Sunday, September 19, 2021

2023 BMW 3 series: the electric version...

I've heard rumors about this since before the current 3 series came out in 2018. I guess BMW wasn't ready then... The all-new i4 is already out, and of course, it is fairly easy to transfer the tech to the "regular" 3 series sedan body.  

As you can see, the interior is basically the current 3 series (which is very similar to the 4 series, to begin with) with the i4 dashboard. Which is also pretty much a 3 series dash with a giant screen. It will be the screen's first appearance on the popular 3 series sedan. And I wonder if it will also be available in the regular 3 series. Which would be too bad. The current interior is much nicer without it IMO.



Fart said...

I really wish European countries wouldn't follow American trends; the US Tesla was the first to start and everyone copied.

Even if you go to Europe, they dress more American, this needs to stop.

FFEMT6 said...

All EV interiors are starting to look really similar no matter the manufacturer.