Saturday, October 30, 2021

2023 Genesis G90: new blurry pix...

So far the interior almost looks weird. But it might not be as "out there" as the new GV60 EV.

From the rear, the exterior looks a lot like a big G80, with its droopy butt. I am sure it will look quite impressive in real life though.

As previously mentioned, a pure electric version is also planned. This means the big Genesis plans to compete with the Mercedes S Class, as well as the new EQS.
Hopefully, this could become the first large electric luxury sedan priced well under $100 000.
Maybe a big electric sedan for the rest of us?

So far, the base Lucid Air is the cheapest of that group with a starting price of $78 000. But that "more accessible" version is still at least a year away.
The current G90 starts at around $74 000. Meaning an EV version could end up being quite a bit more than the base Lucid Air...


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Unknown said...

I wonder if they have a GV90 in the works?