because they "don't look cool" is yet another stupid idea from a weirdo out-of-touch billionaire ...



Anonymous said...

Vince -

"Letting owners remove [side mirrors] because they "don't look cool" is yet another stupid idea from a weirdo out-of-touch billionaire ..."

Side mirrors aren't mandatory. It's having the ability to see rearward that is a requirement.

This will be accomplished by cameras sending the rear views to the dash screen.

No mirrors need to be involved.

You're misreading Elon's intentions.

Anonymous said...

Vince I love that you’re not buying Elon’s bullshit cool-aid!

Zigfried Von Stuban said...

I bet it has digital side mirrors(DSM), the fake ones are only meant to please your local law enforcement officer or state trooper.

Anonymous said...

What an ugly design!

Vince Burlapp said...

In the US, these cameras are NOT legal. Regulations may change in the future, but for now, these are not legal over here.
The regular side mirrors on the prototype are real since they are the only ones allowed in the US so far.

Anonymous said...

If a truck can be dorky, here it is.