Sunday, October 31, 2021

2023/24 VW Tiguan: new spy shots...

This obviously looks like a test mule for the next-generation VW Tiguan. (The bottom pic is the shorter Euro-model) But is it?
It obviously has a small added section in the middle. And a weird huge bumper in the back. This means the final thing would have a slightly longer wheelbase and a longer rear overhang to accommodate the 3rd row. 

If it is the next Tiguan, it will be using the same platform. Maybe they are working on one model for Europe and the US, instead of 2 different sizes.
And if it is the Tiguan, it will probably be the last one. Since VW is getting fully electric in a few years. And they're not spending much cash on new engine and ICE platforms anymore. 

It makes you wonder what will happen to all these models. Golf, Tiguan, etc... Since they now are building a whole parallel EV lineup. 
Will they rename all ID models with the old names?
Or dump all these names that have been popular around the world for years. Even decades for some.


2023 BMW X7: new spy shots...

It looks like there might be an even bigger grille coming to the BMW X7 soon. The headlights seem to be positioned much lower too. Similar to what we've seen so far on the next-generation 7 series.

Inside, it seems BMW is in a rush to fit all their interiors with that double screen. Like the i4 and iX.
All the 3 and 4 series models will be getting it soon. And not the X7.
They just redesign the top part of the dash to fit the new screens. The rest seem to be the same.

This is what they are also doing with the 3 and 4 series.

It's almost weird. Almost like if that setup is saving them so much money they just cannot wait to use it on everything they make. They can't even wait for a new interior to be designed...

Saturday, October 30, 2021

2023 Genesis G90: new blurry pix...

So far the interior almost looks weird. But it might not be as "out there" as the new GV60 EV.

From the rear, the exterior looks a lot like a big G80, with its droopy butt. I am sure it will look quite impressive in real life though.

As previously mentioned, a pure electric version is also planned. This means the big Genesis plans to compete with the Mercedes S Class, as well as the new EQS.
Hopefully, this could become the first large electric luxury sedan priced well under $100 000.
Maybe a big electric sedan for the rest of us?

So far, the base Lucid Air is the cheapest of that group with a starting price of $78 000. But that "more accessible" version is still at least a year away.
The current G90 starts at around $74 000. Meaning an EV version could end up being quite a bit more than the base Lucid Air...


Friday, October 29, 2021

2022 Chevrolet Malibu: new year, larger screen...

Stop the press! The Malibu is getting a larger screen. In China...

 GM has decided to include a larger, 10-inch screen for the 2022 model year. And not much else.
In the US, the Malibu is basically the last sedan GM sells. I drove a pretty basic RS version of it a couple of years ago and thought it was a very decent car. The 1.5 Liter Turbo/CVT combo was much nicer than on the 2022 Civic. 

While they still sold over 102 000 of them in the US last year, only around 45 000 were bought in China. So we might be getting that larger screen here as well...



2022/23 Ford Escape: some revisions...

The current Ford Escape will be getting a few changes next year. The usual mid-cycle stuff, like new front and rear ends. 
The bottom pic shows the Chinese version of the current Escape. With a different bumper/grille combo than our version.

While the grille of the 2023 model could look a bit closer to the Chinese one, it looks like it'll be getting a new hood and headlights as well.

The current Escape is in pretty bad need of a new interior.
It was just OK when it was introduced a couple of years ago. But it is pretty bad now.

The top photo shows the interior of the Chinese version. 
Which is really what we should be getting over here, pronto.
Or maybe something even better.


2023 Toyota bZ4X: the production version...


As expected, the production version of the Toyota bZ4X "concept" we saw a few months ago looks exactly the same.
Which is good news.

I think the new Toyota EV looks exactly like it is supposed to. A more modern, electric, version of their super popular RAV-4.
The interior seems much nicer too. The dashboard sits pretty low, and the screen is nicely integrated into the console. (It can be done!)

I think a huge drawback is its name. No one wants to say they just "bought a bZ4X". It makes you sound like a science fiction nerd. bZ4X seems like a new planet name, not a car. This is ridiculous.

Toyota has not released photos of a front truck, so, who knows if there is one or not. (It would be a nice advantage over the VW ID.4)

- FWD and AWD versions will be available. ( I assume the Subaru model will come with standard AWD)
- 80% charge will take around 30mn with a 150kW charger. 
- Optional solar panel roof. (Could add around 1100 miles a year)
- Range up to 310 miles (FWD). 

This could take a few sales from Tesla (Especially with their current huge delivery delays). But I think it will hurt the VW ID-4 the most. If priced around the same.

It has a longer range. Seems roomier. The interior seems much more inviting. And Toyota's reliability is a huge factor. VW is still seen by most (at least in the US) as a very unreliable brand. The ID.4 is an electric car built by a company known for its electric problems in the first place.

Toyota is already mentioning their "almost 25 years experience in electrified vehicle battery technology". And claim the bZ4X battery will hold 90% of its performance after 10 years of driving.

2022 Lexus/Toyota truck grilles: WTF?

Just as a quick reminder. This is what Lexus and Toyota are designing for 2022.

I mean, there are not the only ones for sure. Just look at GMC. Still, this is just a weird trend that will probably be seen as insanity in the near future. 

