Tuesday, October 12, 2021

2023 Ford Explorer: a few changes...

Looks like the Ford Explorer is due for some changes. These new photos show an all-new front end. 

Which, I think, looks more generic and less integrated than the current one.

And the rear end also has new lights. And they also look more old fashion to me. (Although that LED shape would look good at night)

No news about the interior. The current dashboard could use a more integrated screen, which probably won't happen. Since Ford has been pushing huge vertical screens into almost everything lately.

I actually hope these changes are just for the Chinese market. Our version still looks quite fine.

On another note, whatever happened to that "Next Mustang" that was supposed to be based on the Explorer platform? Remember? That was a thing back in 2019 when the current generation came out. 



Juan said...

The new Mustang will be based on the platform of the current s550.They will reengineer the platform, for the hybrid system, according to various news media.

4xForward said...

Change for the sake of change....not for the better here.

Todd said...

I never liked that Explorer grille. The way the lights and the grille didn't line up seemed strange. Also the taillights never felt like they fit the design. I'm hopeful this refresh will actually make the overall design more cohesive.

Anonymous said...

Taillights make more sense in that they will now resemble the Expedition instead of the previous Escape.. and the new grilles look more SUV-like to me, the current weird headlights-protrude-halfway-into-my-smiley-face treatment has never been consistent with other Ford designs, nor did it look authoritative or strong, which will be helpful in Police livery.