Sunday, September 05, 2021

2023 VW ID.Buzz: first video walk around!

Of course, this is very early, and the 2023 ID-Buzz is still covered in camouflage. But you can really tell how large it will be. And how amazingly roomy.

I hope they increase the range from the current 250 miles of the ID.4. 
This could really become the coolest minivan available. With a simple, classy retro-futuristic styling with tons of personality. Not only a great way to get the kids to school. But a fantastic camping companion as well!
While Europe will be getting short and long WB versions, the US will only get the LWB model. Coming out after the Euro SWB.

I can't wait to see this in the flesh. 


The Beloved Gay Disciple said...

This is awesome with great potential!

Fart said...

I think VW is making a Tiguan mistake by not offering US customers an SWB version.

Not everyone in America needs to shop at a Big&Tall store.

Soul2Stinger said...

Awesome 1st full EV minivan!