Does anyone actually like this? (Just wondering)


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Hyundai Creta: now a baby Tucson...

The second-generation Hyundai Creta was introduced in 2019. So this will just be a mid-cycle refresh and not an all-new model.

The Creta is sold in many countries around the world, but not in North America. (We get the Kona instead)
As you can see, they basically transferred the Tucson front-end design to the smaller Creta. The rest of the exterior seems to be the same.
Inside, the dashboard and console are all-new. And quite futuristic. A much cleaner approach to what we have here in the Kona or Kia Selstos.


2022/23 Ford sedan: ???

 Of course, Ford has officially announced it would not be producing cars for the US market anymore. Except for the Mustang. Everything else is now SUVs or trucks.

So it is odd to see this almost ready brand new Ford sedan testing in the US. It is probably another Chinese market-only model. Unless they somehow decided to come up with a new electric sedan based on the Mach E?

I think this is actually based on the Chinese Evos hatchback. A sedan version of that model with its own design. Too bad, this would have made a very nice new Fusion. A PHEV-only sedan could be nice.

I guess I will NOT be seeing this at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show next month...

GMC Electric Pick-up: new sketch...

This is a sketch from GM (designer Nathan Zabarsky). Showing what an electric pick-up truck from GMC could look like.

We already know an Electric Chevrolet Silverado is coming very soon. And you can bet GMC will be getting its own version of it. Since not everyone wants a 1000HP Hummer.

That front end alone is a huge improvement over the current cartoonish grilles GMC is offering these days.

2022 Mercedes AMG SL: official pix...

Once in a while, there is a new car that doesn't disappoint. The new 2022 Mercedes AMG SL seems as good-looking as we had hoped for. 

Of course, since it is "AMG" now, the new SL is sportier than before. And it seems they are now going after the Porsche 911. Which is a bit too bad, I still think the SL should be more about luxury.
Although the SL55 pictured above still seems plenty luxurious.
(A more powerful and sportier SL63 model is also available. With the mandatory black wheels and carbon-fiber trim inside...)

Both versions available at launch use a 4.0 Liter Turbo V8.
One with 470HP, the other with 577HP.
A 9 speed automatic and AWD are also standard.

A new PHEV model is coming at a later date as well.

So far I think the car looks great. And is probably still smooth and comfortable (like an SL should be) with the "smaller" standard 19 inch wheels (20 or 21 inch are shown in the photos)
And hopefully, that quilted leather is an option...


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tesla Model 3 price increase: Even Google cannot keep up...


I am actually quite amazed at the nonstop price increase on various Tesla models.

No other manufacturer in the world would get away with it. The excuse is always some BS like "supply chain issues". While part and chips shortages are big problems, no other manufacturers have increased their MSRP by that much in such a short time. This has to do with manufacturing plants, small capacities, manipulating the market, etc... But mostly with putting more cash in Elon Musk's pocket.

Just a few months ago, the cheapest Model 3 was $36 990. It is now $7000 more. Or almost 20% in 8 months!

A year ago, the Model S base price (long-range) was down $69 420. As soon as the new interior was unveiled, the price jumped by $10 000. It is now a crazy $95 000! Or $25 000 in one year. Sure, you do get a redesigned interior. (although no other manufacturers increase their price by 15% when they redesign an interior). Still, it also increased by $15 000 since the new interior was introduced.

It makes you wonder how long they can get away with this...

2023 Kia Sportage: official photos...

Kia has just unveiled the US  version of the all-new generation 2023 Sportage. Nothing really "new" since it has been around in other parts of the world for a few months now...

The new generation is over 7 inches longer than the current model. Which is quite a big change since it is now a bit larger than a RAV-4 or CR-V.

Way too many versions will be available and will probably make the buying experience too confusing.
We are talking about:
- LX
- EX
- SX
- SX Prestige
- X-Line
- X-Pro
- X-Pro Prestige.

This is crazy. They really need to simplify things the way Honda has always done it. For now, only the 2.5 Liter with 187HP is available. Unlike its cousin, the Hyundai Tucson.
(Turbo and Hybrid models will come later)

The design is pretty striking. But also getting quite busy and almost weird. The interior seems pretty clean. All versions come with the same screens. But the floor doesn't seem to fold flat. 

The new Kia Sportage will be on sale in the US in early 2022. 


Edison Future EF1-T: another electric pick-up...

It seems that every few days, there is another "new" EV manufacturer showing yet another electric truck or van.
Today we have this new EFT-1 from Edison Future. (Which is a blend of two companies, SPI Energy and Phoenix Motorcars.)
As usual, we get cool computer illustrations and very few specs. (350kW with 470HP or 600kW with 816HP)
And of course, production could start (in a few months)

I have to say, the design is quite interesting. The huge amount of solar cells could actually be useful, (They do add about 40 miles a day to the small Aptera EV).

My favorite is actually the weird-looking van version. Which seems an even more obvious blend of blunt and futuristic.
The interior also seems more inviting than the overly simplistic Tesla Cybertruck.
(This would be the perfect van for a 21st Century version of "Ironside"!)

Who knows, maybe these will actually be made one day...